That Night

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Running from your demons is never easy especially when they are with you all the time

Adventure / Action
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Where it all started

I can’t do it anymore. I just can’t, I need to get out of here. This family has finally ruined me I can’t deal with it anymore.

With those thoughts, I’m running out of the hole in the treehouse to jump over the fence that no one knows about because no one’s been here in years. It’s been years since I was that happy, loving child that everyone loved. Now, well now I was the castaway. The one no one cares about but I’m constantly in the spotlight for every little thing that I do.

I have no idea where I am but I’ve found myself in an alleyway somewhere downtown. I know I shouldn’t have run but what else was I meant to do, just wait for my destiny to take me to the ground. I won’t let that happen to me not after what happened to the other girl.

I must’ve fallen asleep at some point last night cause when I wake up I have a stiff neck and am a bit disorientated. I see a shadow at the mouth of the alleyway. It looks like the figure of a man, I hope he isn’t someone my mum or dad hired to find me. To be honest they probably want me dead or not at all. He’s gotten closer when I was deliberating whether or no my parents wanted me. Please don’t see me I plead in my head, I don’t want to be found.

He’s seen me and is coming my way, there’s only a little bit of light coming from the moon but I can sort of see his face and I hate to say it but he does look good and I bet he knows he does.

“Hey, darling are you alright?” He asks confirming that he indeed can see me.

“Who are you, and do you work for my parents?” I ask ignoring his previous question.

“No, no I don’t work for your parents. But please tell me are you ok?”

“I’m fine” I reply coldly “You don’t happen to know where we are by any chance do you?”

“I know exactly where we are. Come with me, I’ll help you get home or to a friends place.” He says. There’s something else underlying in his tone but I can’t quite pick it up.

“I’m good thanks, just let me know where I am and I can make it home on my own.” I don’t trust this guy, I just want to get away.

“I Told You that I would take you home or to a friends place.” He said rather angrily

It was with that I knew I had to get away so I quickly turned on my heel and sprinted to the start of the alleyway taking him by surprise. I had nearly reached the start of the alleyway, thankful that I had taken my heels off last night when I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist stopping me from going anywhere. I didn’t even hear him start running after me.

“Where do you think you’re going little one?” he taunts

“Away from you, I don’t even know who you are,” I reply struggling to getaway. I can’t get stuck in this life again. Having to be perfect every second of every day. I feel something cover my mouth so I try not to breathe. It has to be chloroform, he must want me out so he can kidnap me. I try so hard not to breathe it in but it gets too much and I slowly feel myself blacking out. The last thing that I see is that he pulled out his phone dialling someone’s number saying “I’ve got the girl”

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