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Adventure / Fantasy

6. ACTS II AEGELS: A Superhero on Earth

It was early in the dark evening and Alan was comfortably lying on his bed. His bed was elevated and positioned opposite the window, which remained wide open. This situation gave him unobstructed view of the sky so that even when indoors, he continually kept his eyes on his dream.

That particular evening was agreeable. The wind was blowing mildly, ventilating the room pleasantly. Alan was playing with a tennis ball. He threw the ball against the wall and it sprang back to him. He soon grew tired of that game and turned his gaze to the sky with a wish in his heart, which he made known to the Agape in the silence of the night.

Having nothing more to do that evening, Alan closed his eyes and fell asleep. Barely had he slumbered when he heard someone whisper his name from outside. He leapt out of bed and rushed to the window to see who was calling. He looked outside but couldn’t catch visual of the roof from that angle. So he climbed the window and craned his neck to get a better view. To Alan’s wildest surprise, the Silver Surfer[1] was bending low on his board on the roof of his house. Alan was thunderstruck and then transported to third heaven.

Alan: “The Silver Surfer on Earth? Wow!”

Silver Surfer: “Is this how you welcome your old buddy? And what about me? I’m glad to see you again Alan.”

Alan hastened and climbed on to the house roof from his bedroom and fell on the Silver Surfer. He embraced his hero passionately, as he was overjoyed to be with him.

Alan: “I’m glad alright but perplexed more.”

Silver Surfer: “You mean you didn’t expect to see me here? Don’t tell me you forgot what I told you last time. Remember, I said I would visit Earth after being to my galaxy.”

Alan: “But how did you find me Surfer? How did you know I was living here?”

Silver Surfer: “I followed what you and the young Nootrans were saying when you were aboard Skyfire[2] before you disappeared. You said it needed faith and a good heart to get to Earth. That’s what I exercised. Then I collaborated with NSF, notably Iron Man, Dr Slump,[3] Bulma, Batman and Piccolo, and with my Power Cosmic, I was able to track you and find you here.”

Alan: “My Silver Surfer on Earth! O boy, this is crazy. I’m too happy you’re here Norrin. Quick; let’s hurry to the guys. You did well to come to me first. I’ll have great fun seeing the looks on their faces when they see you. But I must leave a note for my parents. They were worried the last time we left without notifying them.”

Alan climbed again to his bedroom and wrote a note to his parents, telling them he was going with the Silver Surfer and they needn’t worry for he would be OK. The boy changed his clothes, got his backpack and crammed it with many things. His heart exulted when he came again to the roof and found Silver Surfer. The cosmic human took him on his board and enabled a force field, which rendered them untraceable. And together they went.

Alan: “Silver Surfer, our people will be so happy if you show yourself to them. You’re the hero of many here. Your fans are found all over the Earth.”

Silver Surfer: “Piccolo told me everything before I ventured into this journey of finding you. He said the time hasn’t yet come for people of different worlds to meet since there’s a danger of the disruption of the time-space continuum. Such things are possible only when the Agape Himself suspends the physical laws of nature and introduces man to a reality hitherto invisible to him. This happens only to those who’re prepared to see the supernatural. If they aren’t prepared, it can cause a disturbance in both their psyche body. It isn’t given to everybody to see the things you see Alan. You four are the chosen among your people. Your minds are elevated and ready to see the invisible. Your hearts are also pure for an elevated mind alone isn’t all that is required for a man to access the supernatural.

’The love you have for your heroes and the righteousness you received from the Agape provoked your coming to Nootra. You put your trust in Love, believing that you’re as righteous as the Agape Himself is righteous and you showed love in this extraordinary friendship you share with each other. When these things came together, you acted without fear because you knew your dreams were those of the Agape. Alan, it is the Agape who places dreams in our hearts. He makes us desire those things we want so that our joy renews daily as we acknowledge the fulfilment of all things in Him. No man has a dream. Each of our dreams is His dream and in Him, every dream a man could aspire is fulfilled already. He wants us to rejoice with this knowledge of accomplishment; and when our dreams manifest in the physical, He places others in our hearts, bigger, to fill each day of our lives with the joy of achieving the greatest things in the world. He and we have the same joy for, as we’re happy at the realization of our dreams, so is He at the manifestation of His dreams in us. This is the beauty of our oneness with Him.”

Alan: “My word Surfer! Somebody has been reading the book I gave them.”

