The Hunter

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chapter 8

Chapter 8

The next morning I was woken by a pounding headache and a warm body next to me. It was him, the enforcer. We had hardly talk or spent time together in the month of finding out we were mates. I was not sure how I felt about this.

I swiftly got up, but the pounding in my head had me sitting back on the bed. That’s when I realized I was not in my clothes, in fact I was not in any clothes that I recognized.

“what the hell...ow” I even hurt when I heard myself talk.

“well look whose up” I heard a deep voice behind me

“please don’t scream” I said slowly “what happened?”

“well I cant really say, I came up here to check on you and you were passed out on the floor hugging a bottle”

I looked at the trash can seeing the two empty bottle of vodka “huh, well that was not planned”

“ I would hope not, I was not expecting our first night to be with a passed out mate” “did you undress me?” I asked whipping my head around to fast “ow” I said holding it.

He sighed before getting up out of the bed. he went to the bathroom and came back with a cup of water “here, and yes I did”

“that’s a little perverted”

“you were on the floor in jean and a shirt, I figure you would be more comfortable in a bed and in night clothes. your panties and bra are still on” he defended.

“I need a shower” I said getting up slowly.

“there’s one in the room”

“thanks…wait” I said not finding my duffel bag “where my stuff?”

“you mean that nasty duffel bag, I threw it out”

“you what?”

“it was crap”

“are you kidding me?” I ask ignoring my pounding in my head. “and my guns and knives?”

“gone also” he confirmed.

I could almost see red. I let my guard down and this is what happens? Is he trying to make me kill him?

suddenly he smiles at me “I’m completely fucking with with you. everything in here” he said going to the closet

“I can’t believe you did that” I said in disbelief looking at my stuff

“I cant believe you called me a prevert.” He shrugged. I looked at him trying to figure him out. “You think it cute to piss me off?” “it seems necessary” he said in a bored way

“really huh” I said removing the nightgown, then my bra and panties

“w-wh-hat are you doing”

“taking a shower” I said obviously as I breeze passed him “I hope you enjoyed your joke,” I said slamming the door.

“you can use some new clothes, ya know” he yelled through the door.

I started to laugh then my head pounded “OW”

The water was ice cold, the way I like it after a big hangover. It’s always alert my body. Finishing up I open the bathroom door and I saw no one in the room. I felt a little disappointed. I put on another pair of jeans and a t-shirt before heading out. I looked for the kitchen hungry and that where I saw him again sitting at a island.

“hey” he smiled.

“I thought you were gone” I said leaning against the door

“yeah I could see why you would think that. Finding you now is the worst possible time, I have to get to know my territory”

“sorry I’m such an inconvenience” I said walking to get some coffee. on a normal day I like to fill it with cream and sugar but on hangover days always black, the bitterness helps.

“I’m not saying you are a inconvenience, just that I don’t have as much time for us to get to know each other”

“you want to get to know me?” I asked jokingly.

he shook his head and chuckle “yes that is why I took the day off so we can get to know each other” I looked at him skeptically “the whole day?” “well not really the entire day, I have to visit one last pack in the region and I cant delay it. I figured you can come with me and after we can spend the rest of the day together. It should be fun.”

“your trying to pass work off as a date” I said amusingly.

“I think some of this you could be interested in and I figure it’s a good way to get more comfortable with each other”

“what makes you think I want to be comfortable with you?”

He got up from his chair and moved slowly to me putting his hand on each side of the counter top behind me boxing me in. “trust me you want to know me” he smiled.

I couldn’t help the pull as my body lean in to him. Eyeing me expectedly he leaned closer, as his mouth slowly moved down to mine, I pulled up my coffee mug blocking the kiss “we’ll see” I said walking away.

I went outside to get some fresh air away from him. In the small time I talk him, I was surprise with his playfulness, everyone else seemed so serious, so in zone in the station they acted as if cracking a smile would kill them.

“Hey” I heard a voice call. I turned to see Evan jogging to me “Hey” I said back, putting my guard up. I did not know what to think of his kid. “listen I know dinner was a little weird, but I hope my mom did not discourage you from teaching me.” I gave him a puzzling look “I mean I know she can be kind of a ball buster” he added rubbing his neck nervously.

“you think I’m scare of your mom?” I asked flatly “I mean, kind of everyone is.” he said like it was a known fact.

“scare of her title, not of her” I mumbled.

“Annyway I was still hoping you could teach me how to throw like that?”

I looked at him peculiarly “why do you want to learn? Your part of this grand werewolf council, a high position will be your no matter what. It’s not like you would ever need this skill”

Pack wolves don’t use weapons, they believe in fighting with honor. wolf attacking wolf. body on body. it not that I don’t know how to fight a wolf, being a hunter who want to survive, you must learn different ways to fight, but weapons were more efficient.

“I don’t know, I think its cool… bad ass and besides if it was not for your mad ninja skills the enforcer would have been dead. ”

“is that a fact” a deep voice said behind me. I could feel his presents as he came close. I tried to keep my composer and eye contact on Evan.

“Enforcer Gabriel, I d-d-did not see you.” Evan said backing away.

“it seems I stumbled on a interesting conversation, now what were you saying about my death?” he said swing his arm around me and leaning into Evan.

“I was- I was just sayin” I figured I should help the poor kid “he seem to think you would be dead if it wasn’t for me?”

“does he now?”

