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The Lockets

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Two girls, Katherine and Diana, find themselves with these lost elemental powers—but—when they go to turn on the gene, Diana finds out a startling truth. With that, Diana rebels against everything she’s ever learned, with Katherine trying to bring her back to the right side.

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On a summer day, two girls were enjoying the beach. The were just laying on the sand when Katherine got an idea.

“Hey, Diana, I just got the most amazing idea!” Katherine exclaimed.

“Well, Katherine, what is it?” Diana asked her.

“We. Could. Go. In. The. Shops. At. Jeanvile!!” Katherine said enthusiastically and excitedly.

“No,” Diana said flatly, “do you even know how expensive that stuff is?”

“Yes..but—” Katherine started.

Diana interrupted, “No buts! The answer is no, and that is final.”

“Fine. I’ll go all alone,” Katherine replied, trying her hardest to hide a grin.

Katherine knew very well that Diana could not resist not wanting to go with her when she said that line. Diana looked very pensive. She was debating, in her head, whether she should not—or should—go with Katherine, her best friend, to the very expensive shops at Jeanville.

“Well, if you won’t persuade me to buy anything that will break the bank, then fine! Yes, I’ll go with you—but—don’t make me regret it,” Diana said, warningly.

“Yes, I can follow your terms—if—you loosen up!” Katherine said, after a beat.

“Excellent!” Diana exclaimed. “Now, where are we going to start?”

That is entirely up to you!” Katherine giggled.

Just as they approached the sign that welcomed them to Jeanville, Diana said, “Okay then. Let’s start at...hmm...let me see a map of the shops here. I’d like to know where we are in comparison to where the best shops are because I do not want to walk everywhere in these wedges, as I’m sure you feel the same.”

Katherine walked over to a digital map and called for Diana to come over there.

“Ooh! Let’s start with Dior!” Diana exclaimed.

“Okay! This should be fuuunn!” Katherine exclaimed, with a sing-songy voice.

They walked over the Dior, and as they came in, they smelled all the fragrances before deciding which perfume was their favorite. Katherine chose the Hypnotic Poison, and Diana picked J’adore. Shortly after, they walked over to the cash register.

“Hello, how may I help you?” an elderly woman at the cash register asked.

“Hi,” Diana replied, “we’d like to purchase the Hypnotic Poison and the J’adore.”

“Okay,” the old woman said as she put the perfumes in the bags. “You know what? I’ll pay for these. You two sweet girls don’t need to worry about spending such big money. Now run along and enjoy your new fragrances. They’re sure to have the boys want to be around you.”

“Oh, okay. Thank you so, so much, but why are you giving these to us for free?” Katherine asked, but as she caught a glare of Diana she added, “But I really appreciate it all. Once again, thank you so, so much.”

“I’m feeling like doing something like this today,” the old woman replied. “You know when you feel like giving a bunch of kindness to everyone you’ll see? For me, that’s one of those days.”

“Yeah! Um, sure!” Katherine lied.

Once they got out of the store, Diana whispered into Katherine’s ear, “Ok, well, I’m definitely not complaining.

“Yeah, me neither,” Katherine whispered back.

After they walked a ways, Katherine reached into the bag and found a pair of almost identical lockets. They were round with intricate designs on them. One of them had a stone att he top of what looked like a ruby wrapped around an aquamarine, and the other had a white sapphire at the top.

“Wow! What is this?” Katherine exclaimed.

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