The Hunter

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chapter 17

I woke up with a pain in my head. I heard a crying Lisa beside me. Great, if we make it out of this alive I know somehow my dad would try to find a way to blame me. I open my eyes with a groan. Seeing a dark room. My hands were tied behind my back and my legs were tied together. Not the best position to be in, but surprisingly not my worse.

“Why are you doing this” Lisa screech. “just tell me, my mate is a powerful wolf. He will find you” she said with steely determination before she went to begging. “we can bargain. I can get what you want if you let us go pleased” she cried, and it was not helping my massive headache.

“Lisa, shut the fuck up” I mumbled my eyes focusing on the two men in front of us. They were werewolves, that was certain. They couldn’t be too smart if they were taking this job.

“your up” she sighs in relief

“yes, I’m up. And you're wasting your breath. These two cant do anything.”

“oh yeah sweetheart, how do you figure that?” the first guy chuckled, he was ugly. This is kind of rare for werewolves, most were drop-dead gorgeous but this guy was oily, stinky, even his teeth look to about rout out of his month. Usually a wolf this bad is always rouges, but he didn’t smell like a rouge. I wonder who would allow this guy into his pack.

But answered his question all the same “because you’re the one who did the kidnapping. Your dispensable”

“what the hell is she talking about” the other one that moved near a small table to left said, suddenly very interested in the conversation. This was Mr. Slimly's idea.

“she a stupid bitch. Don’t listen to her” Mr. Slimy said

“don’t listen to me huh? You’re not the boss of this little operation are you?” I pause to see if they would give something away but they remained silent so I continued “and I guess you’re supposed to hand us off to someone else. That’s why we’re holding up in this little ass room with nothing but ropes laced with silver to keep us in place. It's so damn temporary” I laugh,

I was just bullshitting at this point, I had no idea what their plan was or why we were here. But I figure I could go with the most cliché reason, which is someone wanted to kidnap The Supreme mate and force his hand at something. But if that was the case this place was not up to the task at all, so they must be planning to move her. Usually, my theories were correct, instincts don’t fail me now

“Tim, the man shut her the fuck up,” Mr. Slimy said. The other nodded coming from the table to me “you sure you want to do that Tim?” I said thinking on my feet, I didn’t know what part I played in all of this but I doubt my life carried the same value so I had to be careful “It's not hard to put the two together. It happens in almost every damn hostage movie or book. You kidnap the mate and then the kidnappers die.” I laughed again “I mean how dense are you?”

“shut the fuck up” Mr. Slimy yelled again “Tim do what I say”

He stop claws out on his right hand, probably ready to scratch out my throat but he paused and looked at Mr. Slimy “ no man I want to hear her”

“she getting in your head man”

“you don’t know what the plan is, do you? I bet you didn’t even know if you were supposed to kidnap me or not.” Big hunch but it paid off as they stared at each other again

“holy shit you don’t. you didn’t know who the fuck you were supposed to kidnap.” I laughed.

“shut up bitch” Tim said slapping me across the face with his claws. The same side James scratched early, my poor cheek could not get a break

“I told you to stop listening to her.”

“yeah but she makes sense. I think we should call” okay this was getting interesting. Please make the call in here, be that stupid, please.

“shut the fuck up” They looked at us, well mainly at me because Lisa was just a sniveling mess, if useless was a name it would be Lisa. I looked away to try to hide my enthusiasm but Slimy didn’t buy it. “outside,” he to his partner before turning to me again “and you to don’t try anything or I will kill you” he said staring daggers

“eye eye captain,” I said in a bored tone before they left.

“oh my god, are you trying to get us killed?” Lisa said in a hushed tone

“Lisa,” I said

“I can't believe you called them like that.”

“Lisa,” I said again trying to be patient

“you want to die go for it but I don’t want to die. I will never see my son grow up. Or grow old with my mate” she continues to cry

“oh my god,” I said slapping her.

She stared at me shock holding her face “you slap me” she said in outrage, her wolf trying to come to the surface but it couldn’t because of the silver “wait you slap me how?” I showed her my free hands

“But how?”

