Love is green

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About a boy and his father

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The purest love is truly our children

Tonight you want to fly away, into the cold night, you tell yourself it's not alright, but you just dont want to fight, a long battle with yourself and you lost more than just your light, what's more worthless than giving up on reaching new heights you ask? Forgetting the reason you were fighting from falling out of sky , and realizing it was just to try, now you fall slowly you start to cry, as if you realized but just a moment to late, I really do love you, and had to make you wait, I guess I should've noticed sooner that you were about to break, as I forgot to tell you about today's date,he left our world late today,except I remember when it happened five years ago,wierd how he left me alone forever, when I should have been the one whos not together, a car accident almost took me away, then someone decided it was your time instead, I know you loved me before this happened, or why would I have even bothered? This isn't my story,but a great one I heard, about a man who was old,who had secrets that still weren't told,they would've been but they just were as most say too cold, the secrets of a war no one deserves, he once was the definition of proud father, now he gone left two sons and a daughter, not by suicide the wasn't his, when the middle son drove off a cliff, the woman of his father's dreams sent his father to take the sons place, and now they they are finally together in a quiet place, as the son was rushed in the ambulance to be able to stay in his father's place, he feels alone and always some kind of cold, especially when he thinks of this golden day, coincidentally twas the day that woman was born, she decided to take the man home, she was very clever and had decided it's best to switch they're rolls in life and death, this car accident always in the sons brain, still left wondering how he would heal, this woman knew he feels she made a mistake but she only knows what truly happend to his fate, a father taught his children to be true no matter what your going through, advice well given but only one did take, the same son now sits alone in sorrow as he thinks of the father and mother figure who gave and saved his life, just for the state to take the only thing he has in life, as the son wipes his face to clean this slate, his head is buzzing and a few words for freely but only for a split second, a voice he could never forget said the famous words this family has on it's skin, "see you in a minute" so mute it was barely heard,but it was just like he always was told, family's forever, just like goodbye, you don't say goodbye until after you die, the son knew his exactly what he had to do, but he just couldn't get up and do it alone, so here came the son and a very young grandson, to say goodbye in their own way, but Incase you forgot they don't love that way, the woman's spirit was always felt by the son after he finally came to decision she was the one, so now fter five years and still counting, see you in a minute keeps on grinding down deep in the sea, because just like the proud man and motherly figure the son deserved, the young grandson had the father he was destined and the son grew older with hopes and dreams of finally seeing all his children succeed. The man passed away many years after her date, she always is there to remind him of love while the father told him a minute, and this time the minute never comes.
True story, I hope you enjoy this and don't regret who you love
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