“you don’t agree?” I ask flatly turning my head to look in his eyes. Big mistake, it felt suck in, heart beating fast, palm sweaty. I quickly looked back at Evan

“Evan the enforcer would still be alive if not for me” I said to him proud of how steady my voice came out.

“but the attack..”

“would have injured him, if by some small chance he did not smell the wolf first, but he would have been able to take out the threat without it being fetal”

“why would the wolf do that?” Evan asking more to himself

“who knows, my guess is he thought to much of himself to figure out he couldn’t take one of the hardest fighter in this region. I just got there first” I said shrugging his arm off my shoulder and walking away. then I turned back midway to the car. “and yes ill teach you” .Evan looked ecstatic

I climb in the back of the car with Gabriel climbing on the other side “teach him what?” he ask curiously.

“I don’t think that any of your business”

“everything’s my business when it has to do with you” he said seriously. I stole a looked at him before quickly staring out the window not feeling comfortable with the possessiveness look in his eye.

“he my half bother, I don't think you have anything to worry about”

“I do if you make wave. he may very well be the next supreme,” “not for a long while. He’s a kid” I defended back this time staring full face at him. there was a flicker of emotion in his eyes before he blew out a breath and decided to change the subject “you knew” he finally said at a minute of silence


“about what happened at the ceremony, about me being able to take out the threat if you had not come.”

“I mean, not at first but when you spend weeks in a dudgeon you have time to think to yourself. There’s no way you would be so unware of a threat”

To be an enforcer was not a easy accomplishment. It took the strongest, not one of, but the strongest wolf in the region. you had to win every battle, go through tough challenges. some wolves who go up for the job does come back alive. "there is one thing I wondered though, why did you let everyone believe I saved you?” I asked curiously

“because you did” he said mater--of-factly. “I saw the threat before I even came up to the podium. the way that wolf was studying me, I knew something was off. I saw the glint of the knife as I was speaking, felt him as he moved behind me. I was planning on making a grand show, let these wolves know who I am. When his knife was going to come down, I going to grab him and rip his head off.

That was the plan in my head anyway but than this small little feisty human threw a knife and warn me to duck. I heard your voice I already knew. it was so fast” he laughed. “you saved me, even though I did now need saving.” He said as if it was the amazing thing in the world. I felt something in my chest suddenly, I did know if I like that feeling so I decided not to think about it.

“so where are we going?” I said looking out the window. “well last couple of days I have been visiting all the packs, getting to know their lands, their thought on certain matters, how large they are, things like that”


“and my dear mate I left the last one for you.”

“excuse me?”

“we’re visiting your old pack”

“what” I hadn't been there in years. I even choose not to take jobs there. I tried to distance myself from the past and it ghost as much as I could. he frowned

“I thought you would be happy, the old alpha, you two are close yes? ”

“yeah me and Vadmir are very close. he like a father”

“then you should be happy”

“not every one else feelings for me are so cuddly. you should have warned me about this” I said getting angry. I did not want to go there. I did not know would come back, it would all come back. I felt a hand reach out and touch my arm, I looked up at concerned eyes “I'm sorry, I didn't know but I have go. it the last pack, not going is a sign of disrespect” he said seriously.

I knew he could not have known. I mean most pack member that leave are okay with going back to there childhood, hell even excited about it. but that did not make it easy. “I know you didn't know, you did this to be kind and I appreciate it. I'll be fine. It's nothing” he silent for a second as I tried to compose myself. He gently grab my arm again and pulls me toward him. my head rest on his chest and seemed to calm me hearing his heartbeat.

“so what do you do when your not kicking ass” he suddenly ask. I looked up surprise, he stare down at expectantly. I laid my head back on his chest “well I try to catch up on game of thrones and eat Chinese food” he laugh “it has five seasons, what season are you on”

I smirk “three”

“why is it taking you so long?”

“excuse me, have you ever tried binge watching Game of Thrones? It makes your head hurt trying to remember all those name, and who betraying who, who sleeping with who. its overwhelming”

“let me guess, you watch it for John Snow”

“what” said jump up. Ii watch it for Daenerys. She’s kick ass” I said leaning against the door. he quickly garb my legs and place them on his lap rubbing them. I knew he was trying to get my mind off of the ghost of the past and I appreciated that.

“besides” I said playfully “I'm more of Khal Drogo girl”

“he died in season one” he bellow out

“yeah heroically”

“he was killed by an old woman” he yell intensely

“technically he was killed by Daenerys”

“and those are your relationship goals?” he laugh

“they were hot and dangerous together. it was hot explosive love”

“that killed him” he stated flatly.

I rolled my eyes and stare out the window suddenly i felt myself being pulled to my by my hips until he were inches apart. “we can see about doing some hot dangerous thing ourselves” he whispered. I turn to him in surprise and his lips came down on mine slowly as if giving me a chance to escape. I should escape. I should defiantly escape and move back, but I couldn’t, the hell I'm kidding, I didn’t want to.

His lip came to mine soft and slow at first. mine meeting them without hesitation and than his kiss became more urgent. His hand rested on my check pulling me close. I felt the sparks on face as if electric. I gasp as his tongue came into my mouth, god this man mouth. my hands moved around his neck pulling him closer. Suddenly his other hand snake around my waist pulling me to him. I was straddling him. his arm like vice pulling me closer.

Suddenly the car door swung open “Charlie, child” I heard Vamir voice.

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