The Eight Shadows In The Abyss

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The room is filled with the smell of food, even though it’s tightly packed, its aromas are making my stomach growl of hunger. Two men are just filling our bags hastily with food, as much as the bags can carry. My bag is not so heavy, so I can still adjust more stuff into it.

Soon, I’m the first one on the queue, and they fill lots of packets into my backpack.I move towards the direction where the others had gone earlier. As I go in, I see a lot of buttons on one side. I guess it’s some machine which I need to operate, only problem is that I do not know how to. The next girl enters along with me and is utterly confused as I am. She calls one of the men outside and he just clicks on a button that says “One”. The machine responds with a beep and the doors to the room I’d just been in,closes. And the next couple of seconds, I feel as if all my breakfast has come to my mouth and I just need to open my mouth to get it out. This machine is terribly dangerous, and I make a mental note not to ever ride it to where I’m going. The doors open, and I see the foulest place behind it. Charred objects everywhere, nothing else in sight. The weather very gloomy and dark. I know this because this is what Mr Wilson teaches us- how to know the weather outside, a few tips and everything else is mythological. Maybe it does exists. The color symbolization, the augury, the prophecies. But I really don’t know if they do exist. Yet

I step out of the machine and so do the girl who had come with me. She glances at me and whispers, “Stay safe!” and runs towards the east, disappearing. I’m still standing at the same place until I have a thought of seeing our orphanage building and I turn around abruptly.

It’s nothing, charred objects again. The machine must’ve gone underground, and that is where the building must be-underground.

I do not know what to do, so I’m still standing there, like an idiot until water starts dripping over me. Before I could even decide to move, it has started to pour on me even more heavily. I use my bag to protect myself from the cold water that falls on me, making my clothes wet. I am not able to decide what it is, until I brainstorm and know the exact word- it’s rain. If I’d not find a shelter, I’d freeze to death without even knowing about my siblings.

“Maybe I could just die here, it’ll be slow, but atleast I’ll die”

A voice says in my head and I prefer considering it until I remember Meissa’s puffed eyes, promising her to stay alive…for the next seven years. It makes me move on.

I’m not able to find any place that would protect me from the rain, my bag is now soaking wet so I decide against using it now. Instead of the bag, now my clothes have soaked wet and the emerald green shirt I’m wearing has turned dark green because of the water. I open the zip of my bag and toss over things and try finding something that would help. I find nothing. Except this long stick that’s curved at the end and has a red button attached to it.I don’t even remember what it is that I know how to operate it. Yet I remember it had something to do with rain so I press it hastily, hoping it would do something, My eyes are filled with the rain water and seeing things is turning difficult. The cold water has turned my body ice-cold and pressing the red button does not do anything. I throw the stick in frustration and unexpectedly it opens as a circular cover.It’s perfect to protect myself from the rain. I sling my bag, now heavy from soaking water, on my shoulders and hold the stick- an umbrella! over my head. I’m running to find a building since my hand is tired of holding the umbrella. Sure enough, I find a lone building with fancy lights forming five words but my eyes are too watery to read it. I sit on the stairs of the building,which are covered by a roof as well. A cold air wave surges and doesn’t stop adding to the cold I’m feeling.

I hear some chattering but I’m too tired to think of what it is.

I rub my eyes to see clearly again. I pick up the umbrella and I am beginning to figure out how to make it a stick again, I realise I’m shivering. My teeth are chattering and my thoughts are turning foggy. I lose hold of the umbrella and it falls down the stairs. I can see the white fog leaving my mouth that must be my breath. It’s very low, and isn’t low breath good? Or is it not? My brain refuses to answer. I am not able to understand of what to do. Soon enough, I’m not able to sit properly and fall off the stairs head-first just beside my umbrella, exposed to the rain yet again. The world starts to spin at an alarming rate as I lose consciousness

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