Yolo World: Chapter 1

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In this crossover story, Kirby, the star warrior, finds a weird looking treasure chest that sends him to the Boiling Isles. From there, He meets Luz, the Human, King, the king of demons, and Eda, the Owl Lady. He befriends many of the unknown people on the Isles to search for a way to get back home.

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Ch. 1 Ep. 1 - Onto the Boiling Isles

*At Dreamland, Tiff and Tuff polish their treasure chests*

Tiff: Okay, mine is already done

Tuff: Mine too

Tiff: Kirby do you have your treasure chest?

Kirby: uhh...no...

Tiff: You should make your own or just buy one from a store and customize it or something

Kirby: Umm...okay...Not long for super star cupcake pops. Brand #6

*Kirby goes out on the street, until suddenly he finds a weird looking treasure chest with an owl eye on the front. He stuffs it in his backpack. Meanwhile, the next day was the day Cappytown kids present their treasure, until Tiff finishes up*

Tiff: Okay, time to show off your treasure chest Kirby

Kirby: okay (Walks up on stage, and shows off his chest)

Tuff: Woah!

Tiff: Where did you get that?

Kirby: I uh...uh...made this?

Tiff: you did since when?

Kirby: Since...uh...when you and tuff fall asleep

Tuff: Why don’t you open it and show off your possessions?

Kirby: Okay (Opens the chest, but suddenly a flash of light breaks out and zaps Kirby inside)

Tiff: (gasps) Kirby?!

Tuff: oh no Kirby!

Mable: Where’s Kirby?!

Kawasaki: Kirby has disappeared!

Tiff: Kirby?! KIRBY!

*Meawhile, Kirby wakes up after being transported. He finds himself awakening from another world*

Kirby: oh no...no..no..no! What is this place?! Huh? Tiff? Tuff? Where are you guys?! TIFF?! TUFF?! (Gets captured by King) AHH!

King: Gotcha, demon! I caught a demon! Okay, demon! Come on out!

Kirby: (Pops out) Ugh, what is this?

Demon: Huh? A pink demon?

Kirby: I’m not a demon! I’m a warrior!

King: Warrior? You’re a creature, you’re pink

Kirby: I know I’m pink, but I also need shelter immediately!

King: Well, I can take you there myself

Kirby: Really? Thanks!

*The two head to the Owl House*

Luz: Hello King, how’s demon hunting? Boo-boo buddy?King: Well, actually, it’s uh...right here

Kirby: UH...Hello?

Luz: (Gasps in excitement and hugs Kirby tightly) OMG! It’s so cute! IT’S ADORABLE! You’re so adorable little bubblegum!

Kirby: Okay! Put me down now little girl!

Luz: Oh right, sorry (Puts Kirby down)

Eda: Hey, what’s going- (Sees Kirby below) Wow! It’s so pink and fluffy! (Touches Kirby’s cheeks)

Kirby: okay, old lady

Eda: Actually, I’m an Owl Lady

Kirby: Owl Lady?

Eda: It’s a long story, but anyway. Let’s introduce ourselves. I’m Eda. This is Luz, the human, and King. The king of demons

Kirby: Nice to meet you three. My name’s Kirby, a star warrior

Luz: A star warrior? What does that mean?

Kirby: I’m glad you asked. It’s a job that is outside of Earth. In other words, it’s classified for someone's who is a hero from space and has special abilities

Luz: You’re from space?

Kirby: Umm...yes. I’m from space

Luz: Wow! A hero from space! So cute!

Kirby: Anyway, can I come in?

Eda: Of course. Come in

*The four step inside the house*

Hooty: Welcome in!

Eda: Welcome to (snaps) The Owl House!

*Magic objects begin to enchant, while the lights turn on automatically*

Kirby: Wow, it’s so...so...

Eda: Eh?

Kirby: Amazing! Lots and lots of magical stuff! So, powerful and fantastic!

Luz: I live here, doing my thing

Eda: Anyway, I’m off to deal with some overloading pumpkins (Goes out)Luz: Wait for me! (Follows Eda)Kirby: Hey wait you two! (Follows Luz and Eda)

*At shore, the three spotted a giant pile of pumpkins*

Eda: Who’s smart enough to deal with these pumpkins?

Luz: I really don’t even know...perhaps we can push them back to the shore?

Eda: That’ll just be a waste of time...

Luz: Oh right, so how about-

*Kirby then sucks up all the pumpkins with his inhale ability, leaving Eda and Luz awed in shock*

Kirby: Yum! That was delicious (Walks away)

Luz and Eda: (stared at each other in awe, screaming in excitement)

*Later at night, Luz, King, and Kirby go to bed*

Kirby: Goodnight (Drifts to sleep)

Luz: Goodnight, cutie (Looks at her phone, revealing that she recorded Kirby sucking up the pumpkins earlier, much to her surprise) This is wicked...(Drifts to sleep, so as King)

*Back in Dreamland, Tiff and Tuff are still searching for Kirby*

Tiff: Kirby! Kirby!

Tuff: Kirby?! Where are you?

Tiff: Where could Kirby be?

*The episodes ends with the logo ”Yolo World"


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