The Eight Shadows In The Abyss

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It’s obvious. Mallory is mysteriously not around, and I have somehow adapted to these unexpected changes. Where could she have gone? It’s no use. What all I can do is rest here for the night and continue my journey as dawn breaks in.

I at least have the dagger, just in case somebody would attack me.

I drink handfuls of water as dinner and sit beside the banks of the river and gape into the dark sky.

I’m here once again, I feel it’s my new home now. A part of my mind still hoped Mallory would return but it has given up now.

“You see those ones forming a ‘w’. It’s called The Cassiopeia.”

Her words hum in my mind as I gaze on the constellation that is supposedly The Cassiopeia.

She told me the names of only two of these constellations and one of them is bound to my life. The hunter, the Orion.

There it is, all the stars faintly shining, as if they are forced to. I’m so sure that whatever I think is right at this point now, and it has to be true.

I’m tired of looking at the stars now, that I decide to get back to the little forest. There lies my leaf-bed, not wet anymore but tidily sitting on the ground.

I sleep on it and stare at the trees above me, and have an uncomfortable feeling somebody is watching me.

I’m almost closing my eyes until I hear the rustling of the leaves. It could be natural wind blowing, but something tells me it isn’t.

I tiptoe really quiet, dagger in hand, to the source of the sound. I prepare to uncover the bushes and instantly regret it. A blinding flash implants in my eyes and I’m blind for a couple of seconds. I want to scream out of the pain, but I’ve been quite adapted to this environment that I do not.

I can hear voices, I surely can.

“There were two, I saw them, I really did!” I hear a person insist.

“Well, your eyes aren’t working anymore.” I hear a tough voice, probably a woman’s.

“Now, Let’s shoot those eyes off, shouldn’t we?”
“But, miss, I-“

I hear a loud bang and the pleading person’s cry. His cry dying down tells me he’s dead. It also tells my voice box to produce the shrillest scream ever.

It must have also told my legs to run really fast, than I ever had, to save myself, to secure Meissa’s promise. And I do.

The ground is shaking horribly and I almost imagine those trees falling down on me. I don’t go far and I realise there’s no where I could actually hide. That woman would shoot me off anyway.

I stop, my breath unsteady, and my knees crumbling to my weight. I see a really large object rise into the sky, A thousand times bigger than the stars I see. It reverses and soon is the size of the stars again. A hovercraft.

I don’t know how I know it, but I’m pretty sure it’s that. It’s familiar. Very.

I try to think of it but surrender anyways, it’s probably there in my mind from my nightmares and my life before the orphanage.

Did the woman not hear me scream? No, she was so near to me, she couldn’t have listened me only if she were deaf. My insides scold my brain but at least the river is beside me. I feel I must start my journey, right now, at this spot.

‘There were two, I saw them, I really did’

Was he talking about me and Mallory? Of course he was.

And of course, Mallory has been captured.

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