“they only tied us with rope. Simple knots, they used silver to make us weak, but I’m not a wolf genius. now I’m going to take the rope and silver off of you, and you need to stay calm and in your place”

“are you serious? we need to get out of here”

“We don’t know where here is at. Or who is here? I need more information before we go running out like lunatics’, can I trust you?”

“yeah okay fine”

“good,” I said loosening the ropes

“Is that why you talk to them like that”

“well, your begging and bargaining weren’t going to work. I needed to see if I could get more information.”

“like what, do you know what going on? Did you do something” she looked at me suspicious

“jezze, you people would blame global warming on me if you could. No this is not about me. No, I didn’t do anything. and to remind you, they came after you sweetheart, not me.”

“How can you be so sure?” she said glaring at me

I glared back “I can see why my mother hated you. Because if they were coming after me, they would know that I am a half-wolf. They would know that silver does not affect me, and they would know that I have a weapon on my person at all times” I said taking my switch bald out of my pants

“where did you keep that? They check both of our pockets”

“They didn’t check good enough” I smiled.

“you mean you kept it in your,” she said indicating to my ass.

“what! No. what are we in a nineties jail break-out movie? I have a secret pocket inside my jeans, you weirdo”


“Now listen, we do not have that much time. This is not the final location. I could tell because twiddle dee and twiddle dum don’t know what going on. Someone else is coming that knows a lot more. We make our attack as we’re moving”

“why, why not now”

“right now they think we are helpless. They have all the power and everything is going as planned. We only have one shot at this. The transfer is the most vulnerable time in a kidnapping. It also gives us a second to break away. So here's what we're going to do; I’m going to have to re-tie you up.”

“what no”

“stop freaking out. It’s a loose tie, easy to get out of. But it gives the illusion that you are still trapped. As for the silver”

“you can't put that back on me”

“what part of illusion don’t you get, just hold tight, the silver is on the outside of the ropes, not your direct skin. It gonna feel uncomfortable but you can feel your wolf and keep your strength” I explained getting up

“where are you going”

Looking around the room I saw a couple of guns, knives, and nightsticks laying on the table, along with a saw, more silver ropes, stung guns. Looks like these guys were set to torcher, someone. I wanted to take them so bad. But then I saw something I really could use.

It was a cell phone, they had a cell phone laying here next to us, this was almost too easy. Being more intrigued I pick it up and look through it. There were no saved contacts. Okay, so they were not all the way dumb.

There were phone logs, different numbers every couple of days. I take it back, they were dumb. I couldn’t help myself I call the last number. Within three rings someone picked up “is it done” I instantly hung up. Is what done? Could he be talking about the transfer? But why would he confirm with them? I'm almost certain they didn't know beyond kidnapping Lisa what was going on. There were too many questions to be certain my hunch was correct. No, we need to move now.

“what, what is it? What’s wrong” I showed her the phone. “change of plans.” I walk over to her and untied her pulling her up

“what are we doing, what about the transfer?"

“I changed my mind.” I grabbed a gun putting it in her hands “listen these have silver bullets, aim for the head. Only use it if one of them gets past me”

“Why do you have two guns” she indicated my hand “one a tranquilizer”


“I need one of the fuckers alive. Wait for my signal”

I kicked in the door, badass style to see the same two dum-dums arguing “you really shouldn’t leave hostages in the room alone for too long. Who knows what they might get into.” I smile before shooting. One right in the head. The other in the neck with the tranquilizer. He stormed at me with a yell before dropping to the floor.

Others came out. I ran back into the room. “get the fuck away from the door in the corner now” I said crouching by the door. It burst open as the first leg came into view I shot right in the knee. He yelled and went down. Quickly I kick the gun away, as another bullet whizzed past me. I ducked then swung my arm to shoot before I realize the guy was already down with a gaping hole in his head. I looked back at Lisa who had a terrified expression on her face but her gun pointed straight ahead.