Silver Surfer: “I can’t thank you enough Alan. I spent one year in my galaxy on that book and it was thrilling each time I got revelation of who I am in Him. I was spellbound as the grandeur of His plan for man was unveiled to me. I went everywhere, discussing it with the people of Zenn-La,[4] being ecstatic because of the things I discovered. Shalla-Bal[5] suffered me the most for she heard it all day long. When I returned to Nootra, I talked about it with the superheroes, especially with Piccolo. The Nootrans were well advanced in the knowledge of Him since He’s the foundation of their civilization. Their maturity was an asset and it helped me grasp the essence of something beyond me, and I’m grateful for what I am today because of this knowledge. Thanks Alan for what you’ve done for me.”

Alan: “I have nothing to do with that Surfer; I just gave you a book, which I don’t understand myself. It’s because you were willing that the revelation came to you. But if you insist on involving me, then I’m glad to have contributed to your ecstasy, as you said. What about your meeting with Shalla-Bal? Quick; tell me everything.”

Silver Surfer: “It happened just as you said Alan. She too had been waiting for me and she received me with even greater love because of the long separation. I can’t give you the details but it was total bliss to be with her again. I felt I was the man who had received the most grace in the world in that she accepted me after all the wrongs I did. My meeting with you Alan changed everything about me. I left Galactus, I returned to my world, Shalla-Bal received me back and I am in the inexhaustible process of knowing Him. That’s what I call…”

Alan: “No, no Surfer; that’s what I call Total Life Transformation.”

The Silver Surfer and Alan soon landed on top of the building where the family of Ryan was living. Alan climbed down the roof, jumped to the tree beside the bedroom of his friend and knocked at the window. Ryan opened the window and he was surprised to see Alan again for it wasn’t long since they separated from each other that day. And given that most of their gathering was always at Alan’s place, the shrewd Ryan immediately suspected something unprecedented. He opened the window and whispered to Alan from inside.

Ryan: “What is it Al? Have you received another call from Batman?”

Alan: “Not only a call. Dress up and come see for yourself. Don’t forget to leave a note for your parents.”

After scribbling something where he explained his whereabouts to his family, Ryan changed into warmer clothes and packed his sack with gadgets. He jumped out of the window and from the tree, got to the roof and saw the Silver Surfer. Ryan ran to the arms of his hero with lots of gratitude.

Ryan: “Thanks for coming to us Surfer.”

Alan: “Quick. Let’s hurry to Noah and Zach.”

Ryan and Alan entered the force field of the Silver Surfer and the three left to Noah’s place. The two friends knocked at the door and Noah’s sister opened it.

Noah’s Sister: “Alan, Ryan, what are you two doing here at this hour? Noah isn’t coming with you. What do you children think; that my little sister will be strolling around with you at night?”

Noah ran to her friends on hearing that they were the ones calling. She closed the door behind her and said.

Noah: “Tell me this is the night we’ve been waiting for in two years. One of my superheroes is surely around. Is it Vegeta, Rahan[6] or if I may put myself in the place of Zach, is it Dende?”

Ryan: “Do you want to attract attention shouting like that? Leave a note for your parents and join us in the sky.”

Noah: “You mean Nootra is really here? O boy, what if it’s Sasuke?[7] Don’t leave without me guys; I’ll be back in a flash.”

Noah hurried and got herself ready. She took some stuff from the store and other things she kept as presents for her superheroes. She put all in a rucksack and passed through the backdoor to get to her friends. She climbed the walls and met them on the roof. At the sight of the Silver Surfer, Noah lifted up her hands to bless the one who answered her dreams. She jumped up and down in excitement, as she couldn’t contain her exhilaration. She almost shouted it out but Ryan placed a finger on his lips to tell her to keep it silent. She managed somehow to pull back herself yet that blessing manifested before her eyes was so that she shed tears of love. Noah didn’t know what to do; she only went to the arms of the Silver Surfer who received her in his embrace.

While these things were happening, Zach was at home with his younger brother. Chris was the only one in the family who believed his big brother’s adventure in Nootra. The child went to his brother’s bedroom every evening to listen to him talk about Nootra and the friends he met there. That evening, Chris was with his brother as usual and this one was telling him of their adventure in Nootra. Zach was narrating the story Rahan told them when they spent the night in the Frightful Forest.[8] At the end of the tale, Chris asked his brother a favour.

