The Hunter

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chapter 22


“stop we are supposed to be playing a game,” I said trying to push Gabriel off of me

“I want to play another one” he growled

“geese my virgin eyes. Get a room” James said sitting across the scrabbled board “don’t look and you won't see” Gabriel said back but continue to kiss my neck

“dude stop trying to score with my sister right in front of me. It's disgusting”

I finally push him away “he’s right, let's finish the game”

“I got him with Incomprehensibilities” Gabriel pouted

“I still don’t think that is a word” James argued

“it is,” Gabriel said back “and why am I arguing with a kid.” He suddenly stood up “I won and now I will take my prize” he picked me up.

“We need to hurry up and get our place” he whispered in my ear

“I thought the three leaders are a pack” I teased knowing we were already seriously looking

“pack or no pack, I'm tired of sharing you with your annoying brother.”

“Leave him alone”

he open our door dropping me on the bed “oh I am, my attention is solely on you now baby” he winks and I burst out with a laugh

It had been 3 months since everything went down. They are still looking for a new shadow in the ranks, nothing permeant yet. Hunter was still hunting. Gabriel didn’t see a good reason to dismantle them, but he kept Kelvin as an advisor, after they let him out of the dungeon. Ironically Pete found his mate through all the mayhem, he living near her pack, but has not joined, They're figuring it out I guess

My dad and I relationship were better but still awkward. But everyone else we became comfortable, especially my brother. who is currently enjoying trying to find his way.

Also turns out the whole thing about Vahn and illegal activity was a lie. He has receipts and records to show every scent of his pack earning. Voren is serving life in a dungeon for nothing. Vahn apparently a rack but since he didn’t technically do anything wrong, he was still able to keep his title. How his pack will recover from this is anyone guess.

Gabriel and I seems to be the best place. I was trying to be more open and he seemed to know when to let me be. I could see how we could be a match for each other.

All and all I did finally do what my mother said, and found happiness, found away to move on. I’ve been trying to let the hunter in me go, but honestly I could feel that bitch waiting for her time to appear again. In the mean-time I was busy leading my life and enjoying every minute of it.

The End

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