The Adventures Of Chloe Zippet.

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A little girl named Chloe Zippet aged 14 had been locked up in her room by her evil stepfather for 6 months.Her parents got divorced before she turned 4. Her mum, Charlotte and her dad Scott have another child called Lexi and she is Chloe’s sister. Lexi is aged 16. Chloe has been locked up for 6 months. On the day of her Birthday, her friends, Emma and Lucy asks her if she wanted to go to beach and shopping. Chloe says she’s not allowed as her stepfather would tell her off. Emma says “I’m sure he won’t mind if you have a bit of fun Chloe.” Will Chloe go to the beach and go shopping?. To find out, read this book.

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Chapter 1. - Chloe.

“I’ve been in this room for over 6 months.” said Chloe as she was laying on her bed playing on phone. “I’m so bored! and it’s my birthday next week.” She put her phone down and turned her tv on to the princess channel.-that’s her favourite channel which is always on at 4:30.- Chloe would watch it every day, if she missed it she would cry and cry. Once it was finished, she would write her birthday plans out that’s she wished could do if her stepfather didn’t lock her up in her room. Chloes phone pinged. It was a text message from her friend Emma. It read.
Would you like to come to the beach and go shopping for your birthday next week and maybe we could go to your favourite restaurant and amusement park?. Love from your best friend Emma.xx”.
Chloe thought to herself yes I would love to go but what if my stepfather finds out. Chloe sent her friend Emma a text back. It said. “Hi Emma, That’s a lovely idea, yes I’d love to come with you. Hopefully it will be a good day. Love from your best friend Chloe.xx”.
Chloe was worried in case her stepfather found out about this. Chloe’s phone buzzed with a notification from Emma. It was a message it said. “That’s good, so we will go Wednesday on your birthday at around 12. If that’s ok?. Love from
your best friend Emma.xx”.
Chloe really really wanted to go so she text back and said. “Yes that’s fine Emma. I’ll see you
on Wednesday. Love from
your best friend Chloe.xx”
All Chloe needed to do now was find herself a nice dress or tracksuit to war. She looked and pulled through her wardrobe and found a nice bright pink dress. She thought to herself yes I’ll wear that!.

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