Chris: “Niisan,[9] take me with you the next time you’re going to Nootra. I want to meet Captain Nootra and his friends.”

Zach: “I can’t Chris; you’re still a child. Mom and dad won’t allow you to take such a journey.”

Chris: “But you did it without their permission and they were not so mad at you.”

Zach: “My case is different. I’m grown up and you know dad and I aren’t the best friends in the world. On the other hand, you’re everything to him and he won’t forgive me if I took you to Nootra.”

Chris: “I don’t understand why it’s different. You may not be the best friends in the world but I know he loves you. There’s only a misunderstanding between you two and I haven’t succeeded yet in making all things right.”

Zach: “It isn’t your fault Chris. You needn’t worry about that.”

Chris: “You say I shouldn’t worry when the people who mean the world to me are tearing themselves apart each day? Zach, I want you to believe that dad loves you the same as he loves me, and everything will be so. I promise.”

Zach turned his head away from his little brother for what he was asking was impossible for him to do. He and his father hadn’t started on the right foot and that was as long as he could remember. That situation had persisted from his childhood until the present. He felt a sense of injustice when he saw the privileges his younger siblings enjoyed, which privileges were not shown to him when he was their age. Yet that didn’t stop him from loving his siblings, especially Chris whom he considered the best gift his parents gave him. As for his father, he wasn’t mad at him anymore. He had come to understand that certain things happened of which there was no explanation and over which one had no power. He had asked questions why it turned out that the person he was supposed to be closest to, even his father, was the one who appeared as his adversary in the world.

Though that situation hurt him bad and he couldn’t see the end of it, it still happened that he sometimes gave thanks. As Ryan told him, whether they liked it or not, the things that happened to people contributed to the shaping of their character and the fashioning of their personality. Yet they were the ones to choose whether those things fashioned them for better or for worse. It wasn’t for any situation to determine its outcome; the people involved determined the outcome of the situation. And one thing they had to be conscious of – they had mastery over the course of their lives. Zach understood that the one thing one ought not to do in any such situations was to consider oneself a victim; otherwise one’s life might take a course of perpetually blaming the other for the wrong they did. Ryan told him that when people gave thanks and continued living without offence, they were redeeming the situation and making it right, irrespective of what it appeared on the surface. That would prevent the tragedy of suffering loss since they would have never allowed themselves to be victims of the situation. This knowledge made Zach live the best of him and be unvictimized despite the nature of his relationship with his father.

But what his brother wanted him to do at that hour was beyond him. Just like his father, he wouldn’t expose Chris to danger because he loved him. He was prepared to venture on a risky journey himself but he wouldn’t allow his beloved brother to take any risks. The affections of his father towards Chris were the same as his affections for the boy. That was how he knew his father loved Chris more because he too loved Chris more. Yet Zach couldn’t grasp the totality of the picture since a sibling’s love for their sibling was nothing compared to a father’s love for his son. The love of a father gave life to a man and that made this one his son. And tragedy was inevitable when a father failed to be what he was to his son.

Zach gave no answer to the second request of Chris but he couldn’t stop the child from reiterating the first, which provoked the second.

Chris: “Niisan, you said the Agape watched over you the last time you went to Nootra. He will watch over us again. He won’t allow any bad thing to happen to us.”

Zach: “The Agape won’t allow any bad thing to happen to us but there are villains in the dimension where Nootra is found. They may threaten us and you can’t go through danger.”

Chris: “There are also villains on Earth but the Agape doesn’t allow them to hurt us. Why are you not afraid for yourself but for me Niisan? You believe the Agape will help you but because you love me, you fear you would be sad if something bad happened to me. I know you want to protect me but that’s making you keep me a prisoner and preventing me from living my dream. If Nootra is a beautiful place and you would like to get there again, why don’t you take me along when you know I have the same dream as you? I would not have the possibility to live these things if you were not my brother. Big sister and big brother don’t believe you but I believe you, and I want to meet the people you met. Niisan please, take me along next time you’re going to space with your friends.”

Zach: “I’m sorry Chris but I can’t. Believe me; I’d like you too to see Nootra but when I think of what we did before getting there, I just can’t involve you. The Agape will figure out a way for us to reach Nootra, which won’t require us going first to space. Alan, Noah Ryan and I loved superheroes yet when we boarded RM XIX, it was to fulfil our dream of being in space, which primarily, was Alan’s dream. We exploited the opportunity that presented itself in the mission of RM XIX, and Alan’s dream gave us the motivation to go beyond reason and do what we wanted. Our common dream then manifested with our appearing in Nootra. Our plan was risky from the onset but we wanted Alan’s dream to be fulfilled at all cost.”[10]

Chris: “I love you Niisan. Can’t my love for you take us to Nootra?”

