The Eight Shadows In The Abyss

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Believe me, it’s actually great dying. You get to smell rosemary a twenty four-seven. Also, there’d be someone stroking your hair most of the time, while you relax.

I could even tell you more about it. You sleep in a cozy bed and-

“Rigel?” A nervous voice says.

A voice says.

Can somebody speak while you’re dead? Probably not.

Which means I’m alive.

I open my eyes and scan the room. Only that- it isn’t a room. It’s a place with seats and loud noise as the rain falls. I Can listen the soothing rain drop in the vicinity.

“Rigel” I look towards the voice. It comes from a girl, who seems to be almost twenty, asleep. She sits on the front seat. I’m in a sleeping bag at the back, but she’s sleeping without one.

I try to recall what had happened. But I cannot remember any more after the man had hit me in my skull.

I trace my hair and there’s a bandage on the half of my head. Also, where had the man stab me? Probably in the back, because it aches.

I unzip the sleeping bag and sit up stariaght.

This girl right next to me looks really nice in her sleep. Her auburn hair tied carelessly, and a few cuts on her palm. There’s no other wound I can see.

She probably knows me since she says my name in her sleep.

I have no wish to wake her up. I take a glance around. There’s a sword, and my dagger on the vacant seat. A few clothes and food. Food!

My stomach longs for that sandwich that lies. Something that really is food for me in these rough days.

I try moving just to grab it but my spine denies. I try my best to stop my wail but it escapes my mouth anyway.

The girl wakes up, and sits up straight, eyes wide in alert. Magically there’s a knife in her hand. Had she been sleeping with it? I guess so.

It’s difficult to look in those shining blue eyes of her in my fatigue but I try my best concentrating.

“I uh-“

“Was there someone around?” She says, her eyes scanning the place.

“Um, there wasn’t anybody, it was just me. I’m sorry.” I say.

She opens the door, closes it and opens it again and comes right next to me at the back.

“Who are you?” I ask her.

As if in answer, she hugs me. She’s probably crying because I can feel her tears on my shoulders. I don’t hesitate and accept her affection.

It lasts a minute or two, until she finally gets over followed by a kiss on my forehead.

“Half a decade’s wait, Rigel. Where were you?” she says, wiping her eyes.

I’m utterly confused by her words. Is she my first sibling? She probably is. She seems to know me. Also, I feel so nice to be with someone, even though I don’t seem to know her. I like her even more since she’s having a sandwich.

“Who are you?” I repeat, demanding an answer.

She sighs. “So, you don’t remember me, do you?”

I nod in disapproval.

“I’m Saiph. Does that bring back any memories?”

Saiph? Was there a Saiph ever in my life?

“Nope.” I reply.

She sighs deeper.

“I’m your sister,Rigel.”

I actually believe her because she’s why I’m thinking right now. Otherwise my body would be rotting.

“Well, thanks for saving me.”

“Saiph” I add.

She smiles.

“Where are we? In that building? Are we captured?” I ask her.

“Oh, you mean Aeston? We’re way too far from there. Both by distance and time.”

“How long have I been out?”

“Probably four days.” She says.

A thousand other questions flutter in my mind but she’s already begun on where we are.

“They were the only two of them. So easy to defeat. And, I don’t know how we met, you were just-”

“Your screams-“ I try to interrupt.

“My screams? That’s what made you come there?”

I Nod, as she gives me the sandwich and haves one herself.

“I thought you didn’t remember me.”

“I do. From my nightmares and my distorted memory.”

She nods grimly, as If knowing what I mean.

“Okay, they’d just tied my arms and feet and made me completely useless. I screamed just that somebody would grab their attention and I could just happen to turn my ring.”

“How would that help you?”

“It changes into a little knife when I turn it. It’s quite handy. Mum gave it to me.”

Mum? Somehow, I’m feeling alien to this conversation.

“Yeah, I know you’ve never got to experience life with her.” She says as if reading my mind.

“After that one of his men informed there’s this girl acting like a spy and I knew I’d got my chance. Just the turn of my ring and two,or maybe three throats slit. But after he brought you in, some sad memories hit me and I realised it were you. My younger sister. For whom I’d been trying to find past five years.”

“You’ve been finding me?” I ask her.

“Why not, munchkin. Believe me, it’s difficult forgetting your giggle. You’ve grown so much in these years.” She says dreamily.

I stare at her, not knowing what to say.

“Oh my goodness, that plight to see you covered in blood after knowing it was you. And I lost it after he stabbed you. One attacked in the back and the other in his chest.” She says like it was no big deal.

She probably killed two people.

“Next all was simple, I packed you in my car. Thankfully there was everything about concussions in the first-aid kit. All those bandages, they’re from there. I know I could cure you, I’d done this before.”

“I drove a lot on the land and now we’re near a forest with not a single human being other than us around.”

“Thank you.” I say her again.

“That’s not the end of our talk. Now you tell your story.”

“Um- It’s....” I find myself at loss of words.

“Difficult to concentrate.” I finish.

She seems to understand me. She puts a hand on my head and starts removing the bandages.

“You’re not bleeding anymore. Plus I hate seeing you in that bandage.”

She leaves a small one on there and takes off all other.

“Is your back any better?”

“Probably” I say.

It isn’t so good and not so bad either.

Next, before I even know it, I fall asleep.

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