The Hunter

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chapter 9

Chapter 9

I instantly turned to the door and meet Voren shock face and behind him was Alpha Vahn and Luna Bess, my main tormentor in high school. they all looked shocked and I was embarrassed. “jees thanks for the heads up” I heard Gabriel say. I tried to get off his lap, but he held me in place. I shot him a look and he reluctantly let me go.

I climb out the car and gave Voren a hung “Hi Voren” I said awkwardly. “I was just umm picking lent off of Gabriel jacket” I said lamely. He looked like he wanted to say something but decided against it. I felt Gabriel behind me as he got out the car, I looked up at his face very serious. complete business mode. I had to catch my smile thinking about how he was joking around in the car.

“Alpha Vahn, Luna Bess, Alpha Voren, it is a honor to be here, not only to view my region but to see where my mate grew up” he said wrapping one arm around my waist pulling me to him. I looked away from everyone as a silent awkwardness settled. We all knew that was not the happies times.

“yes Enforcer, it is an honor to have you here and Charlstein, is it great to see you again” Bess said very formal. I nodded my head in acknowledgement, but I didn’t respond.

“shall we go to the pack house” Alpha Vahn said indicating the way. Gabriel move first with me in tow as the rest followed. I could feel the stares on me, and I knew it was not Gabriel. His stare felt warm and inviting, this stare felt cold and murderous. I looked backwards to see it was Bess. I rolled my eyes and deicide to ignore her.

It figures she would make Luna, she was always the queen bitch around here and she loved to reign. I left before Vahn found his Luna, I was seventeen at the time and Vahn was only nineteen , old enough to apparently lead a pack but to young to know his mate. Wolves don’t recognize their mates until they reach 21, the elders believe it has something to do with age, maturity and all that, looking at him now he grown into a full male wolf. His lanky form replace my muscles, his strides match his confidence. He was different then the uncertain male that I left behind, when I left everything.

“Voren” I whispered to my old friend “is it still there?” I ask uncertain

“it is” he confirmed “it has not been well kept but it still standing” I nodded but did not reply. we made it to the pack house, I feel the eyes on me but I act as if do not recognize anything untoward. My face it a perfect mask of indifference. I notice as we go in an office, must be Vahn’s, it is different then his father old office, much more grander.

“so we were wondering, enforcer if you had forgotten about us.” Vahn said sitting behind his desk. “of course not” Gabriel voice held authority, much different than his voice this morning “once I realized this as my mate old pack, I figured she should join.” he said grabbing my hand lightly. Vahn eyes meet mine for a second before continuing

“yes, that is a thoughtful jester. While you are here we would love showing you our pack ground, our training facility”

“of course, Charlie would you like to attend”

I looked at him surprise “we normally do not let non-pack mem...” Vahn tried to explain before he was cut off by Gabriel.

“non-pack? she is from your pack, yes?”

“yes but not any longer”

“right, because she is hunter, matter of fact she is the best hunter.”

" enforcer that is a mater of opinion” Vahn laugh

“no, its not” he said his voice lowering dangerously. Gabriel could end Vahn if he wanted. I didn’t like where this was going and it felt weird having someone defend me. It wasn’t necessary. I touch Gabriel’s arm, his head looking down at me “it’s alright, I don’t want to see them train. I have some other things to do while I’m here” I assured him. “yes, me and Charlie have load to catch up on.” Bess said slinging her arm around me. I tried not to cringe away. I saw Gabriel eyebrows rise in question but he said nothing.

“then it’s settled, shall we?” Vahn said before leading them out. I saw Gabriel look back at me for a second, then he was gone.

“Well thank god that’s over” Bess said flopping in a chair. “you can do what you need to do. if you need anything I’m not here”

“what happen to us catching up?” I snorted

“I didn’t like you back then, I don’t like you now, but you are the enforcer mate, and I have to play nice. This is me being nice. I warn you, not to many people are happy your back, I’ll watch your back” she smirk before her attenion turn to her nails. I shook my head before leaving out, at least the bitch was honest.

