The Hunter

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chapter 20

Chapter 20

Just the cell door open, four men came armed and ready. Shit “I'm pretty sure they won't miss,” he said heading to the door

“run as fast as you can. I will catch you, gingerbread man” I mock as he looks at me and left. And I saw the fear in his eyes. He was done and he was desperate. Before he made it to the stares, I grab my gun and shot one man in the head.

I grab Voren “unlock these cages now”

I tried to move and dodged as much as I could. I felt a burning in my leg as I dived towards a beam, others inside the cages duck as well. The blood on my outer thigh caught my attention. But I choose to ignore it for now. I had to move the gunmen away from the people. I counted to three then ran in the opposite direction, with footsteps following behind me.

My ears rang as bullets kept flying near me. I rolled to the side and saw where the three were advancing closers. Fuck. I had a shot at one of them, and I took it, hitting him in the inner thigh. It wouldn’t kill him but defiantly keep him down for a while. One of the guy's eyes went to him, a dumb mistake. I ran to him and kick his legs out from under him, he went down hard, dropping his gun on the way down. I went to grab it but the guy behind me pulled me by the hair.

It felt like my scalp was being ripped off but I dove anyway, grabbed the handle, and smack him in the face with the bunt of the gun. He was silent and unconscious. The last guy laid on his back, his eye up at me in anger. His gun aimed at me.

I smiled, “Tell you what, how about we call it a draw” he looked at me before he pulled the trigger and ... A click

“Are you out of bullets?” he click it again “holy shit you're out of bullets. Hell yeah. That’s so lucky, am I right”

“fuck okay draw,” he said throwing the gun on the ground I walk up to him, holding my hand out

“Thanks, man” I smile, he hesitantly grabs my hand to pull himself up, then I punch him in the jaw, letting his hand go, he slammed back into the hard cement “but that’s for shooting at me in the first place” I smiled, before running back to the cells and realizing everyone was let out. Voren was gone.

They were weak and barely could move. Shit, I wanted to go after The Shadow but I could not leave these people here defenseless. I call Pete. He picks up after the second ring

“hey ya busy”

“no, I’m chillinchilling, just ya know trying to stay alive”

“is it that bad”

“surprisingly no, we took them by surprise, most ran, we’re trying to catch them now”

“well I only have one particular person on my mind, that’s the shadow”

“I think I saw him run down downstairs”

“I’m downstairs, he ran upstairs”

“what can I say, I saw a pasty ass long black hair dude run down the stairs, south of the building. I had wolves place at the main exits when we finally got in. unless he was able to get away when we first arrive he’s still in the building”

“no he was too busy taunting me, I’ll find him. But I need some people to come down to the cells. The right side of the buildings, I have captive.”


“yeah turns out the shadow was keeping his dungeon here. they’re pretty beat up. I can't leave them without some protection, get someone here”

“will do, by the way, the cavalry is coming”


“the enforcer and his crew are on the way, cat’s out of the bag. Finish whatever you have to and do it quickly.” He said as he hung up


A tap on my shoulder brought me back to the situation, a man who looked to be in his 40, taped me. He was skin and bones, most of his teeth were missing “go”

“excuse me”

“go don’t let him get away”

“no I can't leave you guys alone, another goon can come, and I only knock those three out, they can come to any minute”

“We can handle them, we can't handle if he gets away, please” he begged. I looked around the room and saw nods of agreement.

“Okay, please stay safe,” I said before reluctantly running up the stairs.

Running past the wolves that I knew were with Pete. Most of the shadow's men were either dead, unconscious, or running. Now it was just him and me. Once I find him

I heard them before I saw them, many trucks coming up the road. Oh no. Hell no. They would not finish him. I would. I ran to the opposite side of the building where Pete said he saw him last.

Descending the stairs it went deeper than the stairs on the right side of the building. It was dark and cold, a bunch of old stuff cluttered the area. But with the smell of old must, I smelled a hint of fear. I smiled but steady myself. It would not be wise to be ruled by my emotions. I had no gun, just a small switchblade. I had to play this right. He may be crazy, but the motherfucker was smart as well.

“I know your down here. I can smell you. It's just you and me” I said inching closer in the room. After a minute of dead silence, I heard him laugh before a dim flicker light came on, but nothing was in front of me.

“it's kinda poetic justice that you would end up here. In a cold depressing room where you sent so many to their misery” I had to get him talking to find him.

“you all deserve to be caged” he spat, my eyes wondering deeper in the room. I moved further in, leaning near the wall

“Why do you hate hunters so much? Is it that your mommy was killed by one, or was it more self-hate. Was your daddy a rouge?”

“you still don’t see the whole picture. Your lot did not do anything to me. You couldn’t do anything to me. You are beneath me, your not a rouge, your not even a hunter. You are a little misfit who plays wolf because of your weak daddy.”

“so he is your issue? figures it would come back to dear old dad”

“he was our leader, who decide to have relations with a human. They are even worst than a rouge. They are so weak,”

“well, a weak human is who your hiding from. Come out, let's play”

“no, I rather surprise you”

“so your supreme hurt you,” I said walking through the area trying to feel him out. “and so you hurt others. Gees talk about the daddy issue”

“I told him to rein them in. I told him to move you two out of the pack but he wouldn’t listen. Then I sent those rouge to kill you and your mother”

“I’m sorry what” That stopped me in full force

“ I thought with you two gone he would finally do the right thing by his people. But you survived. And then you were more deplorable by turning yourself into a hunter. And he would not reign them in with you being one of them. Then you were mated to the enforcer. And a beautiful plan started forming. I know you would play into my hand and you did. Now you die” I moved before I even felt him behind me. I turn to see his crazed face and I head-butted him.

He fell to the floor the knife he was going to use laid beside him. I jumped on him straddling him. I grab the knife with both my hands. “so fucking predictable.” I said plunging the knife deep in his chest past the rib cage. But not in the heart. No that would be too easy. This was going to hurt.

“This is for all the dead Hunters,” I said plunging it into his stomach. He howled and scream like the coward he is. “this is for your people, who followed too blindly and who you killed with no remorse” I dug and twisted into.

I heard the footsteps come down but didn’t care. I was too busy in my own blood lust “This is for my mother” I screamed for all to hear as I succumb to my own crazy.

I ripped the knife out and plunged it in again and again. I heard the yells to stop but they were distant. I heard his screams fading but I did not care. I just kept seeing her. Her body there lifeless, left like trash. And my knife feed feeds into his flesh, as my heart feeds into its hurt. Her hurt, my hurt. I plunge deeper into the place I let linger in the back of my mind for years, fearing to go near the pain because I would never come back.

His dead eyes mocked me. They pissed me off more. He should be alive for more, I wanted more of his pain but he was gone. I was stabbing a corpse. My sane mind told me to stop but I couldn’t. I wanted more, I needed more. I needed his pain to replace my own, but he was gone.

I was lost in the insanity of it all, the stabbing, the silence of his screams, the frustration of his dead eyes reminding me he could no longer feel. And the stabbing again, before I felt a pinch and everything went black

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