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The Forbitten Flower

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Once there was light

Adventure / Humor
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Once upon a time

Once soon a time there was light. My eyes open up . As I saw these two people standing in front of me telling me to drink my bottle both a male and female. I felt strange here and confused like I didn’t belong . I really didn’t recognize them at all.
They move closer to me like I was amusing . Next thing you know I was going to this place called school . Started my first year in kindergarten . To find out this guy one of the two people starting at me before was my dad . I didn’t know what to call him at that moment.

Here I am suddenly in kindergarten with a blue outfit blue pants blue shirt with a picture of a kitten. On my shirt . Don’t ask I’m as confused as you are at this moment.

Fun day with mrs v that’s all I could remember the letter v to her long name. Suddenly I was rebelou-se was cursing every one out. I didn’t know I was at the time . Was trowing the fake cheese toy into peoples faces . . Chaotic I tell you . Next thing you know . Mrs V was talking to my dad . As my dad stared at me I stared back in confusament. But he gave me that stare that scared I think mice away.

This was my first day at this place called school. My dad looked at me and told me not ok on your first day of school your whole shirt is full of chocolate from head to toe . Unbelievable . Your in big trouble when you get home.

I remember going to this bodega near frost street where they had lunch. That day with my dad . I was petrified but some reason the food there tasted good . Is like I still remember the taste.

My dad scolded me really bad that day . I think I pooped my pants that day literally that night . Don’t judge when kids are afraid things happen . You know the saying almost pooped my pants you know you pooped you probably hid it from someone but you know you did it . See I’m not afraid to say it at all. When I woke up I was inbarrased didn’t even know what to do.

I do remover going to the fridge putting Cheese in my potty to scoop that in there so my dad wouldn’t notice yes I was trying to hide the poop under the cheese listen I was six ok . Some kids are more mature than others but I was that kid bidding the poop so I wouldn’t get fought .

My dad still found out and yelled at me . I turn red like a tomatoe yes I’m white I turned red . But he spoke to me in Spanish . Find out I’m Puerto Rican .

I remember getting thought Spanish my my dad numbers and all . I was getting ready for this big world . I hated it when your learning it’s a repeat of every the same thing until your brain remembers because you do t want to hear it any longer.

School was annoying to me I don’t know why on my second day of school they put me in a different class with a new teacher and new kids. All I can say is this kid had a Batman toy he kept banging on his desk . I got annoyed I couldn’t take it he wouldn’t stop. The window was open in the class I flunged it out the class. Listen when you get annoyed I get annoyed. I was a kid the teacher told him to stop he wouldn’t stop . . I apologize to him if he even remembers that right know . But I do .

The teacher screamed at me what are you doing mrs Irizarry noooooo. That’s it I’m telling your father at pick up. Oh noooo I’m scared again . I just sat there like wat are you doing . To my self.

Oh oh o said to my self what have I have done . Father walks into the class to pick me up light skin guy with a strong looking mustache like it had musttles . Brown perfect slick back hair . But for some reason my hart was pounding right out of my chest .

Yes I got the whooping of a lifetime by a man yes at six . Don’t ask me how I got spanked what did he do all I remember it hurt o couldn’t cry or feel that’s how bad the whooping was.

tThe school called my dad that evening told them I was suspended to put me in another school I guess for special edd. Because my behavior was out of hand. Yes I’m still thinking to my self am I really special edd retarded or am I not.

Honestly when a school can’t handle a behavior because they want to whip you too but they are not allowed this is what they do. Either you act right or the ship you out.

So next day I wake up wearing ugly jeans and a purple shirt. And blue sneakers. Yes the craziest combo yes dad picked that out . So we walked and walked to the south side of Brooklyn . Omg yes from frost street to the south side . I was ehousted and hungry . Ps 19 it said . I walked in . I felt good here don’t ask why if I didn’t know this place . But it was a huge school I loved it. We got a tour met my teacher mrs r cuz that’s all I’m going to tell you yes Hispanic older lady brown hair. Classroom beautiful with a view to its backyard . I was in love I put my book bag in the cubby . I loved it here didn’t want to leave.

Listen I lived in projects at the time anything that had a view to a park looked aswome to me The apartments are ok we had a two bedroom with Baratheon a creepy closet my dad had tools in it was a huge closet I thought it took me to another dimension cuz he never let me go in it.

Any who the school was huge the gym was bigger than my own apartment beautiful floors basket ball hoops. I I wanted to live there. The lunchroom was the gym don’t ask I didn’t care yes at lunch time they put the benches than they moved them to use it for the gym . But the small kids like me when weather was nice we went out to the park . The bathroom was inside the class I loved it .

Assoo-me day at this school . Did I listen and obey the rules this time hmm . I guess you are just going to keep reading .

Next day same routine wake up early eat breakfast . Get dressed . Go to school . Put my bookbag in the kubby. This time I felt knouseas through up on my blue shoes . I guess I didn’t like them anyway. My teacher r rushed to me cleaned me up. called my father cleaned me up real good in the class bathroom . Send me to the school nurse. There they called my dad . See I was eating my breakfast at home was feening to go to school that my dad had to basically force me to eat my breakfast.

My dad was called he picked me up took me to the doctor nothing was wrong I probably ate my food to quick and from the excitement of going to this large school new people. I guess I was nervous also.

This kept happening for like a week straight same routine same Routine same teacher again throw up. To be honest my dad whooped me every time for breakfast time cuz I didn’t want to eat my breakfast. I
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