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Where All Dreams Go

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A 2nd year high school student named, Justin Delmonte, grew to dislike his mundane life - he seeks adventure. He meets Halley, a rather peculiar and determined boy, who longs to go where his father has gone. Could this be the adventure that Justin Delmonte is searching for? A high school drama story that focuses on four friends on their journey that is thought to be impossible for high schoolers to do.

Adventure / Humor
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The Realization, the Truth and the Lie (1/2)

Chapter 1: The Realization, the Truth and the Lie (1/2)


I slowly opened my eyes and closed them again at the same speed.

Two legs on top of a dining table, body forming a perfect “V”, and arms hanging on the side. Obviously, I wasn’t really known for my posture and for my elegance. Herman Roodenburg would beat me up if he ever sees me like this.

That’s right. I’m in the kitchen. I closed my eyes again.

At the background, a song titled “Wax and Wire” by Loch Lochmond was playing silently next door. Ever since a new neighbor moved in last week, that song was always on repeat. I swear I’ve already memorized it by now.

A sound of a screaming kettle.

As steam escaped from the mouth of the kettle, it made the top lid dance violently.

Heh. I wonder what the Science is behind that screaming. It’s almost as if it’s alive.

Then I realized.

“Oh no! The eggs!”

I hurriedly scurried to the stove.

Heh. I deserve this.

The eggs already broke from the heat - its foams forming around the water content inside.

I’m still half asleep because of last night’s binge watch so I couldn’t really blame myself for this. Wait, on second thought, I WAS the only one to blame for this. Well, whatever.

I cautiously scooped out the not-so-perfect boiled eggs and prepared it along a plate. I added a few fruits here and there, and even tried doing one of those circus things while getting them out from the fridge.

He-he. I’m pretty good at this. Maybe I should run a circus. Now there’s an idea!

With that in mind, I slowly cut them to shape and added them to my breakfast. With all these happening, I’m still half asleep.

I placed my breakfast on the dining table and sat down.

Sounds of calm footsteps followed. It came from upstairs.

“Hey, Diko. What’s for breakfast?”

It was no other than my big brother. Arthur Delmonte.

He’s tall - as tall as my father, I think? or perhaps even taller. He’s very organized and very calm. Supposed, I think he really is the perfect personification of an “Older Brother”. He’s very understanding. He’s very stupid. He’s very smart. He passes his chores on me. He drives me to school. He’s dependable. And he brags about his girlfriend! It’s so annoying! How many times do I have to tell him that I’m single because I want to be?!

I know it’s kinda late for self-introductions but hey. My name is Justin Delmonte. People I know calls me “Diko” for some reason. Heck, I don’t know the reason. I’d like to believe it’s just a nickname that stuck. I’m not tall but I’m also not short. That’s all you need to know about me.

“I don’t know. A ‘deformed’ egg? and some fruits? I guess?”

He fixed his glasses and gave me a smile.


He came closer and looked at the contents of my breakfast. He then took one “deformed” egg and ate it.

“Hey, hey! That was mine!”

“He-He, do you really have time complaining? Don’t you have school? You’re already a 2nd year, right?” He ignored my annoyance and focused on fixing his office bag, with his eyes locked on them.

“Anyways, I need to go now. The office is a bit busy at the moment. Thanks for the breakfast though.”

He went straight and out the door without missing a single beat.

Jeez, that guy does everything he wants.

I grudgingly sliced the “deformed” egg that had lost its significant other and was about to put it in my mouth.

Not a second later, his head popped up at the door.

“Aren’t you wasting your youth or anything? You only have two years before Seniors, you know.” Then he left without a trace.


I dropped my “deformed” egg back on my plate and realized the truth.

I really am wasting my youth, aren’t I??!

And with that, at that time, I didn’t realize the adventure that was waiting for me!


“I can’t believe it! I’m running out of time! What am I gonna do?”

At this moment, I was already at school talking to my friend. His name is Rick.

“That’s what I’ve been telling you. You only played games and watched anime back on middle school. That’s all you did. Well, aside from a couple of things.”

“Hey, a time I enjoyed wasting isn’t wasted time!”

“Quit quoting John Lennon! You’re contradicting yourself. Anyways, what are you gonna do now? Don’t say anything stupid like cuttin-”

“I want to try cutting classes.” I said as I bottom-bumped my right fist with my left palm.

Now, Rick was looking at me like I was a lost cause while letting out a sigh of disappointment.

“You really are an idiot, aren’t you?”


Trying to ignore my supposed idiocy, which I’m sure I don’t have, Rick fixed himself by smoothing out the creases from his uniform, did a little cough to restart and started talking again.

“Anyways, back on the topic. What exactly do you want to do?”

As those words left his mouth, I was now left to wonder.

I sank deep into thought as I pressed my index finger on my lips.

What exactly do I want to do? I don’t really know myself that much, right?

I kept thinking but nothing was ever coming to mind. In this case, why don’t I just base my wants to some great people. But first, who do I think are great people? Hmmm...

“Hey, Diko class is st-”

First, there’s my dad. What does he do? Well, he’s a writer that writes about his travels. I’ve always loved reading his books. He’s not always at home but his books give me comfort for some reason. It’s as if I was really there with him and him being here. Does that make sense?

Who else?

“Good Morning, clas-”

Well, there’s Marco Polo too. A travelling merchant and an explorer. He also helped wrote a famous book about their travels in the oriental.

Who else?

“Can anyone give me an exampl-”

That’s right. Christopher Columbus. Well, he was a bit of an idiot. But he was still happy. I want to be happy. What did he do again? Oh yeah, I think he travelled across the world and mistook America for India.

“Hmmm, What about you Justin? You look like you’re thinking har-”

So, what do these people have in common? Come on! Think! Think! Think!

Before I knew it, I had instinctively stood up and yelled.

“I want to go somewhere!”

What met me was a flying chalk. It struck me so hard that it made a sound and left a white mark on my forehead.


I slowly stroke my forehead to try and ease the pain.

A burst of laughter from the background.

Rick facepalming.

My face red.

Ahh, I’m so done with this!!!!

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