The Beta and The Alpha

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Mark and Marcy are werewolves and they are in a pack called The Yin Yang Wolves and Marcy and Mark are gay and lesbian trying to find mates I am also very sorry if you have a phbia of being [email protected] or anything like that if you don't like that stuff please don't read this story because this is not for you!

Adventure / Horror
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A Run in The Forest

Two wolves were running in the forest racing each other until one of them stopped “Okay Okay you win Marcy.” The White wolf with black swirls called “Aw too bad I could’ve destroyed you in that race Mark” said The black wolf with white swirls, Mark turns back into a human “We should get back before Mom worries about us...” Mark said “Mom doesn’t worry about us and you know that...right..?” Marcy said Mark was 5 years older than Marcy and wanted to make sure that no one in the pack ever got hurt “Yes I know she doesn’t care but I do! I don’t want the scientists coming after you again....” Mark said. Marcy looked away from Mark “They won’t come back after what happened last time....” Marcy said, darkly Marcy remembered the day she went haywire when getting studied and killed most of the field team “Never...again...” she said “B-but...” Mark started Mark looked at Marcy and his look said “I’m still going to look out for you.” “Let’s just go back to the pack...” Marcy and Mark walked back to the rich neighborhood where all the pack lived and walked into their house quietly “Oh you’re home!” Mrs. Moore said, surprised “Yeah just a midnight run...” Marcy said, walking upstairs “You didn’t get caught did you..?” Mrs. Moore whispered “No Mom we didn’t get caught...” Mark whispered back “Good...” Moore said. Marcy listened to her favorite songs while reading a book about Werewolves and then there was a knock on her window “Leah what are you doing here hide!!!” Marcy whispered through her teeth And just like that the figure disappeared “Sis you okay?” Mark asked “Yeah...fine.” Marcy said, looking out her window Mark looked at his sister with suspicion then walked out of her room "Okay that's it I'm locking my door" Marcy said, getting up and locking her bedroom door There was another knock on her window "Oh right!" Marcy said, opening her window "Hey~" Leah said, smirking ".....I-...." Marcy tried to say Leah jumped into Marcy's room pulling Marcy onto the bed and pinned her down "So~ Heard you were the little Lesbian~" Leah said Actually I'm bisexual but take me now!!!!!!! Marcy thought Leah Pulled her in for a kiss but Marcy started undressing herself not wanting to start easy "Oh we have a hard s3x person in the house~" Leah said, taking her bra and shirt off OMG OMG OMG!!! Marcy thought Leah starting kissing on Marcy's neck while covering Marcy's mouth in case someone could hear her moans "mmph~" Marcy moaned, muffled Leah uncovered Marcy's mouth so she could lick her p^$$y "L-leah....~" Marcy said, pulling Leah's head up from her p^$$y(I used to have friends ya know but then i got dirty-minded ones (What the hell is wrong with me help this is literally only ch. 1 and we already have adult topics HELP- but imma end it here y'all and i'll be touching some grass)

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