I would have given her a high five if another guy in wolf form didn’t just join the party. I swung my gun hitting him in the belly as he tried to jump on top of me. I rolled away in enough time that he collapsed right beside me instead of on top of me. He was still alive but blood spewing out of his mouth meant he wouldn’t be for long. I quickly shot him in the head. After that, there were no more to come in.

“c’mon,” I said, “keep the gun.”

It was a small place I realized as we left the room. It wasn’t hard to find the exit. Whoever planned this was smart, aside from obvious mishaps. When we were finally out of the small house, we were met with nothingness. They got rid of the car fast. Also, I knew this place, we weren’t that far from a pack's territory. They had us move close because they knew that wolves would have moved past this place thinking they would have moved her further out. Smart

We moved in the woods, in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go. I had to make our trail confusing, and it wouldn’t be hard to find the way out once I was done. I could use the phone and I would but not here and not until I was ready. I had to get her further away from this place before the others came.

I finally got us into the spot I wanted us in before heading for the road, by this time I kept bumping into Lisa on purpose making her hit trees and bushes. Making her scent act like her bread crumbs just in case the signal of the phone didn’t work. I also made sure I didn’t touch anything. Didn’t get any scrapes. My plan form in my head as soon as I heard that voice.

“hey I hear cars, we’re by a road” she yelled running, I grab her arm

“hey wait, we don’t know if it's a road or the car for the second location. Stay here” I crunch down moving slowly, but as I got to the edge I did notice she was right. It was a road. We were at the edge.

I took out the phone dialing Gabriel. Somone pick up on the first ring “who the fuck is this” Gabriel voice asked

“it's me,” I said

“Charlie, where are you” he demanded. The way his voice sounded it was not out of concern or fear for my safety. It was something else. He was whispering. He didn’t want someone to know I was on the phone

“out in clearing in the woods. I need you to track the phone, we were…”

“no, no I can't. Then everyone will know where you are. I know what you did, but I can't let them execute you. I cant”

“execute me? For what?” I said surprised.

“for what?! For killing the superior mate?”


“her blood, your scent, in the car. Evan said you were last seen together. you were leaving and she was trying to stop you”

“where's my dad?”

“he’s here but I don’t think…”

“put him on the phone”

“he will kill you”

“put on the phone or I will kill you, now”

he blew down “I won't let them kill you,” he said determinedly. I rolled my eye, great insult to injury, idiot thinks I committed high treason against my own family. “superior, it's her” I hear him say. I heard a shuffle. I put the phone on speaker

“what going on,” Lisa asked

“I got everything wrong,” I said more to myself. No not everything. I knew it was him. He did this

“what,” she asked

“apparently I killed you” I answered her

My dad step on the phone without missing a beat “Where are you? You listen here, you may be my blood, but you are no daughter of mine. I will kill you. I will kill you with my bare hands!!!”

“darling?” Lisa said and the phone went silent for a moment. Ha! Take that asshat “darling?”

“Lisa, is that you? Your alive”

“yes, baby. I’m alive.”

“but I thought”

“no, I’m not dead. We were kidnap”


“By some men. I don’t know who it was.”

“it wasn’t Charlie? Are you sure” he asked

“Global fucking warming I swear.” I mumbled.

“baby I was so scared”

“its okay, I will find them, I will kill them”

“yeah yeah, we heard you when you directed thoes words at me.” I said taking over the conversation, I didn’t have time for this shit. “Follow the phone. She will be in the wood by the road. Hidden in the trees”

“what do you mean she, what about you” I heard Gabriel voice say

“I have some business to handle.” I said flatly

“the hell you do, you will stay there. We will figure this out together.”

I though about it for a second. I could tell them what I knew. I could hope that they would be behind me. But this was personal and I didn’t have the luxury to hope they would believe me. “I'm sorry, follow the signal. I'll be gone by the time you get here.”

I said handing the phone back to Lisa. “stay hidden until they get here”

“where are you going?”

“I have to go finish this” I tell her heading back in the same direction we just came.

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