The Forbitten Flower

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Valentines day

So here I am trying to wear my favorite dresss that one of the congregation ladies made for me . It was like a blue color it had like whrite lace on it at the moment I thought it was a perfect dress for the dance . My dad was not going to let me go becouse of the religion. So I put it underbeath my uniform that I hated and the green sweater. So I got to sneak it and get passed him but I wet my hair and waited for the dance to start in my classroom seat. As I did that the principal calls me into office . I was so scared the principal never calls me in I’m the straight A student who never gets In trouble . When I went into the principals office she was asking me all sorts of questions . If my father knew I was wearing this dress becouse they had informed him already . They knew I never wear things like this to school. I got nervous . They were asking me if everything was okay at home. And honestly I felt like they weren’t. So I told the principal everything that was wrong . Of course I was scared but right know it seemed like I was scared all over but I this moment it seemed like she cared very much and it felt different than anything.

Here I am admitting to every thing that my dad has done to me. To the principal not even thinking of anything just knowing that I’m tired of everything that I feel that shouldn’t be. That same night two persons came knocking on my dada’s door to ask questions and find out what was going on. I was chaking so bad now after I have admitted to everything . I’m scared to even speak . They ask me questions I was so scared to what he would do if I told them so I said everything was ok I didn’t want to speak in front of him to them . So they scheduled a meeting so I can talk to them in private without they being there.

That night I barely slept I was just wanting the night to finish .

The next day I went to school I just wanted to be cool so I decided to skip school with the fun squad of school. Got scared becouse my dad use to pick me up everyday so I ran to a sister from the congragions house and said that these girls drag me out of the school and forced me out . I was all over the place. I was so nervous of what was going to happen to me or my dad was going to do I was petrefried of this man. That’s why I made it a story.

The people that were asking questions at my house were acs people, later that week I had an appointment to speak to them att their house more provatly. I was less nervous I told them the whole story and was not afraid becouse my dad was not there.

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