The Hunter

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Chapter 14

Chapter 14

It had been another week since that talk and I left it in the back of my mind until the day came I got a phone call.

“hello” I whisper screamed being woken up in the middle of the night.

“Bodies I need you” it was Kal and he was panic

“Kal I’m not hunting anymore, I told yo...”

“there no fucking time for this. something going down in the territory near your old pack”

“what, why do I care?”

“Bodies please… Pete and Lisa went out there and they were suppose to report to me an hour ago, and there’s nothing. I cant reach them. I’m heading there now but I’m pretty sure I’m going to need some back up. please” I wanted to say no, but he sounded desperate.

I looked at Gabriel who was sleeping soundly. I love this man I didn’t want to admit it but I did. At the same time I did make a promise and I had to keep it.

It was 1 in the morning, so no one was up. This couldn’t take more than a couple of hours.

“yeah okay I’m on my way” I said closing the phone.

Just like before I threw on some dark clothes and grabbing my knives and guns. I grab the keys in Gabs office and went into a car and took off.
The territory I was living in was about twenty minutes out from my old pack on a normal drive but I drove like a manic. it help that at one in the morning no one was on the road to stop me. I veered to the path that had a small opening, about ten minutes out from my old packs territory, thank you werewolf vision. I grabbed my gear before heading out.

I saw Kal coming to meet me

“hey you found anything?” I ask walking to him

“no but I only just got here myself.” He shrugged than frowned “something doesn’t feel right”

“yeah I know” I agreed, you could feel it in the air. it was to quiet, to still, the emptiness of sound was louder than anything. It felt like a fore-warning screaming at us to go back.

we both slowly start making our way into the forest, both our guards on high alert.

“I can smell them but the smell is all wrong” he sniff

“don’t follow it to straight. it could be a trap”

“I know” he deadpanned.

suddenly we heard ruffling the trees behind us. instantly I pulled out my gun. Kal did the same.

“hey hey. chill it’s me, I come in peace” I drop my gun instantly shock. Than mad

“Evan what the hell are you doing here” I demanded in a hush tone

“I saw you sneaking out. I figure it was for some cool hunter mission. I figured I could help”

“Bodies, who is this kids” Kal asked annoyed

“my idiot brother”

“b-b-brother, as in the Supremes’ kid. As in, can kill us Supreme. This is the fucking supreme kid?” he whisper yell

“yes now stop freaking out” I said placing my gun back to the holster

“stop freaking out, he’s he’s… ” Kal said hyperventilating at this point and pacing

“I know” I said firmly. “now stop freaking out,” I said walking to him and holding him still. He finally stop moving and steady his breath. I let go

“is he okay” Evan said coming to stand next to me

“and you” I said turning to Evan.

Suddenly I heard it the wind, the swish as the object as it came down, I did the only thing I knew to do. I reacted.

I moved in front of Evan blocking his path as the arrow prices my arm all the way through actually scrapping Evans chest. This was a heart shot, a kill shot. Death

“Get your ass back in the car” I yelled to a shock Evan. “fucking now” I yelled as the unknown objected starting coming down from the sky.

“what about you?” he stuttered still unmoving. I grab him arm pushing in a tree stump away from view

“I said fucking now, start the car and drive the fuck home, no argument.”

Pushing him again. he seem to finally get it and ran to the clearing. Once I saw he made it to the car my eye scan for Kal

He already had his gun out ducking out the way. I pulled mine out as well running to him

“what the fuck? what the fuck” he scream.

I pulled my trigger back letting a shot off in the three. But to no avail, arrow still came. I scan our location, see a tree had fallen over it was big, enough to cover us but it was across from where we were. It would grant us cover but we had to run across the open field to get to it.

“hey look” I nudge Kal in my directions

“that gonna be dangerous”

“about as much as staying here”

“its just a few arrows, I can take it”

“not if the ends are silver” I wasn’t sure with the one sticking out of my arm. The one thing I did not get from my dad genes was the pain of silver. it could immobilize a werewolf, even kill it, if enough is pump into their bloodstream.

“shit, fine, count of three?”


He nodded “ three”

We ran, I felt the rush as deadly object came around me, but my direction never falter. When I was close enough I slid into the finish line. To my surprise Kal was already there

“not bad for a half wolf”

“fuck off” I said hearing arrow stop after a minute. The quiet rain down again. They must have thought we ran off

“so what now?” I said resting my back on the stump

“smart people would leave.” Kal said breathing hard

“smart people wouldn’t be out here in the first place, I think we already cross that bridge.”

Kal nodded “we find Pete and Lisa”

“Pete and Lisa” I agreed.

“I think you should shift”

“what about you” he said unsure

“what about me? I’m not a defenseless little fawn, I have done this before by myself”

“this is different and you know it”

“I don’t care, we’re on a mission, it’s the reason we are here. As a wolf your senses will be heighten, all of them. It will help us see another ambush. They are in their human forms, it the only way they can shoot a bow. They have to be doing this so later their scent cant be detected.”

When a wolf shift, they have a unique scent, different from their human counterparts. its easy to track them

His eye grew big finally getting what I was saying “ they wont shift”

“exactly and it’s a huge advantage and we’re gonna use it. So start shifting”

“stay close”

“as if I would do anything else, don’t worry about going human slow I can run almost as fast as you when you shift okay”


Felt paranoid, feeling eyes on me from everywhere, feeling exposed as we ran through the forest. I followed Kal’s black wolf as it lead us through. It felt like a twisted game of freeze tag as we zig zagged our way through.

Suddenly Kal stopped and a small whine came from his throat. He started walking slowly north. I did not understand at first until the smell of blood mixed with their scent hit my nostrils. It was there but it was faint, we were still a mile out but I understood why the wolf was hesitant. It wasn’t for fear for himself but fear of what he would find.

“we have to know. They may be hurt” he wine again but started to walk faster until he hit a steady run.

There were both bodies on the ground next to each other when we arrived. Lisa’s had blood all over her body, it was unfortunately hers. She was naked, which means at one point she shifted than shifted back. Her lifeless eyes staring into nothing, her mouth gaped open in a silent scream. We were to late for her.

A small cough came out of the other body, despite the gashing and deeply rooted cuts he was live.

“shit” we said running to Pete. I heard a rustle from above, I didn’t wait to see a body before I shot. Someone fell with a thump. They laid there nothing

“we have to go” I said pulling Pete. Kal shifted back to human and came to help. we both looked at Lisa still laying there

“there’s no time. we try to grab her it would slow us down more” he said logically.

I didn't want to leave her here but Pete was going to take two of us to carry. Besides there was nothing we could do for her now

I nodded as we lift Pete up. he screamed in agony. we position him between us to carry the weight.

It was not a easy walk back to the clearing where the car waited. Others surprise us on our way back but our bullets silence them quickly. When I thought I would drop from exhaustion we found the clearing and Kal's car. Putting Pete in the back we both hopped in the front

“what are you doing” Kal yelled as I took out my phone

“calling Evan, I need to make sure he's alright”

“good call”

“if he answers. I’m telling Gabriel about this. This is way out of our hands. you saw what happen back there”

“yeah I did”

Pete groan from the back, I looked back and saw his hand covering a gushing womb in his stomach

“we need to get him to the hospital or he’s not gong to make it”


“go to Morning Sun pack. We’ll use their facility” I said as I heard Evan finally pick up the phone

“oh my god Charlie your alive”

“yes Evan I’m alive. Tell me you left like I told you to”

“yeah I'm on my way now.”

“where are you”

“I just made it back into the territory” I sigh in relief. he was safe.

“good” I said hanging the phone up

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