Zach: “I am your big brother Chris and I’ll do everything to make you happy. Do you trust me?”

Chris: “I do Niisan. Hey, somebody is at the window. How come when we’re on the third floor?”

Zach: “Close your eyes and don’t open them until I tell you. Have you heard me?”

Chris: “I do whatever you say Niisan.”

Zach walked to the window and on seeing Ryan flying on Earth, no other explanation accounted for this except that Nootra had come to them. Without saying a word, he went out through the window and he too floated in the air. Both flew upwards and met the rest. Zach welcomed the Silver Surfer and hit his fist.

Zach: “Welcome to Earth Norrin Radd. So it’s your presence that enabled our flying ability?”

Silver Surfer: “Now that all of you are here, I’d like us to tour planet Earth together. Would you be my guests?”

Noah: “What a question Surfer? We’re for everything you offer. It would be so sweet touring over the oceans and five continents of the Earth with its numerous islands.”

Zach: “Guys, there’s something I want to ask. Can my brother Chris come with us?”

His friends looked at him in surprise mode and Ryan answered.

Ryan: “Zach? He’s only six years old. Your parents won’t bear his disappearance.”

Zach: “He’s very keen on Nootra. Imagine you were the one Ryan. What won’t you give to get a glimpse of the Silver Surfer as we do now?”

Ryan: “We’re four of us and we’ve been in this since we knew each other. And because we know who we are, we take bold steps for the manifestation of our dreams. But your brother doesn’t know this faith we have in a cause, which others discard as irrational. We did that journey to space because we all agreed to it as one body. We were conscious of the risks and there were doubts; yet we accepted to do it because we had the persuasion that we were in the right. We grew up sustained by each other and our adventure in Nootra was a reflection of what we believed inside. But Chris may not have that same kind of commitment. And remember, we had to grow up to thirteen before taking the journey. Chris is still a kid and the last child of your mother.”

Noah didn’t like the argument of Ryan and she opposed him.

Noah: “Your logic is driving me crazy Ryan. If I were in the place of Chris, I would never forgive my brother for not taking me to what would be the best moment of my life. Guys, I’d never be thankful enough for the privilege we received to have been in Nootra. It’s nothing compared to the fears and worries others may have. If they don’t rest in the faith of the Agape, they’ll spend their lives worrying about you and this will only prevent you from living your dream. Ryan, what do you do of association and impartation; I mean grace - sharing in the blessings of others when you haven’t worked for it? Chris doesn’t have to pass through what we passed to get to Nootra. The proof – it isn’t a spaceship but the Silver Surfer who’s taking us there.

’Chris is blessed because we went ahead of him and he’ll freely benefit of what we have because he’s related to us. This won’t depend on his faith or commitment. What everybody must do is trust the Agape that our loved ones are hidden in Him where nothing can harm. We should only write a note to Zach’s mother and tell her we’re with Chris and the Agape covers us. She may be worried at first but she’ll believe, since she knows something similar happened to us before. And it won’t be Chris alone who will be missing; we four will be too and they’ll be less worried when they know we’re together.”

Alan interrupted by drawing the attention of the rest to the intruder.

Alan: “No need for any more debate. Look who’s here?”

Chris was standing before the company, transfixed at the sight of the supernatural.

Chris: “The Silver Surfer, former herald of Galactus, on Earth? This is huge.”

Chris moved closer to the hero and touched his silver body, which glittered like a star.

Chris: “I read a lot about you Silver and Zach told me about you and your friends of Nootra but I wasn’t prepared to see you on the roof of my house. My name is Chris and I’d like to come with you to Nootra.”

Zach was angry with his little brother and he rebuked him.

Zach: “You didn’t listen to me Chris. How do you expect me to trust you in the future?”

Chris: “Niisan, I saw Ryan at the window. You also left through the window from the third floor. I was sure someone from Nootra had come and his presence sparked off your ability to fly. This is too cool. Niisan, allow me to enjoy this first meeting with my superhero the Silver Surfer.”

