The Hunter

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

It must have been late by the time I arrived because the place was packed. It was a clearing deep in the woods, in what is called no mans land, no pack owns it. There were round tables spread through out and a small stage in the front. There was also a small podium with a mike right in the middle of the clearing.

It was also so deep in the woods that you cant get to it by car. Mostly everyone here didn’t have a problem with that because they can turn into a big beast. Obviously it was more trouble for me. Thank goodness I can run fast, though those stupid wedges slowed me down.

Most didn’t look at me as I walked past the tables of werewolves dressed in pretty dress and suits. There were some surprise looks from people who recognized me and some flirtatious nods and wink from some who didn’t.

I went to Voren’s table and I saw Alpha Vahn and tilted my head slightly in show of respect. “Charlie you look amazing” Voren said giving me a bear hug “thanks” “doesn’t Charlie look nice son?” he said looking at his son. Vahn gave a glance, a once over and grumbled a reply before returning to his group. “he doesn’t know what he talking about “ “Voren its fine, enjoy your group I’ll fine the other hunters, ill will see you after”

I found my seat just in time. The room started to settle as people took there seats. A few hush tones were heard as three high ranking wolves moved to the the stage. I was in the far back with all the other unwanted so I could not see the them clearly. Someone started to speak into the mike but I drown it out as it had nothing to do with me.

“so Bodies, nice for you to join us” Kalvin said with a once over, my eye quickly scan him to. He looked so out of place in his brown suit that was to big on him. “thought you would sit with the packs, since you seem chummy with Yellow Moon over there” tilting his chin to indicate Voren group. I smile at him “ what’s wrong kal? You want me to go into retirement so you can actually get some money again” the others chuckle “there enough to go around” he quip back. ” not if this new enforces don’t think we’re needed” A hunter I did not recognize said “well you don’t really seem to be needed” another guy name Sal said, making everyone chuckle again. “hey shut the hell up, they are talking about us” Kal said silencing the table as we all awaited our fates.

“I know that some of your packs uses rouge wolves called hunters. I do not think this is a necessary option. Wolves need a pack, and I think this hinder wolves from joining because of there occupation” “oh so we would be more accepted now?” kal said standing up I looked surprise “listen enforcer” he said walking up to the podium. “with all due respect, packs needs us on the outside, we do what most don’t want to do” he smile cockily.

I rolled my eyes realizing that if Kal was our voice of reason we were done for but in the midst of reigning myself to my fate I saw something effie. There was a guy on the edge, a little further behind the others on the stage. There were a few people on the stage so his being there wasn’t what caught my interest. This guy looked fidgety, uncomfortable, nervous, like he didn’t belong there. Now I couldn’t see him very clearly, like the rest but he had my attenion.

“are not needed” I heard the enforcer say jolting me back to everyone else. For some weird reason the enforcer was catching my attenion as must as strange pants but my eyes didn’t stray form strange pants lone, something was off with the guy and I could feel it.

I still could tell Kal was arguing and he was getting angry, but my eyes stayed with the guy who seem to sneak closer to the three wolves. “we have warriors, we have bodyguards, we do not need rouges running around recklessly. We can handle problems in a pack where you hunters need to be. The decision” that when I saw it, the glint of the knife as the guy moved carefully behind the enforcer, looking to ebbed it into his back.

“Duck” I yelled as I through my knife directly at the enforcer. He obediently ducked and it landed into the guys chest, he dropped dead.

The place went nuts in that moment. People looked around for an attack while I was wrestled to the ground by guards who thought I tried to kill the new enforcer, before seeing the body withering in pain. “settle. I said settle!” The enforcer demanded, leaving everyone stunned but silent. ” you” he point to me” come here’

I felt the guards hand leave my back as I slowly stood. I walk to the podium and my breath caught in my throat as he came into view. Part of it was his handsome face. piercing brown eyes, tan skin and muscular physique but as I move closer I could fill the pull. I knew it was a mate pull even though there was not a wolf inside my head telling me so. I could fill it and I saw his eyes go wide in recognition.

He fixed his face quickly as I stood there dumb founded. “en-for-forcer” I said getting myself together “you have bodyguards, you have warriors and it was a hunter who saved your life. You need us” I said looking into his eyes. he looked out to the crowd “I think you for saving my life. As far as the concerns about the hunters I will think further on my decision. until the final decision is made hunters can work but all request must come to me first to be approved. The rest of the hunters, you should think this woman for that. Everyone can be dismissed except for you” he pointed to me “see you later Bodies, good luck” kal said patting me on the shoulder and leaving with everyone else. “follow me” the enforcer said.


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