The Hunter

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chapter 4

Chapter 4

I was demanded to go to Dark Night territory. I was followed by two guards on foot incase I had any ideas to run. I figure it would be easy to ditch the two guards. I did make a living by being guileful, but I could feel the eyes on me behind the trees. I was being watched on two feet and four.

I finally made it into the territory and directed to a large house and behind the door sat the three most powerful wolves in this region. All there eyes was on me, even my dads. I guess I unintentionally got his attenion now.

“what the hell was that” the shadow ask, with all his glorified creepiness. He was pale and sweaty. “I believe they call that an attack” the enforcer said obviously. “I don’t understand this” he said pacing, clearly upset

“this is what I’m saying. This is the reason that these murderous wolves, these rouge, these these hunters need to be put in there place” I stepped forward clearly being ignore for the most part “with all due respect your grace that rouge was not a hunter” “he was wearing black, he had knives like the rest of you” he said pointing his accusing eyes at me. “so I’m guessing if he was wearing nice shirt and kakis you would think he was a pack wolf?” “no my dear,” he said standing up planting his hand firmly on the table “if he had a brand than he would be a pack wolf” “we have our brand” he laugh “where” “on the back of our shoulders.” I said turning around to let them see all my small wolf tattoos scattered over my shoulders.

“its for the the number of successful mission,” turning back around “the number of legitimate kills” I said looking into everyone’s faces. “we brand to know whose’s the best” “really that absurd” the shadow said really getting on my nerves. “no that is proof, proof he is not a hunter. search his body. hell ill do it myself” “no you will not” the enforcer and my father said at the same time.

I looked at each of them like they had two heads. I steady my voice trying to stay calm because losing my shit was not going to help me get anywhere “listen, you taking away the hunters would not be good for anyone. This is how we feed ourselves, this is how we survive. Despite how much packs hate to call on us, we do things that certain wolves cant do. and as you can see tonight you need us”

“oh forget tonight,” the shadow yelled “how do we know that was not plan to seem like we need you” “are you serious?” I said incredulously. “It is mighty convenient that he came right when the enforcer was telling everyone that he was dismantling the hunters” “and what would be his rewards, death? A pack could have made that arrangement themselves. Not everyone is happy with an outside enforcer, not to mention we did not know his position on hunters yet” ” you’re telling me you made that throw from almost mile away and hit dead center. it had to be set up” “interesting ” my father mumbled. my eyes flash to him. they showed the briefest moment of hurt before they set to determination.

I back away slowly, all the way to the door before I took out my knives. “now wait” the enforcers said. I put one knife to my lip making the shush sound, but still he process slowly to me, unsure what was going to do.

the first knife flew out of my hand, slicing between the enforcer head and the shadow before imbedding itself into the opposite wall. “that’s enough” but my second knife flew out of my hand. The one opposite way around the enforcers head and inbedding right next to the first. The last I flick my wrist further, this time it slice to my father and the shadow heads, curving just a bit before hitting the spot under the first two knives.

I walked swiftly back to my spot in front of them and looked squarely in my dad face, forgetting the enforcer and the shadow in that moment. “With all due respect to your graces. I do not need a fucking decoy to hit the mark, I always hit my marks.” “that is it young lady” the shadow said “you do not know your place or to whom you speak, you will be punish for your insolence” “punish? for saving your life?” my eyes looked at the enforcer but he did not look at me. “punish for you insolence and your disrespect” clarified the shadow. I rolled my eyes, too mad to see the gravity of the situation. “guards” he yelled “take her to the dungeon”

The eyes of the enforces and my dad widened “that is not necessary” “oh really enforcer, you don’t think the dungeon is the appropriate place for a misguided rouge?” the shadow eyes was dancing with excitement. “no I don't think its a place for a high-ranking wolf” he laugh “high ranking?” “yes high-raking” my dad stood up deciding to join the discussion. we all looked at him confused “she is my daughter” “mate” both my father and the enforcer said in union.

The room was quiet for the moment as they decided my faith and I was boiling “well I see” the shadow said finally “under these circumstances maybe we can overl..” “bullshit” I yell “Chalrestein” my father cautioned.

“no fuck you, ” I said faceing him and then swung to the enforcer “and fuck you to, I am not his daughter, he made that clear years ago. and I am not his mate, we have not mated. treat me like a fucking hunter because honestly I rather be that, than be apart of your cock-sucking club!”

The face of shock and anger was well around me, but honestly I was not sure which was which. The shadow was the first to speak “guards take her to the dungeon. far far below” the guards came and threw me on the ground. I did not struggle, there was no use. That didn’t stop them from slamming my face to the floor causing my lip to split. They slammed silver on my wrist so tight that I could not feel my fingers, before ripping me up off the ground.

“make sure you take her weapons, she can be sneaky” the shadow said eyeing me “see child” he said walking further up “they may not know, but its my job to know about you. Your so skilled but no pack will take you because in truth who would want a wolfless warrior. I think it would be better to have you locked up”

His eyes reminding me of the last kill i had. They held importance, as if to tell me he was more than me, look at what he would do. I stared straight in his eyes and smile just like before “good luck with that” I whispered before I was hauled off.

I did not look at my father or my so call mate as they dragged me away. I didn't want them to think I needed their help, that I wanted there help, because I didn’t.

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