The Hunter

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Chapter 19

Chapter 18

We changed cars and moved out of the pack land with ease. The body of that last guy in the trunk of Voren's car. Geeze my body count was raking up today. I had Voren pull over so Pete can get in the car.

“Okay, so everyone by Kalvin house waiting,” he said as he got in than looking at whose in the driver seat he stilled “Bodies what the hell”

“Pete meet Voren, Voren Pete” I introduce

“Yeah, I know who he is. why is he here?” Pete deadpan

“he has agreed to help us out”


“because he loves me, and he kinda wasinonit”

“really,” Pete said before his fist slammed into Vorens face.

“Okay that is enough, he is not who we’re are after, he’s taking me to The Shadow. He is the one behind this”

“the shadow? But why? He like the most important wolf around, what would he have to gain”

“I don’t know,” I had a hunch though “I just know he’s behind it”

“How can you be sure”

“Voren told me”

“because he’s so trustworthy, fine your funeral, what’s the plan anyway”

“well I haven’t quite made one yet”

“excuse me”

“I’ve had a lot on my mind, okay, and I was kidnapped this morning. It’s been a crazy day”

“so you’ve been winging it. I Have 50 werewolves ready to follow your lead and you're just freeballing it right now”

“you know I’m starting to get a plan, it involves me rippling your nuts off and making you eat them, how does that sound”

“oh oh that's where we’re going, I’ll ripe your nips off”

“I’m so scared”

“excuse me,” Voren said “but The Shadow is calling”


“what do we do Bodies”

“answer it, speakerphone, everyone quiet.

“Hello, your majesty” Voren answered, Pete and I looked at him weirdly. Your Majesty?

“what the hell is going on? I have The Supreme calling saying he found his mate, alive but they are still on the lookout for his daughter. What! happened!”

“it seems sir, that the two rouges that were hired to kill The Supremes Mate took Charlie by mistake”

“you mean the two that you hired”

“yes sir”

“your incompetence astounds me, it does” I hit the mute, suddenly inspired “tell him you have me, tell him you capture me” he nodded

“Your majesty I do have Charlie” I started typing on the phone what I wanted him to say

“what,” The Shadow asked.

“I have her. I captured her, she came to me for solace because her Father still believes she tried to harm his mate, I have her in custody. The Supreme doesn’t know”

“This can still work, bring her the dungeon” I typed faster

“won't that raise suspicion, you don’t want anyone getting to her before you. Let me bring her to you, she is all alone now. She has no one, you can use her”

“I don’t know about using a half-human rouge,”

“when plans fail is when greater inspiration strikes, right sir?”

“you're right, bring her to me. I will deal with her once and for all. and when I am finished, they all will call me a hero. No more fuck ups” he said before hanging up.

“Are you serious” Pete said “ he can kill you right when he sees you,”

“if it happens it happens, but this way you can follow me to him. Along with most of the rouges”

“why most”

“because some will stay behind at blood moon pack. If Voren strays even a bit, they attack, go for the alpha”

“that’s treason,”

“We have enough on blood moon to put every leader away for good, there no treason if you attack. They are connected to the false hunts, the murder, I have it all recorded and sent to you which I hope you sent”

“yeah, I sent to The Enforcer, with a burner phone. No trace to us”

“good then there won't be an issue”

“you said if I helped you, you would leave my son alone” Voren spit

“I said I wouldn’t kill him, I can't let you get away with all you did Voren. I won't. But if you try to betray me again, you know what happens” he shut his mouth after that.

“fine,” Pete relented “take my phone, I have a tracking device on it. Kal gave it to all of us who participated in the supervised hunts. I can track you from there”

“great, get everyone ready. We move in an hour, make sure you far enough behind me they don’t see you coming”

“not my first rodeo,” he said before getting out of the car and running in wolf form.

Turning to Voren, I said “now you have to beat me up”

“excuse me”

“It has to look like I put up a fight. It has to be believable. So go ahead and hit me”

“no, I won't hit a woman”

“oh c’mon you just tried to frame me for murder and have me killed, this is like child play”

“no, I won't”

“your son is an asshole”

“excuse me”

“with a small dick, a shitty ruler”

“I know what you’re trying to do but it won't work”

“you weren’t that great yourself, in fact as far as alphas go you were the wor...” just like that a fist connected with my jaw I held it for a second, “that was good, but next time draw blood”

Now that I was officially bruised up and confirmed with Pete he was in his place, we started to drive to The Shadow lair.

