The Hunter

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

I was so lost in my thought that I didn’t realize that car came to a halt until my door open and I almost fell out

“are you okay ma’am”

“yeah fine,” I said before getting out of the car. “toto we are not in Kansas anymore” I said under my breath.

Looking around at this grand mansion, in the in the middle of no-where, but it was not the only building, there more houses and people all around. we were in some sort of pack but I could not figure out where.

“where is this?”

“This is the Blue Moon pack grounds”

“No I’ve been in moon territory and it is nothing like this”

“it has been spruce up to accommodate us”

“wow when you think you know what power is and a door open a message is delivered that reads, you don’t know shit”

“shall we enter your new home” he said

“let not call it that”

“well it true”

“For my sanity, lets not” I said walking to the mansion.

The door open to a large greeting room. A long swanky man came down the stares, reeking of snobbisms. “Sir” he lowered his eyes in respect “it is very good you have returned, the dinner has been waiting”

“yes Stanly, sorry for the lateness, we had a couple stops” “he said side eyeing me “no worries, the family is this way”

“so does that mean the Gab- I mean the enforcer would be in there”

The man looked me up and down, almost looking liked it pained him to talk to me “no ma’am. As you know, the new enforceer is quite busy getting to know the land. He will be back late”

“so your saying the people in the other room are..”

“The mate of the superiors and his heir”

“oh great your mate and your heir? There is no way in hell I am going in that room”

“with all due respect, you are expected” the Stanly guy said

“well with all due respect, I rather have my eyes pried out my skull with dull spoons and force to eat them while on fire, before indulging in that dinner, so..” there was silences before my father started to speak.

“you’re living the same house you have to dine with us today or tomorrow”

“I’ll take the former”

“that means now”

“it does?”


“damn, I always get that mixed up”

“would you like to get freshen up before meeting…”

“nope I’m good, all I need is this” I said taking out the cheap vodka

“ma’am I don’t think” Stanly stuttered

“sir I don’t think there is a way your taking this liquor away from me without killing me and prying it from my cooling body”

“its okay, go ahead Stanly” my dad assured him.

The man straighten himself before walking away with his air of important. My father turns to me “your going to act like a spoil brat all night?”

“I think you have to have been spoiled to be a spoil brat.”

he deicide not to answer and walked away. I followed unscrewing the top and and taking a long gulp.

The dining room was also a spectacle, with a grand table that as way to big for the four people sitting there. It was two men I did not know but the graceful lady I saw was my father mate. The boy next to her had to only be 15 or 16 had to be their son. He looked just like him. Thank god I got my looks from my mother. thinking her now made me loath this bunch even more.

“Charlie, this is my mate Lisa and my son Evan” wow he even had a douche bag name. I bowed my head slightly in respect

“nice to meet you” I said calmly using my neutral face and voice

“you as well” Lisa said in a equally fake voice.

The room as silent as the food came. A glass of ice was placed in front of me about to have water poured “umm no thank you” I said pulling out my vodka and adding it on top the ice.

I saw the startled faces but no one said a word.

“I’m sorry” Evan just blurted out “I’m sorry but are we really gonna ignore the elephant in the room”

“here we go” I whispered sipping my drink

“you really struck a rogue from a mile away, with a knife?”

“you heard about that?” I said smiling a little surprise where the conversation was going.

“are your kidding me? That is all anyone is talking about. Honestly, I’m like the man with my friends because the hunter bad ass is my sister”

“half” Lisa and I corrected at the same time. we both briefly caught eye and looked away.

“half right, but still, can you teach me to throw like that”

“Please Evan you do not need to learn such savagery’s ”

“its not savagery’s ” I defended. Looking directly at Evan I continued “knives are an art. its like dance when using them, if you know how to use them you can do you can do anything. and to answer your question I can defiantly show you”

“you will not”


“your mother is right son, your going to be in a high office that skill is not beneficial” my father agreed.

“I think everyone should know how to defend themselves, high rank or not” “defend yes, become a murder machine no. My son is training to be an expert in defends”

“Pack defense strategies won’t help him if he comes across of people who want him killed”

“and you would rather your way?”

“Lisa” my father tried to caustioned.

“no Fimar, I will not walk on egg shell around your hunter of child.”

“please don’t, what is my way” I said taking a large sip of my drank.

“you kill with out honor and with out fairness. You use knives and I hear you even use guns to catch your prey. It is not a fair fight. you’ll do anything for money” she spat out

“well some of us do not have the luxury of having money brought to us on a silver plater”

“your father tri….”

“I don’t care what my father did. I fought for what I have and let me tell you about those fights. there are reason why hunters are use when no one else is. We do what has to be done even if it not honorable because we go after less than honorable wolves.

For instance there was a wolf I tracked that took a beta daughter. The girl had to only be about fourteen at the time, he took her because he felt that this beta deserve to be taken down a peg. so for hours he beat her and force her in do things that little girls shouldn’t have to do. He wanted to show that this beta perfect lily white life can be tainted by touching something untainted. he had her drop of by her father door with a message stapled to her chest before he went on the run.

The pack could have gone after him. He was easy enough to find but they didn’t want to find him because if they found him, they would have had to give him an easy death by pack law. Trust me they didn’t want him with an easy death. so they hired me and let me tell ya, there wasn’t anything easy or honorable about him after I finished up. he was begging and crying for death at the end.”

The room grew quiet. Lisa especially had no come back “wow” Evan said enthralled “that’s so cool”

I stared at him and raised my eyebrow “I mean not what happen to the little girl no, that was awful. But you, man you are so cool. Why have I never meet you?”

“well Even as your mother said, who wants their family around a dis honorable wolf, let alone a half breed? now as fun as this is I’m going to drank myself to sleep. Where the hell is my room?” “I’ll show you ma’am” a servant said. “Thank you”

The room was was bigger than my whole motel room and boy was it nice. The deep plush white all around, and large king size bed. Honestly, I feel like I would dirty this room way to fast. As I was about to lay gorgeous white comforter I realize I couldn't, it felt to clean for me and like that it started to sink in.

I wasn't sure how I could do this? I mean I always did my duty with out questioned, it was expected and being an outsider was second nature but now this was not the outside. This was not a pack that one day I could escape. This was something new completely and I was not sure how I was going to handle it.

So I did what I do when I normally have a hard problem. I dranked

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