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Stephan Ricci, Don of Northern Italy was home. In less than two minutes, the family Heads he trusted most had restructured the business organization. Over six months had passed since seeing his American family as he followed their wishes to reforming the syndicate. To serve a better purpose, a higher purpose than themselves. Now, aligned with his American families goals, to bring home abduction victims home. To trace down those who prey on the innocent. As familgia motto says... Famiglia sopra ogni altra cosa. Il sangue si riverserà per coloro che ci attraversano. ~~ Family above all else. Blood will spill for those that cross us. Not the typical Mafia story, and so much more...

Adventure / Romance
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Six months ago, he was content. Stephan Ricci, mafia king, was living a semi-normal life in America with his brothers.

A series of events, the trio ran into Jessica Jamison-Fisher again. A woman of their past, from a time their very foundation flipped upside down. To wake up and find his brother's daughter, Aurora, missing from her rooms. The local Polizia lost the trail. In desperation, Stephan reached out.
Within 72 hours, JF called. "Stephan. I have her. Shhh Principessa, you are safe." She said softly. "Where do you want to meet?"
"Here. Please. I'll call our physician."
"Okay. I'll have Jones call when we're close. Prepare Sebastian, he needs to remain calm while he is with her. For her sake."
"Grazie, Jessica, bless you, grazie."
"Your welcome. We'll see you soon."

That first visit changed their lives when the American FBI agent returned his niece to them. Remaining on the friendly, if she called, he answered. The second time their paths crossed, more so.
On American soil, he had businesses to run. An underground boxing and fighting ring. The one business brought in a cash flow that equaled a casino in Nevada. A group of men, with highly stylized fighting techniques he admired made their way into his arena. On a particular night, the men took the match beyond the arena rules, of a knockout. They were out for death.
Making the call, security entered the ring to break it up. It was bad for business to allow an execution in the arena, si. As is, the small group of aggressors made their own call before he could conclude his business and see to them. JF showed up at their door. She walked in with all the confidence in the world and smiled, "how wonderful, all three in one visit. Been a while guys."
His brother had practically leaped from leaning against his desk, shaking hands with her and her companion, Kevin Jones, "stunning as always."
Vouching for the aggressors that leaned against the wall, he allowed her to lead what was going on. The man had been marked, the same tattoo as the group that had taken his niece. The men dismissed, Jessica sat with Sebastian a bit cooing over the girl. "Transport is here for the men. Thank you for the hospitality," she smiled. "I know mixing work and famiglia is stepping the line. I'll talk to my men. If you could, keep an eye out for the marking, let me know. The man in charge is dead, but the mark of Silva remains. I'll need the information to track down new leads."
Ralpho sat forward from where he had been sitting grumpily. "Jessica. A favor. Our cuniga, it has been almost a decade. But if you could keep an eye out. Your American resources, just in case."
"Of course. I'd be happy to."
Stephan stood to see them out. "I'll compile a file. Pictures if we can find them."

A few phone calls for reassurances that his men would not be seeking out the men that had caused the skirmish at his arena. He compiled the file. Meaning to drop it off, he ended up having a man's day. Basketball and beers with the men. They knew nothing of him other than he was mafia king of northern Italy. "I've already done my homework on your famiglia. I have a high respect for yours and am grateful for the hand of friendship. Personal business aside, I welcome it. Famiglia. Your MC is safe from us, my word."
Having forgotten the paperwork on their lost cuniga, he stopped by after a meeting unannounced. What took him by surprise was one of their club-men bent over a woman on the pool table. Her voice, "-dead, by my hand." His world went for a spin. Several guns pointed at him, he begged for Carina to talk to him, not caring.
As she was removed from his sight. "Tell us now why we shouldn't leave you for dead. We called a truce! Why is my sister-in-law afraid of you!" Donald stood in front of him. Challenge issued.
"The file. Please."
Donald picked up the file and did a quick scan, "well crap!"

A series of events, he was permitted to see his cousin. Meet her son, Darrin. That one day changed his world. No longer content with his long work day for the Ricci familgia, he wanted her famiglia, the club family.

Squeezing in any chance he could, he was with them. At the clubhouse, their homes, sporting events for the many children. They didn't see Stephan or his brothers as anything more than just Stephan, cousin to Carina.
Taking an active part of their lives, he was happier than he could ever remember. Donald, Pres, his wife and children. Sarah and Kent White, the adoring adopted-in grandparents and confident. James, his wife Lisa along with their many children. The list went on. To find out that the group was DEA, retired and active. That the club was backing JF on her FBI raids, Missing Persons and National Security. He knew his cuniga would be forever safe from harm.
At the football games for the kids, the group watched a small boy in a yellow shirt happily cheering a sibling on at a football game. Wearing a JD bracelet, revealing he was one of the foster kids the club supported. Then the women pointed out the woman at the top of the bleachers, one of JF's saves. Within a few words, his family reorganized his organization. They were going legit. Carina and Ralpho declared themselves to the FBI agents. To find missing children.

Alex left the group to meet with the woman from the bleachers. The one marked with a red ruby on her neck, a flag to JF that she had been one of hers. The group spoke softly of it. Ralpho looked down at Carina, "are we doing this cuniga?"
She nodded. "Ricci's are more than what appears. We can do it." Taking his hand, "the Ricci's were not able to find Aurora, Jessica and her team did. We do this, we go legit. We send them home."
Stephan ran a hand through his hair, "you just completely re-organized our organization."
Jessica had bumped his side. "For the right cause." Nonna quietly spoke. "I know where to start."
Denouncing her on the spot, the old woman was put on house arrest. In her rooms, no contact with family. That the older woman held information from him, unacceptable. All her properties, money, everything had been stripped from her.
Several months later, the tattoo appeared again. This time, the face of Raleigh's captor, early in her courtship with Alex. The jeweled beauty proved herself. As much as she wanted to wilt, she had walked into the room, spine stiff and determined. Confirming the man was the one that harmed her, "for Michael, cut off his fingers." Ralpho stepped forward, doing as she asked. Her eyes never left Lisa. Through the screams, she stood tall, not a flinch. "For Shane, blow out his knees." Still the man screamed. "For myself, I ask for nothing but his death. There is no redemption for what he has done."
As Ricci, they didn't play by the rules of American soil and laws. A threat was made on behalf of his extended family. He did nothing as he watched Alex step to the dismantled man and pull the trigger, redemption denied. Rae's fears, gone. The man who tormented her, gone.

Another series of events, the group that supported the man they dismissed ordered a hit on him. Unfortunately, it was at the sac shortly after Alex announced he and his wife were expecting a bambino. Sebastian was shot as Alex ran many times getting the children inside.

He was too close to the famiglia. His security relaxed. It was time for him to return to Italy. To fulfill the plans his cunigos wanted. Take down his father's legacy and rebuild for a more prominent and prosperous Italy. He left his family behind. All those he loved so fiercely. The men and their women. His younger cunigo, Darrin and his 'army' of cousins that protected their grandmother from younger lads. All except Nonna. The older woman was followed by armed guard 24/7. No contact to the outside world or family.

What he wouldn't give... to return to six months ago...

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