Chris told the Silver Surfer many things he knew about him from the cartoons. Zach later took his brother and they went back to the room through Zach’s flying ability. The two brothers collected everything they wanted for the journey and Zach left a note for his mother where he explained that he, Chris with Noah, Ryan and Alan were going with the Silver Surfer to another dimension. He asked her not to worry but to trust the Agape who fulfilled the dreams of all men. Zach mentioned that he loved his parents and siblings and that he would bring back Chris to them. Chris also wrote a sentence telling his parents that he loved them. Zach pasted the letter on the door of his room and he took his brother, and they joined the rest on the roof of the building.

Silver Surfer: “Get in my force field children; we’re going round the Earth. My Power Cosmic will enable you with some of my benefits and you won’t feel hungry or sleepy. Fasten your stand-belts friends, we’re launching.”

The five Earthlings entered the force field of the Silver Surfer. Chris and Noah sat on his board while the rest stood up as they set off for a voyage across the globe via the invisible ball. They traversed lands, oceans, fields, deserts, mountains, forests, glaciers, islands, continents, countries and visited the surface of the Earth in four hours. They flew alongside the birds and explored the depths of the oceans. The waters didn’t wet them since the force field enveloped them. This experience made the children see the world in another perspective and they were enthralled.

The tourists didn’t only visit the uninhabited parts of Earth; they also went over cities, towns, villages, camps and other places where man made his settlement. Their journey round the globe gave them the opportunity to witness the beauty of Earth in the diversity of human culture. They came across people involved in different activities. Some were idling, others were occupied, some were busy, others were playing, some were on technological works, others were cultivating farms. The whole picture produced an image in the minds of the children, persuading them that there was only one man. For though all men were not found in the same location, and though they didn’t have the same culture, language, colour, belief system and occupation, it was always the same being they saw all over the Earth. This being was fundamentally a man before he was an occupation, a culture, a colour, a believer, a status or any such abstract things.

There were also painful moments in their tour around the world. This happened when they came to places where men were fighting themselves. They lingered in one of the zones of conflict and the children were saddened by what they saw. Two opposing camps were warring each other with arms. To these enlightened children, the picture was the same as a man fighting his own self. They took cover on the surrounding rock and watched the perverse scene with much sorrow in their hearts.

Noah: “Surfer, can’t we do something to help these people? Maybe we can stop the war.”

Silver Surfer: “Heroes are not only found in our dimension, but also in every planet, galaxy, and world. There are superheroes on Earth but they’re not like the Nootrans because they aren’t Nootrans but Earthians. Piccolo warned me not to intervene in anything I see on Earth, even if it appeared as injustice. People with powers like us are not found on this planet so if a superhero showed himself and helped the people, he would be seen as a saviour and the people would rely on him instead of the Agape. Yet he would only be a man who wouldn’t be able to save them for as long as the people don’t see themselves as one, they’ll still consider themselves different and will be fighting each other.”

Chris: “But Surfer, you have the Power Cosmic. You can end this war in a second.”

Silver Surfer: “The battles we’re fighting in our world are not like those of Earth little one. Villains in our dimension have super powers; that’s why heroes are using the same in combat. Yet fighting isn’t the primary function of super powers. From the little history of Nootra I received, it is said their ancestors didn’t possess superpowers at the outset for the worlds they migrated from were like yours now. It was in Nootra that the supernatural manifested. Once they received those gifts, they used them to make their lives livelier until some men started using those power for evil. They applied the powers for what they were not intended for: to dominate people less powerful than them. It was to counter the activities of these men that superheroes appeared. Yet super powers are not what make a man a hero. What makes a man a hero is his heart. There are men on Earth who have the heart of rescuing others. It is to them the Agape has entrusted the mission to solve the problems of the Earth. You’re among those people children.”

Ryan: “Mr. Fantastic asked us to discover where we failed but this is the most controversial issue among our people. There has been a widespread misunderstanding of the message and I don’t know where we’re going to begin to correct this. Yet there’re people living the message and spreading it to wipe out ignorance for Earth to walk in complete victory.”

