The Eight Shadows In The Abyss

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I scream. Something I’ve excelled in the recent days.

The dagger! I didn’t carry it with me.

Wait, who attacked me?

I look around and recognize a stunning young girl in an apparel that’s close to an armour with auburn hair flying in waves, her eagle eyes scanning the environment with her bow moving with them, her fingers inching to leave that string.

“Saiph!” I move towards her, and embrace her in a hug.

What had I been thinking? Someone would attack this tough girl right here?

She accepts my hug but doesn’t leave her bow and holds it close near my shoulder,which makes it uncomfortable.

“Where are your senses?” She demands.

I look at her,confused.

“Didn’t you see a poisonous snake slithering towards you?”

“Snake?” I look around seeing what Saiph’s arrow had aimed.

A rather dull-coloured snake excellently camouflaged with the ground, an arrow piercing it right at the eye, green fluid oozing from it.


Saiph’s sigh interrupts me.

“It was my fault, leaving you alone.”

“You’re a great archer.” I notice.

She smiles.

“It was Bellatrix.”


“She taught it to me.” She says, adding to my confusion.

“You went to a school where someone named Bellatrix taught you archery?”

“No, empty-headed.” She mocks, gently tapping the side of my head.

“Then what?”

“She’s our sister. I hope she’s alive.” Saiph says.

Bellatrix. I note;she’s our sister.

Saiph starts heading back to the car, beckoning me to follow.

And I do. Since, I don’t know how the car’s door opens, Saiph opens it for me. She has a good laugh over it while I snort.

To be honest, I feel nice to be with her. She’s humorous unlike my own personality.

“Remain inside.”


She doesn’t answer. That’s when I see her carrying the snake with the tip of her arrow.

She carefully takes it near the tall grasses and throws it as far as possible.

“What was that for?” I sat from inside the car.

“Just in case it wasn’t dead.” She says, washing her hands with water from a water bottle inside the car.

I look towards my primrose. It has beautifully bordered white petals and a pink body.So pleasant.

Saiph seems to be setting a fire outside, bow still hanging on her shoulders.

“Look. I hunted game.” She says, showing me a dead bird from the outside.

“Ew” I mutter.

“That’s what all we have.”

“Bet it’s tastier than whatever you’ve had in your life.” She adds.

“You’ve had it before?”

“Of course.” She says.

Soon enough, there’s smoke in the air and the aroma fills my nose.

“Can I come outside?” I ask her.

“No, you can’t” she says sternly. “I’m going to have all of it.”

It takes me a couple of seconds to realise she’s joking about it.

I pull the car lever, that opens the door. I’m very cautious of not leaning on it, this time.

Saiph brings some clean leaves for us to sit on. Each on the opposite side of the bonfire.

“You better be careful from the wild animals here, munchkin.”

“Don’t call me that.” I complain.

“Uh-huh?” She reaches out to tickle my check to which I can’t help but giggle.

She gives me a part of the game and takes a little for herself and saves a lot for later. Sure enough, it’s quite delicious.

“So, what were you doing there, anyway?” she says through her stuffed mouth.

“It was just this flower-“

She frowns.

“What flower? It could be poisonous!” She almost chokes while speaking.

“Don’t worry.” I assure her.

She quickly gulps the meat and gets up, tensed.

“You don’t know it,Rigel. Poisonous plants bring way more trouble than you could imagine. Where is it?”

I gesture towards the car.

She rushes towards it and opens the door hastily. Her back is turned towards me so I can’t see what she’s doing.

“So, is it poisonous?”

She doesn’t respond.

I take one last bite of the meat and move towards her. She is not having any expression on her face, as if she’s paralysed. The flower is in her hands and she’s rubbing the petals gently.

“Saiph?” I snap my fingers to get her attention.

I expect her to get out of her paralysis but she falls in my arms.

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