The Hunter

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chapter 6

Chapter 6

“She still has not woke up” I heard a panic voice say “why hasn’t she?”

“her body has shut down from lack of nutrients. We must give her nutrients slowly or her body will go into shock.” A more calmer, matter-of-fact voice said.

“it’s been hours! She’s still part werewolf she shouldn’t be taking this long”

“she will recover thanks in part to her werewolf traits but she is also human and humans take longer”

“you fucking idiots, were you trying to my mate?”

“no sir we gave her the same dosage as any other wolf”

“that seem to be the problem sir” the softer voice said

“she’s not a wolf and that low dosage of food for that month and those two days with out water, she basically starved.”

“What!!!” the guy growled.

I wished he would stop. He was hurting my head

“Leo? stop” I mumbled. “Leo come on, stop yelling I said I will eat the stupid food later. I just want to sleep” I said trying to get the voice to stop. Even though it didn’t sound like Leo, it had to be him. Who else would be concerned about me?

“who is Leo”

“a wolf we bought in the dungeon a couple weeks ago. He was the one who notified us she was not waking up.” “Get. The. Fuck. Out. All of you”

By now I realizing it was not Leo, and this was not the hard cell floor of the dungeon. I could hear the door slam deducing I was alone with the angry man. Even though at this point I was fully conscious I didn’t want to open my eyes, not yet. I wanted to be with my mom. She had not come back. The valley had faded and I was in darkens behind my eyelids but still I waited.

“Charlie, baby can you wake up?” the voice cooed, ’oh I was baby now, after a month. Asshole “please wake up”

I slowly open my eye, the light causing them discomfort. I could tell I was cleaned and even though I was still hungry I didn’t feel the painful hunger i had before. My hand lifted to the burse on my face that still was tender. I looked around confuse until I was meet with big brown concerned eyes.

“water please” I said clearing my throat. he eagerly grabbed me a cup. I gulp it down my throat becoming quench but it felt like my throat could not handing swallowing it all and I couch up most of it.

“what happened? where am I” I asked sitting up, I gritted my teeth together for the pain. He lifted my bed

“you were in the dudgeon. you fell asleep and would not wake up. they thought” he stop, trying to form the words “they told me they thought you were dead. I had them rush you here. its been a few hours. They’ve been feeding you slowly.”

“Am I?” I cleared my throat preparing for the answer “am I going back to the dungeon?”

his eyes flick to mine, they held seriousness in them. “no, I would never allow you to go back there. I shouldn’t have let you go in the first place.”

“why did you”

“Charlie, I know nothing about ruling. I was a warrior, warriors live by simple rules, simple codes to keep people safe. There are so many different rules in this position, and each more confusing than the next. I thought I had to look strong and you didn’t make it easy either”

“well I think I was more than punish. When can I leave?”

“after they run some test and make sure your back to normal” he smiles

“when can I eat?”

“I’ll see what the doctor says. If he give the okay, what would you like?”

I smile thinking of this “a cheeseburger with beacon and chilly cheese fries, do not forget about the fry’s” he walked out the door with a shake of his head. I couldn’t see his face but I bet my life saving he was laughing.

He didn’t keep me waiting long, within fifteen minutes my face was stuff like a chipmunk. The enforcer, or should I say Gabriel left me to my peace to consume. He mentioned he had to work on business. He didn’t go in specific and I didn’t ask. I as still pissed at him for almost letting me die.

The only person who even care about my death was Leo. I wondered where he was now? I heard the door open and a split second I thought I was still dreaming. “dad?” I said uncertain “Charlstein” the silent grew thick.

“can I help you with something?”

“There something on your lip” he motioned to the side of his lip.

“oh, ketchup.” I said wiping it a napkin. “Gabriel, I mean the enforcer got me a cheese burger”

“right I heard what happened. I could not believe those Neanderthals did not take into consideration that you were, well that you are”

“human, I’m human, after 20 years you would think that you would be use to that, but I guess it hard when you don’t see your off spring in years”

He looked at me putting his hands in his pocket. “Charlstein, you know with my position and my duty I could not”

“yeah I understand, mom made sure I did”

“your mother, she could always be stubborn, your lives could have been easier if she would have…”

“took your money, like some common whore you paid off”

“I did not mean that, and you do not get to say that”

“I don’t get to say that. Me?” I said getting out of the bed on shaky legs “you didn’t even come to her funeral, so I think I can say what I damn well please” I said with my hands on hips. Thank goodness I was facing him, I could feel the breeze on my backside.

“you’re right” he said awkwardly, as if this conversation pained him.

I rolled my neck trying to release the tension from it “I don’t care that I’m right. honestly, we both have done this for so long does it matter? We know where we stand, she didn’t need anything from you and neither do I”

“This was not the life you were suppose to have”

“and what type of life does a wolf less pack member suppose to have, with a human mother who stupidly fell for a high ranking wolf with no mate at the time”

“I could imagine how difficult this was for you”

“For me? Did you ever think about her? What it was like to be an outsider for the rest of her life. She got called names, laugh in her face and behind her back, unable to try to find love again while you just found your soulmate and left us.” his feet shifted as if still not finding the words, as if he was not excepting this. Than it dawned on me

“oh my god, you didn’t come here for me. You came because you needed something”

“no no” he said firmly “I came because I have some news. We will be here awhile, until things settle, until we can see how effective the hunters are.”

“and what am I your tour guide?”

he looked at me like I hadn’t figure something out that was right in front of my face.

