The Hunter

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chapter 15

Chapter 14

we speed through Morning Sun pack. I heard the alarms, they new instantly we were here.

“keep driving to there clinic, its up this road. Do. Not. Stop. Until we are there. Pete doesn’t have that much time”

Kal nodded

I guess Vahn got those patrol tighten up like Gabriel demanded . I heard cars and wolves around us demanding us to stop but we did not stop until we made it to the pack clinic. When we finally stop the car wolves surrounded us, snapping at us.

I got out the car first, recognition showed instantly on their face. When they stayed back I realize they knew I was no danger and did not attack. I ran to the side door as Kal got out the drivers seat to help me. “get a stretcher now” I demanded in a pack that was not mine. People came out the clinic looking confuse. I open the backseat door wide showing them a slowly dying Pete. “I said right now” I said with force

The people in the clinic sprung into action and ran inside the clinic, I hope it was to get a stretcher like I requested. I felt Vahn presence before seeing him

“what the hell is going on in my pack” he roar in his alpha tone. The force made everyone still, including the people with the stretcher as they came out.

Even Kal stilled and slightly showed his neck. Check two for good human ability, I did not feel the pressure to submit to his authority. So instead of doing pack protocol like I usually would do, I square my shoulder and look him in the eyes

“this hunter is severely injured. we need to get him to the pack clinic”

“hell no” he barked looking furious “enough for your mate to come here and blame this on me. you need to get this trouble out of here”

Geez grow some balls, I thought but wisely did not say out loud. Vahn can stand there a stew for all I care, and those idiots clinic professional can stand there and do the mannequin challenge all day, I had a job to finish.

I turn to Kal ignoring Alpha Vahn, “lets go” I said grabbing a hold of Pete left while Kal took his right. In union we moved inside the clinic, Pete no longer screaming in agony but grunting.

Vahn step in front us narrowing his eyes.

“I’m hit.” I said using my own injury to my advantage. In truth it would take no more than a couple days to heals. I didn’t heal as fast a full wolf but not as slow as human either “if you turn me away and I die, what the hell do you think the enforcer would do you than hum?” I said looking into his eyes again

he looked furious, not liking the fact I out maneuvered him, but I had a point and he knew it.

“fine, do what you have to do, and then you get these filthily mutts out of my territory. beta you keep an eye on all of them” he said walking away

“I liked you better when you were nine” I threw back before rushing into the clinic. The staffed help us lay him on a cot in the back, but aside from that steered clear.

Geese people were asswholes

I ripped his shirt off and gasped at what I saw. There was a arrow head imbedded into his abdomen and his blood was gushing from it. It was silver. He would have heal by now if it wasn’t

“who the fuck is using silver arrow? Who is using arrow period” I wondered to myself .

they were fun little weapons and effective if you knew how to use them but most didn’t bother to learn, it was a dying art form of killing or at least I thought.

“we need to get it out of him for his wolf to heal. It’s going to hurt like a bitch” I said

“thank god it not me” Kal murmured.

I went to rest my left arm on his shoulder while trying to gain lavage to pull but I instantly felt hot searing pain shoot through my arm.

“owww fuck fuck me” instantly remembering I actually was injured

“you okay?”

“no my arm is fucking useless”

“well you do have an arrow going through it ”

“shut the hell up and be helpful, hold both of his shoulder down. You need you try to make him not move while I umm dig in”

" got it” he said getting behind Pete and holding both arms over his, bracing himself. my hand gently went to his abdomen, fingertips gracing the part of the arrowhead that was sticking out.

“ready. one, two three” I said as my finger dug into his skin trying to find the point,

I heard a loud growl as Pete try to free his arm to fight me off. I looked at Kal who kept his full strength on him, I went deeper finally reaching the point and pulling the whole thing out.

At that point Kal let his hand slip and a claw came and slashed me across my cheek. ”fucking hell Kalvin”


Suddenly I heard another growl even louder that shock me to my core. oh shit. Gabriel was here.

I turned to see him walking through the door. he grabbed me, his eyes was pitch back him and his wolf was in control and I could since both parts were furious. Without saying anything he sniffed me. his eyes roaming my body, before they landed on my face and arm.

“Doctor” he commanded not taking his eyes off me “My mate is hurt, I want you to fix her up. make sure she safe to travel.” he said before letting me go.

“wait I can’t just leave Pet…” he swung back around his eye penetrating mine, making my words die on my tongue

“you wont argue with me on this.” he said tensely. the way he looked at me, cold menacing, pissed, made me shut up. I nodded before following the doctor.

I didn’t feel it as the doctor pull out the arrow and snitch me up. I felt numb, I never seen Gabriel looked so mad. I was hoping he would calm down enough to listen to me on the way back but he wasn’t there when I was done with the doctor. he wasn’t there when we rode in the car back to the territory. and I felt it instantly as I walked through the door he was not in the house either.

but my father was, and he didn’t look to happy. This was going to be great

“before you start I did not know Evan followed me” I said

“how could you?” he said arms folded, face red “you put my son in danger. he could have died”

“but he didn’t. I didn’t let me ” I said back defiantly.

