The Hunter

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Chapter 16

Chapter 15

A loud shrill sound jolted me awake, I jump up my head still spinning. I quickly grabbed my phone that lay right next to me and shut it off “ow” I said rubbing my head.

I got up off the floor that I was laying on. Gabriel didn’t come to bed last night. For a moment I was confused until I remembered “oh right he hates me” I mumbled to myself.

I went to the bathroom, ran the cold water, I stripped naked, and step in. Once the water hit me I couldn’t help the tears that fell from my face. I cried so hard I couldn’t catch my breath. I knew he would be mad. What I didn’t expect was Gabriel to just throw me away so easily. And what I really really hadn’t excepted was for it to hurt so much. So at that moment, I allowed myself to break down and feel the pain and in that pain, I found my resolve to make my next move.

Going downstairs to face the day, it was around noon now and it took all my strength just to leave the room. Man, I hated to admit that. Looking in the kitchen I didn’t see anyone there and I sigh in relief and disappointment. I wanted to see Gabriel one last time before I left but he wasn’t there. I walked outside trying to possibly catch him, but he wasn’t outside either. Oh well, I tried didn’t I. I pulled my bag tighter around my shoulder ready to run the fuck off this territory when I notice Evan walking my way looking sorry. At least I was able to say goodbye to the only person who didn’t hate me in this house. I lean on the wall waiting for him to approach.

“hey,” he said looking awkward scratching his shoulder.

“hey,” I said, masking my face to give nothing away

“listen, I’m sorry for last night. for all of it. you kept telling me that life wasn’t a game but I ignore you”

“This isn’t all your fault Evan. Don’t get me wrong, what you did was stupid. really stupid. I don’t think you realize how stupid. but the rest of it, it isn’t your fault”

“How can you say that? I’m the reason the enforcer, dad, are mad at you”

“the enforcer wasn’t mad because of you. he was mad because I put us both in danger. and as for your dad, I’m used to disappointing him. he almost lost you. he had to blame someone, and your just a kid. I shouldn’t have encouraged you”

“I’m not a kid. I’m supposed to lead one day, maybe not as the next supreme, but in some type of way. it is what’s expected of me. and if I can't do that, what am I good for? How am I supposed to do that if I’m just treated like someone that needs to be protected instead of someone doing the protecting”

“your fifteen”

“King Tut was nine when he rule Egypt”

“and he died at like age eighteen, not the best example. Listen, Evan, you're going to find your niche. you're going to learn to lead and how to follow, how to trust your own instinct but you can not learn that by trying to immolate someone else. And I am the last person whose actions you mimic. Give yourself some time kid, you’ll figure it out as you go” I said looking into his eyes.

He looked down and nodded before staring back at me “you're leaving aren’t you” it wasn’t a question, more of confirmation but still I felt a little ashamed.

“I’ve screwed everything up here, trust me, it's for the better.”

“no, it's not, your running”

“it is too. Father will be happy when my bad juju is not affecting you any longer. your mother would be thrilled at the aspect as well. and all I do is hurt and worry Gabriel and he doesn’t need that.” I said matter of factly.

“you're wrong you know,” he said factually.

“agree to disagree” I shrugged before he nodded and walked away

I turned and watched him walk into the house, the house Gabriel thought could be our home. I was excited when he told me that, excited to think about our home together but he was wrong. This was not our home, I figure that out as I grab my bag to leave, all my things still nestled inside. Three months I lived here and I still didn’t unpack. I think part of me knew this was temporary. The truth was I had no home. I think it was time I came to terms with that.

looking around one last time I turned a black Sudan was waiting for me by the road. I smile thinking it was Evan who called a car to drive me off the territory which would be great since running off would take all day. I smile thinking of how nice my little brother was.

As I opened the back door, I gasp seeing Lisa sitting in the car. She smiled at my shocked expression “get in, hear me out, and if you still feel like leaving, they will drop you where ever you want to go”

Sounded fair enough, nodded, and got in. I stared straight ahead not sure why she was here, she should be jumping for joy that I was leaving.

“Evan has a big mouth” I snorted as the car started driving.

she laughed “yes he does, but I’m glad he uses it this time”

“Why are you here? you should be happy that I’m leaving.” I said flatly. it was quiet for a second as if she was gathering her thoughts.

