The Eight Shadows In The Abyss

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It has to be cheese,I think. I haven’t opened my eyes yet but I’m sure I smell it. We eat bread with that buttery,milky thing on special occasions. What occasion is it today? I try to think of what had happened. What all I can remember is Meissa. I hear a knock and open my eyes abruptly, thinking I’ve been late for breakfast today only to know I’m not in my dormitory. Everything dawns on me altogether that I start to feel its weight.

Where am I? Has some person captured me after I’d lost consciousness? How am I even alive?

I’m sleeping on a bed with the blankets drawn upon me. I’m no more wet, I’m wearing a plain white shirt and similar pants. It’s a very small room, just my bed and a table at the side.The room is very warm and I feel cozy as I lie here. I hear a knock again and this time the door at the far end opens.

“Oh,you’re awake!” A plump woman enters the room. She’s wearing a really weird dress with a a long,white hat on her head.

I begin to get up and think of attacking this woman with something but I’m too tired for self-defence.

“Oh dear, don’t get up!” The woman says and puts the blankets back on me as I protest.

“Who are you?” I ask, irritated

“Well,that’s a question I shall be asking you” She says almost accusingly.

“Uh-” I am unsure of what to say. I can’t tell her the truth,can I? No, what if the orphanage is hidden because these people are too destructive. I can’t keep hundreds of people home in danger.

“I am Rigel.” I say.

“Well, Rigel I found you unconscious outside my store. After the cold winds, I guessed you had Hypothermia so-“

“I had what?” I interrupt. I couldn’t really control myself.

“Don’t you know what is it?” She says.


“Well it’s a condition when you’re in cold. Anyways, how’re you feeling now?”

A stranger took me to her place to save me. A stranger asks how do I feel.

“Uh.. I’m fine” I lie. Fatigue is taking over me and the woman must have seen that. She puts her fingers over my eyes and close them and I sleep soundly.

I’ve been sleeping for hours. I can tell this because my stiff muscles indicate so. I quickly wake up, realising I’m very thirsty but do not dare pick up the glass of the water that’s lying on the table.

The woman is already there in the room and I ask her, “Why did you save me?”

She looks towards me, surprised I’m awake. then she goes back doing something. I realize she’s knitting. Meissa loves to do that. The thought of Meissa makes me want to cry but I decide against it.

“Because there’s not a single human being I’ve seen for over a week now. Think if you were me, would you leave a dying person at the front of your shop?” “I don’t know you, but I would and did so.”

This makes me want to question what they teach us back home. This woman here is so kind, she saved me from dying really contrast to what they difine here as.

“Why haven’t you seen anyone?”

She sighs. “There was a fire, an unnatural one. It took away things it wanted to and the ones it didn’t, stayed.”

“Like you and your shop are now.” I blurt out.

“Yes” She says and stops knitting.

Before I can ask why did she stop, her eyes turn dreamy and she says, “Ah, Aeston was so peaceful, so charming in those old days. Blooming flowers and tweeting birds everywere. And now, what they’ve made out of it.”

“Who are they?” I ask.

“A group of people who started too small and now they’re dominating over the world. The fire was just a small weapon of theirs, I wonder what’s more to come. I had a friend. They bribed her out to join them and she’s dead now. Killed her own parents, her body probably rotting somewhere.”

I get the chills after listening her. We live such nice lives back home, nothing to really worry about except of course leaving.

“The night I saw you there, I was afraid you were dead. You’re so young, I cried thinking so, but as soon as I checked you were still breathing, I couldn’t help myself panicking- of how to save you now. I had some wood, so I tried making this room hot so that the Hypothermia would reverse.”

I notice a small pot on the floor with young flames erupting from it.

“Thank-you” I say.

I notice a drop of tear falling from her eyes and she quickly wipes it away.

She leaves the room and returns with a plate containing something.

“Here, have it”

It’s a pie, but having tomatoes and onion topped onto it. It’s having a red liquid I’m unsure of what. when bring it closer to my nose, I can smell cheese and I take a bite.

It’s the best thing I’ve tasted in my thirteen years of life. It’s crisp and chewy and is a combination of all the things it has on it.

“It’s so delicious!” I saw, my mouth stuffed with it.

The woman smiles. “It’s called Pizza, I guess you’ve never had it before?”

What a weird name for such an awesome thing, but I nod.

I hear a a cat meowing in the other room.

“Cally!” The woman calls out. A sif the cat could understand her, it comes meowing in the room and settles herself in the woman’s arms.

“If it weren’t for Cally, I would’ve been dead by now.” She tells me.

The cat has pure white fur, and bold copper eyes. It stares at me until I avert my eyes from it.

“Isn’t she cute?” The woman asks as she cuddles her.

“Yeah,she is” I say.

In a matter of seconds, before I’ve even completed gobbling on my pizza, the room is full of green fumes.

“Cally?” The woman screams.

“Cally!” She screams again. The fumes aren’t doing anything, I’m able to breathe properly and everything but I am still on my toes, out of the bed.

The woman is still shrieking the cat’s name until she says mine. “Rigel, are you there?”

I respond back with a loud yes.

“What is happening?” She asks me, terror in her voice.

“I don’t know!” I say as I walk around blindly.

I’m still walking straight until I bump into a wall.

“Cally? Rigel?” The woman shrieks.

But I do not respond. I can hear a distinct tune of something, but I do not know of what.

“Rigel! Are you okay?”

I do not respond. I’m focusing on this strange sound. The fumes are still turning darker and the sound hasn’t subsided.

“Rigel Blaine” A voice, that is echoing about thrice a time speaks loud enough.

“Rigel!” The woman’s screams follow and I hear something fall, unmistakebly the plump woman.

“No! Don’t hurt her!” I say. I know what is it. The little Mr Wilson has taught us about prophecies is they occur only in a quite environment.

“Rigel Blaine” The voice echoes again.

“Are you okay?” I ask the woman loudly, since I do not know her name.

“Yes!” She says, which assures me that she had just tripped. I get hold of the woman’s knitting pin and get ready to attack with it.

“On the arduous must she go,

following the path of the hunter,

for the six lost face the foe

She, the brightest must undergo

The fiercest of pain to set them free

else would have millions to owe”

The echo stops, and so do the fumes. But I can smell something distant that’s coming near, very near. I can see the woman, eyes wide in shock, staring towards me.

I can’t recognize what the smell is, until I actually recall it’s smoke and turn towards the pot of fire before the woman’s house is engulfed into flames.

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