Rebel Heart

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She stood perched on the edge of the bridge, looking at all of the cars passing her by right beneath where she stood. She was practically dangling from the edge as the boy shouted at her. ¨What are you doing?!¨, he yelled, ¨Get away from there!¨. She just laughed and taunted him as she stood closer and closer to the edge. ¨I´m not afraid to die¨, she said with a smirk and daunting eyes as she almost fell off of the bridge before the boy grabbed her by the wrist pulling her away. Lily Andrews isn´t your typical high school student. She is known as being the school outcast with a reputation of being both the school´s emo and rebel. She hates following the rules and does whatever she pleases. What happens though when she meets the new student who is known for being the good kid and the school nerd? Will he change her?

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

¨Mommy, why do I feel sad? Should I give him away or feel this bad? ´No, no, no, don’t you choke´ Daddy chimed in, ´Go for the throat´¨ Class Fight, Melanie Martinez

I woke up to my alarm blaring throughout the room as my head pulsated from the previous night. It took every ounce of my being not to hurl the empty contents of my stomach from how badly my head hurt. I rolled over and slammed my alarm clock to make the piercing sound go away.

¨Lily, time to get up!¨, my mom called from down the stairs, ¨You’re going to be late for school!¨. School. I could think of a better fitting term for that place. Prison. I guess you could say I´m just like every other teenager in one way. I hated school. But then again, what normal person our age likes school? The crowded hallways, the lunches that literally resembled prison food, the catty teenagers that loved to pick fights and spread rumors of just about everyone just for the sake of curing their boredom. Not to mention even the teachers hated their jobs just because they didn’t get paid enough. School was literally a penitentiary disguised as an education system created by the tyrannical government of our country. Anyways, fact of the matter is, school sucks.

¨Lily!¨, my mother called to me as she pounded on my door, ¨Come on, hurry up, you´re going to be late!¨. ¨I said I´m coming!¨, I called as I threw on clothes that I had found on the floor of my closet heading out of my room and to the bathroom to finish getting ready. As I walked out of my room, my mother whistled at me staring at me as if I had grown three heads.

¨You sure got some serious bedhead¨, she commented, ¨You might want to fix that before you go to school.¨ ¨Thanks, mom¨, I rolled my eyes as I pushed past her, ¨Good morning to you too.¨ As I strolled into the bathroom and looked at my reflection in the mirror, I could see what my mom was talking about. My hair looked a bloody mess. It was standing up in all directions and looked like a raccoon had crawled into my hair and gave birth.

¨This is gonna take a while¨, I muttered to myself as I fixed my hair to make it look at least somewhat decent before I left the house. When I was satisfied, I walked out of the bathroom and bounded down the stairs.

My mother looked at me and nodded her head in approval. ¨You look nice, love¨, my mom complimented as she handed me a plate of her famous French toast and coffee. God forbid I leave the house without my morning cup of coffee. My mother knew me well and knew if I didn’t have at least some form of caffeine in the morning I could literally act like the spawn of Satan.

¨So you excited for your first day?¨, my mom gushed as she took a seat right next to me and looked at me thoughtfully. I rolled my eyes. My mom had way too much enthusiasm for this early in the morning. I faked a smile and took a sip before responding.

¨Yeah, I´m sure it´ll be great¨, I said, trying to impersonate the enthusiasm that she had. She could obviously tell something was up because she rested her hand on mine and looked at me again.

¨Lily¨, she sighed, ¨I know you´re not a huge fan of school but you have to try and make the best out of the situation.¨ I was tempted to roll my eyes for what seemed like the millionth time this morning but I held myself back.

¨I know, mom¨, I told her as I finished breakfast and my coffee and started to walk to the front door slinging my bag over my shoulder. ¨I got to go¨, I told her, ¨Wouldn’t want to be late.¨ She called over to me, ¨Wait!¨. Before I could walk out the front door, she gave me a hug and kissed my head. ¨I love you¨, she told me as she continued to hug me for a painfully long time, ¨Let me know how your day goes today, okay?¨. ¨I know, mom¨, I said as she let go and looked at me as she began to tear up. ¨Oh my god, mom!¨, I said again and couldn’t help but roll my eyes, ¨It’s just the first day of school.¨ She began to sniffle and looked at me as she rubbed my shoulder. ¨I know, but you´re just growing up so fast¨, she said as she hugged me again. I pushed her off and tried not to snap at her. ¨Oh my, mom, I got to go!¨, I said to her as I walked out of the house and slammed the door behind me running down the front steps and heading to the bus. Too much sappiness for such a morning.

I plugged in my earbuds turning on the blaring music as I walked to the bus stop. ´Time to get this day over with´, I thought to myself as I hunched my shoulders and stared at my shoes as I made my way to the stop and got on the bus to the place I called prison.

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