I mean, okay I was the one who encourage him to learn to fight, and talk about hunting like it was a cool game instead of the dangerous life style it was. But I did not actively make Evan get in the car, and I protected him with my own life when he was there. Doesn’t that count for something?

“and that somehow make it better?” guess not “I know you didn’t make Evan go. he explained he stuck in the car you were driving” That how he got there. I didn’t even realize there was only two cars.

“then why are you mad at me?” I said rising my hand in frustration

“you brought danger here, to my son” he bellow his eye getting dark, his wolf coming into his eyes. Guess his wolf wasn’t that protective over me

“there has always been danger. you can’t hide him from that. you can’t shadow him, especially if you want him to be a good leader one day. ” I shot back.

There was silence for a minute, than he shook his head, placing his finger on the bridge of his nose and closing his eyes “this is my fault.” His eyes shot up and looked directly at me “I should have never let you get so close to my son” he said in a steady voice.

I stepped back as if I was slapped. I didn’t like this feeling. it was a feeling I knew to well. that disgust. I hated it. I hated that I let it effect me

I put my hands on my hips and closed my eyes, took a breath. I control my body reaction like I was train to do. My mind was a different story . I wanted to say something back to him, say something meaningful and hurtful at the same time. Something that would make him regret what he had just said to me. Like a movie moment.

All I could think was “fuck you” before stomping off.

I was initially was going to Gabriel and my room but instead, I decided to wait for Gabriel in his study. which seem to me our favorite place nowadays. I wonder if sex would get me out of this one. doubtful

I heard the door slam in the front. I knew it was him; I felt it. it was about two hours after I got there, but it felt like days. I heard him storm upstairs and I saw the door open. he came in and slammed it shut. his eyes still held his fury. I guess the sex card was off the table.

“how long” he said his voice low and menacing. I didn’t like it, I didn’t like that look either. he didn’t hold the love that he just told me he had for me just the other day, he looked at me accusingly.

“about a month in a half” I said folding my arms across my chest. in a way trying to protect my heart form the hurt I knew was about to come.

he stood there for a second before taking the chair near him and throwing it at the wall. I felt like he wanted it to be me.

“you didn’t think to tell me” it was a statement not a question

“I wanted to but the other hunter deicide against it”

“the other hunter?” he said staring back at me.

“yes there has been hunting where wolves wind up dead and we thought”

“I know, I talk to Kal before throwing him in the dungeon”

“dungeon, what why”

“he lied to me, kept things from me. I’m his enforcer. just like I am your. this was treason” he shot back

“so am I going back to the dungeon as well?” I shot back, keeping my voice steady but fear crept up my spine.

he laugh sardonically “no your not”

“why should I be treated any different. I lied to you, kept things from you.” Don’t know why I'm being own worse enemy now. I wasn’t going back, shut up Charlie, shut up

“you don’t get it, do you? this is not just fucking keeping something from me. this is not just about my fucking job. its about you. I almost lost you. and for fucking what? because you have loyalty to everyone but me” he jam his finger to his chest. I didn't know what to say. He was right

I was so use to being the one wronged. I didn't know how to act when I wronged someone else

“I'm sorry, I didn't mean”

“no you meant. You meant to lie to me, you meant to sneak out and get yourself into danger, and you meant to smile in my face and pretend like you were actually falling for me” he said stepping back and leaning on the sofa. He did a small cruel smile “its my fault actually. I fell in love with someone, I trusted someone who clearly don't know what being apart of someone’s else life means. How could I expect you to love me, your so fucked up, you don’t even know how to love yourself”

my mouth dropped with his last statement. was I fuck up? absolutely. but I didn’t like the fact that he knew it and said it out loud. his eyes held the same disgust and mistrust that my dads did. I really hated that fucking look. from my dad it hurt, but from Gabriel it burn through me like a fired that wanted to consume me.

I place my hand on my hips and closed my eyes. I steady my voice “well than its great you found out now huh” I held back the tear that burned my eyes. I would not let him see me cry. fuck that.

He opened the door. “I have it from here. don't worry about your fucking friend Kal, he will be remove from the dungeon once he has paid for his crimes. you just need to stay here and stay the hell out the way” he said matter of factly, all emotion out of his voice. I walked out, looking straight ahead. Fuck him to.

I walk slowly to the room, head held high, and bored looked I come to master on my face. I closed the door quietly to our bedroom. I notice something different instantly. his things were gone. did he leave me while we lived in the same fucking house? how the fuck is that possible?

I walked to the closet where all his clothes use to be and mine still were. I dug in my bag before finding the whisky that I brought on my first day. For a moment there I thought I wouldn’t need it, but faith has away of proving me wrong. In truth I knew this was all my fault. I could have told him, should have. But it wasn’t like he was a saint, he almost let me starve, did he remember that? No it wasn't just my fault because I kept this from him. It was my fault because I believe the lie he told me a week ago. I would love you no matter what, I huffed, my left ass cheek

“hey old friend, its just me and you” I said opening the bottle.

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