The Hunter

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11

“Where the hell have you been?” a voice said in the dark room. I ignored it a laid on the bed “you not going to answer me”

“ugh I was out for a run”

“you’re not a wolf ”

“you don’t have to turn into a furry dog to have a run. Humans can run to and we do it on two legs” I said covering my eye with my arms. he pulled me to him suddenly. I wanted to protest but I felt to tired and honestly he felt good. So I stayed in his arms and snuggled closer to his chest.

“thank you for defending me today” I said reluctantly. It was quiet for a moment before he finally uttered “your welcome” I fell asleep to the sound of his breathing.

Th next morning he was gone and I was alone, for some reason that put me in a sour mood. I put on my sweat pant and shirt, feeling like it was going to a lounge around the room day, as I came down the stair looking for food. I notice Evan down the stairs.

“hey” I said going to him

“hey, so I hoping you were free today to start my first lesson” he said excited.

“yeah why the hell not” I agreed blowing out a breath “I have to get my knives, meet me out back by that big tree.” iI said heading back up stair. I wasn’t really in the mood to entertain a pup but if I don’t make an effort to piss Lisa off who would?

I went to the closet were my stuff was still in bags and grabbed my knives. “hello beautiful, you miss me” I said grabbing three of the smaller less deadly ones. These I use when I go after non threatening wolves. when I feel like playing. I smiled.

Making my way to the backyard I see Evan waiting

“you ever handle a knife before?” I ask laying them on the grass


“okay I’m dealing with virgin, no biggie, here try this one. it small and less intimidating.”

“it look like a baby knife” he scuffed

“a baby knife for a baby” I shot back hitting the him on top his head. “never underestimate your weapons, specially when you hold them. small knives may not be fatal but they can still do a lot of damage. It small and fast. you learn to hit your target with this, you can immobilize a threat, now let see what you got.”

“fine” he said ruling his shoulder and neck. he lift his hand getting ready to throw

“what the hell are you doing?” I said ashamed for him.

“I’m about to throw”

“you look like your about fling it at someone’s head. That’s not going to do shit. your stance is all wrong. move your legs apart a bit, your feet has to be firm on the ground. You’re also holding the knife way to tight, your goin to release it to late and it will fling into the ground. Release your grip a little, grace the hilt with your fingertips. that is where your power is”

I moved behind him, moving his arm up a bit and corrected his aim “now look at that tree as if it was an enemy and think about imbedding the point of your knife right into it heart”

“that’s dark” he laughed

“so is this,” I said seriously “this not for play, now throw” he did. it went about a foot out, but was no where near the three. “damn it” he sulked

“no that was good, your not goin to be a perfect it right away.” I said picking up another knife. “it takes practice. you have to work with them until you get more comfortable”

“and how am I going to do that?”

“easy” I said picking the knife off the ground and looking straight at him, the knife flew out of my hand and effortlessly imbed into the three. “that knife is your, practice” I said walking away and sitting on the ground. he smile and ran to get it.

we were out there for about a couple of hour before I realize the sun was setting, and I had not eaten all day. “okay kid I’m out” I said heading back to the house “okay thank” he yelled back. “remember be careful with that. I’m trusting you.”

“miss” I head someone say turning to see the Stanly guy. I tried to hide my scowl, I didn’t like him and the way his nose seem to go up on everyone but the higher wolves. “Stanly, hi” I said with a fake smile.

“I need you to come with me”

“why” I was instantly on alert. What the fuck did I do now?

“because you were requested for dinner”

“you mean the your highness and his queen, oh no” I deadpanned. He looked and me questioningly “I was referring to the supreme and his mate” why did I always have to explain my jokes?

“no ma’am it is not. it is the enforcer and not in the dinning hall but his study” “really, well this is an interesting turn of events.” “yes I do believe so” he stated bored. “if you would follow me”

“lead the way”

he turn his back and started walking put the stair to what I guess was the enforcer’s study. I was actually surprised by this. I mean I could have sworn Gabriel was still pissed at me even though it was for a stupid reason. I mean how are you going got be mad at me for not being mad at someone else. That’s like me getting punch in the face are you being pissed about it. It my damn face.

Suddenly we were at a front large wood door “enjoy ma’am” Stanly said before leaving. I eye him suspiciously but said nothing. I took a deep breath and open the door.

My mouth dropped at what I saw. The lights were down low, and there was candles all around the room. the table was deck out with white table clot and silver domes over plates. there was Gabriel standing there looking nervous.

“what the hell is this?” I said closing the door.