“You are no longer a hunter, you are mated to one of the most powerful wolves of this region. I am here to take you to his place of residence, we will be staying there with you until we can be sure everything is clear”

“we? you mean you and your mate”

“and my son, yes”

“the shadow?”

“he will be here to but in light of what happened he will be staying elsewhere” “just great”

“so let get you ready to go” he said clapping his hands

“I’m wearing all I have, hello I was in a dungeon for a month?”

“oh yes, well I will be willing to have Lisa”

“hell no, I do not need anything from your mate. We just need to stop at my place of residence first, I need to get my stuff anyway”

“you’re actually leaving in a hospital gown” he said looking questioningly

“trust me, where were going they really don’t care”

The ride was silent with two men in the back, most likely my father bodyguards. In the hospital room with privacy I could say what I wanted to him but with other ears I had to show the same respect as everyone else, father or not. But he knew and I knew it, I wasn’t done. Twenty years of pent up aggression and frustration, now I had to look this guy in the face everyday, there was a lot to say.

We finally reach my motel, “this is where you stay?”

“yeah homey isn’t it. you stay in the car, it easier that way”

A knock came on the drivers window, he cracked a inch “hey baby nice car, you looking to have some fun” I looked up “hey T, he not interested”

“hey C, while you bagged a live one” I laugh “you have no idea. “This is Fimar, Fimar this is Tiny The Prostitute” “um nice to meet you tiny the…”

“prostitute, c’mon baby you can say it, it easier to remember that way” she smirked.

“I’ll be back fast.” I said hopping out the car. Leaving my dad and Tiny to talk.

I ran to my room taking out my duffel bag from under the bed. All of my clothes stuff cozy inside. I quickly removed the hospital gown before throwing on a v neck shirt and some jeans. I quickly swung on my jacket. First rule of my job always be prepared for a quick exit.

After I made sure there was nothing of mine left behind, I went for my valuables. the closet under the floor board laid my two guns, sliding them in my small suitcase. I went to the bathroom medicine cabinet and un-tape my knives from below it. I went around the room collecting my essential.

Heading downstairs I saw Tiny waiting for me, my dad car lay across the street. “so you leaving huh” she said lighting a cigarette

“c’mon T, you knew this would happen evidentially”

“yeah well I always said you were to good for this place. you take care of yourself hu” she said holding her arms open.

“you to T” I hugged her back casually dropping 500 bills into her hand form my secret stash. I quickly side stepped her an moved to the car before she could say a word.

The car moved as soon I closed the door. “you know you can be just as stubborn as you mother” he whispered.

Ignoring his comment I said “stop up the street would ya, right at the liquor store” “what are you doing? you not old enough to drink by human law” I turned around to face him.

“here’s the thing about human law there are always ways to get around it. To name a few, a little extra money, a guy owing you a favor, and” I said unzipping my jacket showing my low cut V-neck “using your god given talents” I said heading out the car. “no offense but I need liquor for this party.” I said closing the door on him

I went into the liquor store, picking up two bottles of cheap vodka and one bottle of johnnie walker black. That one is only to be use in case of emergency. moving to the counter I saw a Joe’s face. Zipping up my jacket I rolled my eyes “disappointed?” “well if I knew it was you I would have put on a regular t shirt” “you can still put on your show”

“you will give it to me anyway so why bother, beside your old enough to be”

“your father?”

“try grandfather’”

Joe was a 65 year old man who’s been in the neighborhood all his life. he owns the corner store, liquor store, and a book store in the area. He’s also the sweetest man you’d ever meet.

“this is a nice little amount. is it for a celebration?”

“more like a reunion”

“oh yeah?”

“yeah I’m staying with some family for awhile”

“are you coming back?”

“not anytime soon, I don’t think. I really don’t know”

“well for one of my best customers this is on the house. sad to see you go proud that you get to leave” I laugh

“well if your really proud you will take this okay” I said giving him the money for my purchase. “I’ll see you around” I said pushing the door open

“see you around kid” I heard him call after me.

Hopping in the car. “are you quiet finish” my father said obviously fed up. “yes I’m quiet finish, I’m sorry I had some goodbyes”

“how many goodbyes could you have in a place like this?”

“excuse me, I have been here for awhile. I’m not a hermit, I made some friends” I said in defense. As the words came out of my mouth I realize they were true in away. I didn’t realize it until it was gone, but Tiny always there greeting me when I get to the motel, having to rough up her customer sometimes. The times when I have a really hard kill or just a really mess up day, going to the liquor store and buying something to calm my nerve. Joe always there at a certain time, somehow making me laugh. Hell even the guys on the corner was a certain level of expectancy , normalcy. I think that’s what making leaving this ratty place so hard.

In pack life things were always so uncertain, so miserable. If I wasn’t defending my self, I was defending my mom, and if I was not doing that, I preparing for the next attack, insult, or death stare. Leaving the pack was easy, Voren gave me some money but aside form that I was on my own. I was truly alone for over a year. I wondered and I moved.

Than I found this place where people looked the other way and didn’t ask questions, and somehow I became part of it. I didn’t have to look down and watch my back for people who truly hated me, because no one knew me and when they did they just saw another girl.

now I’m going back to it all. And if that wasn’t enough I was also facing the possibly of this being the end of who and what I was. A decision will be made about the people who are like me, who didn’t fit in with pack life. Who saw it as uncertain as I did. We made a way when the only decision they had was misery or turning completely into a rouge, one that was not talk to, that was hunted. Wolves like that slowly turn insane. If this decision stands and hunters were force into packs or to turn their back on their kind, the decision would ultimately be misery or insanity.

I couldn't let that happen to them.

As surely as it is happening to me now.

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