“I’m going to tell you somethings Charlistein. somethings you know, some things you don’t. for instant Charlistein, that was your father’s mother's name. she died young when your father was around ten. That name for him holds a lot of meaning, and he gave it to you”

I turned to look at her but her face gave nothing away “what’s your point”

“my point is your father loves you very mu…”

“oh spare me”

“you said you will listen so listen,” she said sternly “when I found your father when I found my mate, the love of my life, he had a family. can you imagine my surprise?”

" that he screwed another woman”

“no, that he loved another woman.” the emotion cracks the surface then. I saw her eyes glisten with unshed tears. She cleared her throat and continued “he loved her. he didn’t need the moon, or to feel a pull, to fall in love with her. he just fell for her. When I came to realize that fact I couldn’t take it. I couldn’t look into the face of the woman who held my mate’s heart without even having to try. I couldn’t bear the thought of knowing that if it wasn’t for the mate's bond he would have chosen her over me. It wouldn’t have even been a choice.” She shrugged hurt still evident in her eyes “so I told him to move her, to get rid of her, to get that reminder out of my face.”

She adjusted herself and look directly at me “it wasn’t about you. it was never about you. If he knocked up some common whore I would not have had a problem with him having a daughter. it was about your mother and the life they share before I came into it. it would have been easier if she was a whore or a one-night stand but she wasn’t. they weren’t. I couldn’t think back then of anything or anyone else feelings but mine, it was an obsession almost, a festering thought that I could not heal from. your father made a decision based on my happiness. I was his mate, after all, he was designed to make me happy. Your mother wouldn’t dream of leaving without you so he moved you both as I asked. as I demanded.”

I felt a burning in my chest with different emotions. I wasn’t sure which I felt for Lisa right now. She continued “but understand he tried. he tried to be there for you as much as he could. it was difficult. your mother didn’t want him to hurt you the way he hurt her so she kept him at a distance. she wouldn’t let you visit us because of me and how nasty I was to her. I was really nasty. Jealousy is a hell of an emotion. it was my fault. feeling like I was wronged, so I wronged them in return and hurt you in the process. I’m asking you now not to make the same mistake”

“how am I making your mistake? I’m doing this for him, you did that for yourself.”

“you know Gabriel loves you. you know it. if you went to him right now and fell into his arms he would instantly forgive you. but it's easier to run for you isn’t it?” She said staring pointy at me.

“don’t act as you know me, you don’t. I take offense to you thinking you do” she said nothing, just continue staring at me in the eyes, waiting

“Yeah, okay it’s easier. It's easier to do what the fuck I want and not to have to worry about anyone else feelings. It is easier to be right about everything without someone there to tell me I’m wrong. It easier not to…”

“love” she ended.

I blew out a breath, my face turning front looking out the front window. That’s when I notice we were out of the packing area. We were basically in the middle of nowhere land. I looked around and notice no cars behind us. Something wasn’t right. There was no way the supreme mate would go anywhere without protection. I moved slowly behind me reaching for my knife.

I scooted closer to her until we were touching, I wrapped my arms around her to hug her “hey where did you tell them to drive us to?” I said softly keeping the same expression, trying not to cause alarm.

“I told them”

“quietly,” I said with a whisper

“around the territory.” She said confused.

“Lisa, you wouldn’t be trying to lure me out and kill me would you”

“WHAT” she screams pushing me off her. I looked and saw the two men looking back.

“I know I can’t believe I’m forgiving you either,” I said just as loud and then went to hug her again “calm your ass down and hug me back,” I said gripping her arm

“it to bad that you're not trying to kill me”

“why is that bad,” she said her voice laced with confusion

“because if you were then I would be the one being kidnapped right now but since you are not that means you are being taken”

“I’m sorry what” she pulled away again, our faces inches apart.

“do not draw attention. I’m going to open the door and you're going to jump the fuck out.” I said sliding my hand from her arm to the door

“wait what about you”

“Now is not the time to play mommy dearest. Just fucking listen. lean closer to the door, I’m going to pull it open and you jump out, do not cause any attention.” She smile and nodded as my hand found the door latch.

“pull that latch and I blow your brains out,” the guy in front said, as I felt something near my head.


“turn around bitch, do not try anything” I turned with my hands up, Lisa raised hers as well.

“okay okay buddy,” I said smoothly. He narrows his eyes in suspicion. My knife was cool in my palm

“don’t try any shit, put the fucking knife down” okay plan B

“okay that's what I'm about to do,” I said scooting closed to him slowly moving my hand down. Within the last second, I moved the knife upwards slicing at his wrist while my other hand to try to get the gun. He screamed jerked both his hands back and slammed the butt of the gun into my head.

My world went dark.

Final thoughts, Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.

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