“well someone once laughed at me for passing work off as a date” I laugh crossing my arms “really? well she sound like a smart woman”

“she is, that why I listen and decided to plan something. The problem is I don’t know that much about her so I went with some things I did know” he came around the table and pulled off the domes

“Chinese food” I busted out laughing as the he went to grab the remote and I saw a large screen tv to the right. He click it on and there was the fourth season of game of throes. “and tv” I could not help the big smile that came off my face. he did this for me. That was…sweet.

“you like it?” he said coming up to me hopeful. I swung my arms around him “I love it” I said before claiming his lips. he soon took over the kiss, leaning me against the door.

The kiss quickly turned into something more as his arms tighten around my waist. My hands move to the bottom off his shirt placing my arms under it and feelin his hard back. he groan and pulled back removing his shirt and than mine. M eyes feasted on his flesh. goddess he was hot and his body was perfect.

“are you ready for this?” he ask searching for the answering in m eyes.

“that a stupid question. Duh I’m ready” I said pulling him back to me. he laugh before gabbing me under my ass and pulling me up to him. I wrap my legs around his torso.

He lead us further into the room and I felt my back hit the sofa. He hover over me, lust clearly on his face “goddess you so gorgeous” he whispered as his hands roam my body. I felt my bra tear off suddenly before his mouth came down on my breast. my breath caught in my throat. holy shit that felt good. I felt his hand go to my pant before I felt them being pulled off with my underwear. Gabriel wasn’t wasting anytime and neither was I. I went to his jean, unbutton them, making it known to him what I wanted. He stood up and finish removing them

“you have to know what you are to me?” he demanded, as if trying to get something out that couldn’t. My body was on fire with need but what was in his eyes made me nervous. “just get down here” I said trying to bring him down to me, mostly because I wanted him so bad, but a small part was because I did not want him sweeping feeling everywhere. Not that he got the hint because the next words out of his mouth was…

“I know you hate when I say thing like that” he smiled

“than don’t” I deadpanned

“you are everything to me” he said before finally letting me guide his head down to claim my lips.

He climbed on the sofa above me, positioning himself between my legs. He kissed me deeply as I felt him at my entrance. Back to be being nervous now “I never, I never” he looked at me with hunger. I hope he registered what I was trying to say.

“trust me” he said before slowing sliding into me. I felt myself stretch to accommodate him and it hurt. I closed my eyes and brace myself for more pain.

His mouth came down to my ear “it’s okay baby. we’re taking it slow” I notice he wasn’t moving inside me anymore. i open my eyes looking at him questioningly, his eye meet mine with patience. “do you feel me?” what type of dumb questions is that? “yeah” I said through clench teeth.

He smiled, kissing my lips and than my check, going to my neck. fuck I was getting horney again. “I can bring you pleasure after the pain.” He said as his tongue lick my earlobe.

He looked at me again “you have to trust me?” I nodded ready for him to continue. Until he started moving deeper inside me. How big was this guy?

I still felt the pain but his eyes would not leave mine holding me captive. I couldn’t tense up like before or shut my eyes, all I could do was stare at him, until I felt him fully inside me. He started moving in and out slowing, replacing the pain with pleasure. I started to moan, lifting my legs to take his deeper. he captured my mouth in his and he started to move faster.

“oh my god” I couldn’t help but cry out

“you like that baby?”


“its only for you.” he said against my ear and pulled out and slam in fast. Shit! “I’m only yours” he said as he moved faster and faster. “and you’re only mine” he said possessively as his stroke were making a need inside of me grow. I didn't know how to control it, I just knew I needed him to make it feel better. I started moving my hips underneath him trying to feed this need that felt like it felt like it was getting hungrier until I felt myself combust, rolling in the waves of pleasure.

I felt him cumming a minute later, breathing hard again my skin.

He moved off of me sitting on the opposite side of the couch before pulling me to him.

“it seem I'm a cheep date?” I said nervously, not sure what to say to the guy I just lost my virginity to. So when in doubt joke, “really you think so” Gabriel said getting up and grabbing the food, bring it to the sofa.

“well it seems like some Chinese takeout and and a DVD set of game thrones and I'm yours” “you think that was cheap? The DVD set alone cost me 50 dollar” he joked. I shoved him before sticking my tongue out at him.

“I'm joking” he said before lifting his fingertips to my chin, making me look at him an his seriousness “honestly what ever you want it yours. I’ll give you anything” I clear my throat before turning to lay my head on his chest.

And for once I deicide to speak honestly about my feeling “I have everything I need right here” I felt him gathering me up closer to him.

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