The Forbitten Flower

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College tuition

So as you all know this grade A dork was smart in class but bad in love and in picking friends . I was like some type of curse that occurred . I didn’t go to Harvard or any white people school . I wanted to go to a school that had dorms . To be far away from my strict foster mother which at the end became an actually exellent thing . Becouse some people show you what to and others what not to do but you have a choise , know one is going to guide you in your path that’s your choose Now the path you choose should never define you and you shouldn’t care what any body thinks or say .

Let me tell you something even when you not a stripper or anything like sleeping around or whatever you still a hoe either to one man or to a bunch . And I became that ho for that one man . Cuz that nigga deserves it well not always but you know how that go.

Anyways back to my college days . So foster mother dearest had me going to a college in the area like literally a block away like one too you walk like one block in a straight line I’m watching you from the window type a chief so I’m going to know if you go or not and also become friendly with the staff like yo what is this like my doughter says.

I went becouse all I was waiting is for 21 to dipset cuz that shit that you not legal not even to drink blah blah, like dude I don’t want to drink or buy cigarettes I want to breath that’s all I care about . I’m not your prisoner and you trew away the key bull. What in the world .

So this college is well know en el various the New York, Brooklyn Boricua college . The school with all the yellow and Whrite paper modules that I’m pretty sure some didn’t even read that whole thing. But always passed . You feel special when they say you passed but did you really.
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