I sent a silent prayer to the goddess that I would come out of this alive. I didn’t want to die, so I hoped she would help me make the right moves, the right decisions. I never relied on her before, she didn’t exactly give me the easiest life, but now was dire times and as much as I have been around death, I never felt it breathing down my neck as much as I did now.

The building came into view. It was small and run down, not at all what I thought The Shadow would use to orchestrate his plan. I got out along with Voren. I hid my gun along with the recording phone “don’t try anything, just because you can’t see it does mean it's not there” I said.

No one looked too surprise to see me, it seemed that The Shadow had tipped them off. I also looked less of a threat with the evidence of Voren beating prevalent on my face. A swollen cheek, bruised eye and split lip, seem to do the trick for them to let their guards down. He moved me to a cell on the lower floor. I notice a lock switch at the base of the cell. It automatically locked the doors.

“here,” Vahn said, "it’s a remote switch, it will let you out.” I took it, saying nothing. “I didn’t mean for any of this to happen”

“shut up”

I looked around and realized I wasn’t the only one in a cell. Men, women, and even children line the cells, most looked half-starved.

“what the hell is this place” I looked astounded

“I’ve never been here,” Voren said

“hey you,” I said to a old woman, had to be in her seventies, she looked dirty and malnourish, her dead eyes looked back at me “why are you here?”

“because she helped vermin like you escape before I could capture them, she decides to be their aid, so I allowed her to take their place” the shadow emerged “Look here Voren, your not as useless as I thought, if it isn’t Charlie, you are pretty popular around here, darling”

“hello shadow” I smiled “or should I say Ralph since that title is going to be taken”

“leave us,” he said to Voren

“no, I want him to stay. I think he should hear all about your plan, your real plan.”

He moved forward with his creepy smile “you seem to know everything, why don’t you tell me”

“you're trying to figure out how much I know. It's smart. It was the same thing I did with your sad excuse of those two kidnappers”

“it's hard to find good help. So as you were saying about my plan”

“well since your dead anyway, why not. When we were brought to that dump, I realized that your goons put silver on me. They didn’t know I had no wolf which mean they weren’t supposed to pick me up, just Lisa. I honestly thought it was a hack kidnapping plan by idiots, but then I notice the location. It had way too many flaws, way too easy to escape, which make sense because, well it’s Lisa. You didn’t think she would be a threat and the reason we were so close to getting the road was that you were planning to move her to a second location.

At least that’s what I thought until I call my mate and heard I killed Lisa. Then it fell into place. The place was so temporary because you were going to have those goons kill her. The car wasn’t there to transfer her alive but to move her body, to dump it in someplace that help make it look like I killed her. Then they all were going to drive back here and you were going to have your trusted advisor kill them”

“what!” Voren said shock.

“yeah your disposable get over” I shot at him then continued “they stalled when they realised they took me, you couldn’t kill your scapegoat.”

“wait,” Voren interrupted “what about the hunters, the rogues, the half wolves. You said we do not kill our kind, what is all of this” he indicated to the wolves that were in cages

“That was all a lie, obviously,” I said bored “I'm pretty sure it started that way at first, but then with me being the enforcer's mate, well that was too easy an opportunity to pass up, am I right? If he could set up the other two most powerful wolves to kill each other or destroy themselves because of the loss of their mates, then he could become The next Supreme. It would be easy, the chaos that would come from the fallout would be detrimental, he could easily rise to the highest office, and elect an enforcer and shadow with his ideas. No one would bat an eye. How did I do Ralph?” I finish pleased with myself

“you are quick, I will give you that,” he said as he took out his gun ready to shoot me “now I only have to deal with you.”

“you know your dead right? The phone the kidnappers had is with Lisa, who is still alive and I’m pretty sure they are connecting your dots between your number and the calls to those two buffoons’ phone”

“it was a burner” he smile triumphantly.

I laugh “you know, I love the decade I was born in. texting is just so much more convenient than talking on the phone. I bet even for someone creating a master plan.

Tell me, how many times did you text dumb and dumber? How many times do you think they deleted those text messages? Tell me Ralph” I said walking closer to the bars. “any of those texts incriminating. See I think so, I think you are so cocky that you didn’t think you would get caught and just let some strings just hang there. Face it you have nothing anymore”

“That’s a lie, I have you, I can still make this fall on your head. I am The Shadow, I hold every card you wish you had and your just a half-human runt who should have been killed at birth. They will believe me” he said as he pulled the trigger. I was quicker and duck before it could hit me I laugh as I rolled to the corner

“so fucking predictable and by the way its never good to underestimate your prey”

Just then alarms went off, he looked startled “those are my friends, and trust me. They don’t miss” I said before pushing the button to open my door.

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