Silver Surfer: “Earth must get there Ryan for these people fighting each other, do so out of ignorance. Ignorance means not knowing the message for the message gives us the understanding of seeing ourselves as one with the Agape and with all men. Nothing can account for a man to want to hurt another except ignorance. Earth possesses the supreme knowledge, the knowledge of the Agape. In this knowledge is the power to change the heart of a man. All this disaster you see comes from the minds of ignorant men; and it’s ironical because they’re convinced of doing the right thing. No man would deliberately go for the evil with the sheer motivation for being evil. His conscience can’t permit him to do that. Yet whatever they give as justification, they must know this one truth - we were not born to destroy, rob or kill. We’re here to live the good life the Agape has become for us in the Son. It doesn’t matter who is right or who is wrong. What matters is that the entire populace of Earth live in peace, security, comfort and fulfilment. This can only be achieved when they see themselves as one people.”

Ryan: “I’m mad at many governments, including mine in Aven. They waste large sums of money on space programs, which sometimes fail, and on propaganda about nothing, like a game of fear. I don’t understand how we can run after the future when we haven’t fed and sheltered everybody today and given them the true content of the message.”

Silver Surfer: “This notion of countries, kingdoms, nations on the same planetary body isn’t the best system for humanity. Comparing it with what Nootra is doing, I see we had it all wrong separating people living on the same planet into nationalities. This notion automatically promotes division and makes people unconcerned about the situation of their own people simply because they don’t belong to the same country. Worst still; it sometimes makes them think they have to be better off than others. This will inevitably lead them to rob other people to give comfort to ‘their’ people.”

Noah: “What you’re saying is pertinent silver head. When we went over the globe, there were no cuts between countries. Where then do frontiers and restrictions of movement come from? I think the mind of the Agape in creating the Earth with no demarcation is to tell us that the planet belongs to every man who finds himself there, and being on Earth means we can live wherever we want. This notion of separating us into groups attempts to ruin our freedom. But with the knowledge of the Agape, we will break all barriers and live our fullest everywhere in this Earth the Agape has given to one and all.”

Ryan: “Yea Noah. All men living on Earth are one people. It isn’t because we’ve been sectioned into countries that we’re different from each other. The people of Earth derive from a common source, even the Son, and the bond between us is strengthened as we see this.”

Silver Surfer: “Hearing you children talk like this gives me the persuasion that Earth will solve these crises. I believe there’re people like you all over the globe who have this love of seeing the world saved. Nobody should remain unconcerned even if it’s one person on Earth who needs to be saved. Every man has to live whole, fulfilled and cheerful in the peace of the Agape and at the same time be committed to the mission if there’s yet a single thing needing to be transformed into good. Earth is populated by superheroes of its own because you have this knowledge that transforms everything into good. I assure you children that the Beautiful Ones are already Born[11] and are here in our midst. And in just a little while, you’ll see them rise from among your people.”

Alan: “Silver, maybe we can do something for this particular conflict since we’re here. What if nobody in this land has the power to influence the people in authority? Shall we leave them to destroy each other when we can stop the war?”

Zach: “We can’t stop the war with our fists but we can at least smash up their weaponry. I hate to think that instead of using the money we have to save people by giving them food and drink, we rather use it to produce guns and bombs. This is the greatest folly in the world and I’d be proud to take part in a little sabotaging.”

The Silver Surfer approved Zach’s suggestion and they came up with a plan to destroy the weaponry of the two camps. There was a warehouse in the area guarded by soldiers on all sides. The arsenal of one camp was stored there. Silver Surfer, Zach and Ryan left the others on the rock and went for an operation they called ‘Passing the Message’. The three stealthily came from the sky and got into the warehouse with no one noticing them. In that warehouse were the most immoral things in the world: bombs, missiles, guns, grenades, knives, arms. These things showed the dark side of man who used his wealth, skill and intelligence in ignorance to create tools for destruction. Such a custom resulted from fear, the most deceptive of emotions. This fear in man, which stirred him to produce weapons, was founded on the idea that a man like him wanted to harm him. So to have a sense of security, he invented destructive gadgets which he intended to use against another man. The presence of these weapons in themselves insinuated evil for their production connoted harming a man, the most precious being in existence. For what was the purpose of manufacturing something if it wasn’t to use it?

It pleased the Silver Surfer to pass a message to the people of the zone and he had his own idea of doing so. Once he and his two companions got into the warehouse, the hero used his Power Cosmic to melt everything in the munitions store and with his ability to alter matter, he reshaped each weapon into productive gadgets. Zach and Ryan gave him some bright ideas for that. Guns turned into ploughshares for digging the ground for cultivating subsistent crops; bombs and missiles transformed into wheelbarrows, spades and cement. Grenades changed into pruning hooks…They finished there and went to the other camp and did the same to their weaponry.