I felt my heart pounding as I went to the place that I have not been in a long time. I stare at the tiny cottage. The paint was chipped and weeds were over grown. It looked like no one had step on this land in years. That was not to surprising as it was right on the outskirts of the pack., close enough to the boarder to be still under pack protection but far enough way to remain an outsider. No matter how unwanted my heart still broke a bit looking at the forgotten home.

It was mine once. A very different time. I walked around back to my mother’s grave, there it laid, a small stone with in her name. Annette Baker. I tried to hold back the tears but I couldn’t.

“hey momma” I said wiping off her grave with my shirt sleeve. “it looks like you need a good cleaning. I’m sorry I’m not here to take better care of you” I pulled the weeds around the spot trying to make it look less forgotten. “I know, I’m a bad daughter” i laugh “but I figure you wouldn’t like me visiting here anyway. you were never that happy in this place. I miss you though and think about you way more than what professional would deem healthy if that counts. God I have so much to tell you” I choked

I stayed there for a couple hours, in a weird way it was hard to leave here I felt all the same feelings, it brought me to the time I found her body, the time it took to burying her. The moment I left this place and her behind. I tried to run from this, those memories, now they are all around me, drowning me. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed me” I finally choked out.

With those last words to her, in the last place I failed her, I peeled myself away from her grave and headed back to the front of the house.

I smelled them before I seen them. I tried to prepare, they came slowly intimidatingly. Three rabid looking black werewolves. They didn’t look pack or even hunters. They were to dirty, to untamed, they reeked of decay. ‘what rouges would be this close to a pack. even on the outskirt, this is death to them’. I thought, but trying to solve a puzzle was not going to help me now

I tried to calm myself, swallowing the panic deep in my stomach. I didn't have my weapons' and though I was a strong half wolf I was still human. In their wolf form I could take down one, two if I'm lucky and they are weak by myself. Three however would be hard and I would defiantly have some scars if I even came out of it alive. But I would fight, it couldn’t be to long before pratol smelt the weft of them, I just had to to hold out till then. I refuse to die where my mother did so long ago .

The first, had to be leader from his stance, blew out a breath, almost like a laugh. That is good , understate me “you’re signing you death warrant with this fight” I said preparing my stance and bidding time. I had to find away out “This is pack area they will smell a rouge”

The main wolf cock his head to the side as if he had no care in the word. Shit. With one last huh breath out of his mouth than he attacked. He came for my stomach, I instantly use my hand as a bearer blocking him, trying to keep standing so he did not get my on my back. I felt his teeth imbed deep in my forearm. I lift my arm and kick him in his lower stomach, dis-lodging him.

I saw the second one start to run and jump at me, probably trying to get my face, spotting an old pipe on the grown I grab it, hitting him in the head he came down. I felt a bite on my leg and I scream bloody murder. It was third bitch, she must have got behind me somehow how.

They were all around me. This was not a good place to be, attacked from all sides. I felt myself falling, I was trying hard to keep my stance as I swung the pipe and kicked my leg out. I was getting some pretty good hits but not enough to stop them. they were to many. I was losing blood and getting tired. Without anymore energy I fell to my knees as their month kept clamping down.

Suddenly I heard a growl and than came storming in the largest brown wolf I'd ever seen. He ripe the first one throat out instantly killing him. The second tried to attack, but was way to slow, he swipe at his leg cutting his hamstring making him immobile and as he fell on his back the wolf came down and ripped out his throat. The last tried to run, but not fast enough “wait” I yelled but it was to late. The wolf wanted blood and he got it as he kill the third instantly. Damn

Gabriel came to me after confirming all three was dead, shifting back to his human completely naked I might add “baby baby are you okay” he said coming to me slowly, I realized I was still on my knee's with the pipe in my hand, but I was losing consciousness. “I’m fine” I said breathing out trying to will my eyes to stay focus. He came slowly taking the pipe from my hand and gently wrapping his arms around my shoulder. I collapsed into his embrace, my eyes finally closing as I felt safety around me.

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