After demolishing the armoury of the fighting units, the Silver Surfer took the children and the whole group left to the residential part of the village. He asked Noah for some food and used his Power Cosmic to multiply it to thousands of bags of milk, flour, wheat, corn, rice, groundnuts, beans and litres of oil. He also got some tubes from the armouries of the military forces and reshaped into water pipes. He dug the ground and connected the pipes to the river, which was a long distance away from the village. He channelled the waters to the pipes and created many taps with refining facilities for the people to have easier access to water. Before leaving, the Silver Surfer and the children wrote a note to the people and pasted it on a tap. They identified themselves as the anonymous: one of them, one with them, and one for them. After giving the people a sign, the six humanitarians entered the force field and left.

The Silver Surfer and his little friends travelled and reached a deserted region where the hero suspended the force field. Being free from detection, Zach and Ryan flew by themselves. Silver Surfer carried Chris on his shoulders and went without his board, which transported Alan and Noah. So they headed for a place that attracted the interest of the extra-Terrestrial the moment he appeared on Earth. The children were happy to fly like they were doing, and following the lead of the Silver Surfer, they continued until the place he was taking them. The children were mesmerized by what they saw and couldn’t believe such a place existed on Earth.

Its view was as big as space and it was like a land no man ever trod. It was at the edge of the bluest of seas and the shore was endless as the water washed the land until the horizon. The sand on the beach was fine and golden, extending over a wide area into the hinterland. Three canyons were in the continent just behind the seashore. The sky was somewhat of greenish and very clear, rendering a million stars visible as well as planets Saturn and Jupiter. It was also a spectacle of shooting stars; endless of them crossed the sector. Another kind of scenery was on the other side of the sea; a snowy ground with a bush of Christmas trees and a big snow-covered peak. These two divergent landscapes at almost the same location gave the children the impression to be in the nexus of the world. It was the most beautiful place on Earth.

The Silver Surfer and his company remained on the sunny side and played on the golden shore. Noticing it was a good place for meditation, Zach remembered Piccolo’s words and he flew to the top of the rock. He sat down and started contemplating. Ryan taught Chris some martial arts moves while Noah swam in the waters. The Silver Surfer and Alan lay on their backs on the sand, gazing at the sublime sky with its numerous shooting stars. The rest joined them later and Noah opened her backpack and took out what she brought as food. After eating, they communed together on the revelation of what the Agape had become for them and as the breeze blew, they had the feeling of being the attraction of the world. This was because all of creation was watching them as the creation had been yearning for millennia to catch a glimpse of the sons of the Agape on Earth. An invisible host of benevolent beings also surrounded them and they were attentive to hear and see whatever those six outstanding men were saying, and to watch over them.

[1] The Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd) is a Marvel Comics superhero created by Jack Kirby. He first appears in Fantastic Four #48 (March 1966), the first of a three-issue arc that fans call ‘The Galactus Trilogy’.

[2] Refer to Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam. Skyfire is an Autobot appearing in The Transformers.

[3]Dr. Slump is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. It was serialized in Shueisha’s anthology magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1980 to 1984, with the chapters collected into 18 tankōbon volumes.

[4] Zenn-La is a planet in publications by Marvel Comics.

[5] Shalla-Bal is a character from Marvel Comics. She first appears in Silver Surfer #1 (Aug 1968) and was created by Stan Lee and John Buscema.

[6] Rahan is the hero of Rahan, Le Fils des Ages Farouches. Rahan is a comic series that appeared first as part of Pif Gadget, and then published in albums of 2 to 4 complete stories. It was initially written by Roger Lecureux and later by Jean-François Lecureux. Most of the artwork is drawn by Andre Cheret, and other artists (Enrique Romero, Zam, DeHuescar). The animated series was developed by France Animation and broadcasted on Canal+ from Nov. 21, 1987. Dende appears in DBZ.

[7] Sasuke is appears in Naruto. Naruto is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. The manga was first published by Shueisha in 1999 in the 43rd issue of Japan’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. It was later adapted into an anime, produced by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex. It premiered across Japan on the terrestrial TV Tokyo network and the anime satellite television network Animax on October 3, 2002.

[8] Refer to Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam Chapter 5.

[9] Niisan means big brother.

[10] Refer to Another Dimension: The Ultimate Amalgam Prelude.

[11] Inversion of Ayi Kwe Armah’s The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born.

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