The Eight Shadows In The Abyss

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I hate the way I’m taking my decisions too quick. I also hate knowing the truth. Overall, I hate my life.

But the main information is that these people know we’re, or well, I’m here. They probably captured Mallory and not me. I just hope Mallory has just been captured, not anything worse than that.

But why would they want to capture her? She’s just been minding her own business, hadn’t she been?

“A group of people who started too small and now they’re dominating over the world. The fire was just a small weapon of theirs, I wonder what’s more to come. I had a friend. They bribed her out to join them and she’s dead now. Killed her own parents, her body probably rotting somewhere”

The woman’s words return to my head. Very fresh, very new. As if she spoke them seconds before. Her loss once again strikes a pain in my chest until I stop thinking about her.

The group she’d have told must be the one who captured Mallory. Yes, it could be them. By the fires they’d implanted and kill everything describes them and what exactly they’d do to Mallory. Capture or kill any human’s that around.

Another realisation dawns upon me.It’s because of me,Mallory is in their hands. Again, I lead her to trouble. If not for me, she’d have succeeded in whatever mission she was on to find her parents.

It’s not the time to cry,I remind myself. I sit near a tree and dig into my pockets, because I feel something’s there inside.

Something’s really there. A circle carved out of wood and an hourglass on it.

Mallory’s been making that for me!

I look at the dagger that sits peacefully beside me in the moonlight. It sure has blood dried on it, but it’s also having the smell of wood I’d been ignoring. I move around, longing to confirm my worse fears. And sure enough, they’ve been confirmed. That smell comes from the trees nearby where the man had been shot.

She got captured making that for me, knowing Orion had something to do with me!

She would’ve put that wood carving in my pocket and that dagger of hers, maybe she would’ve been running, since it was exactly the opposite direction to my bed. She’d actually been trying to help me.

Keeping my earlier advice in mind, I fight against my tears.

There’s something I need to carry water and food with me, because I really need them. I almost decide to make a container from the leaves until I slip off something.

After my short cry is over, I sit up, Seeing on what i tripped over. To my surprise, it’s a small log of wood, and there are a few around as well. They are perfect for carrying water but the only problem is that they’re open from both opposite sides. What can I do?

I could actually cover them with rocks beside. I collect the logs and rocks likewise and bring them near the river. I block one side of the log and fill it with the water and cover it again with aother stone, that’ll help the water stay inside. I try shaking my new water-bottle. Thankfully, the water remains inside.

I also need something to carry them all. The leaves could be handy, maybe.

I return back to my bed, the leaves are still together. I chew the same kind of leaves and put the sticky outcome back on the bed so that it’ll remain in one place, at least for some time.

I stuff my new leaf bag with two or three water-bottles and roll it in a ball. That’ll do it.

I look at my bag in pride. Now,I also need something to eat. The berries are of course not around.

I feel I’d have to live on the water until I recall the fish in the stream. Yes, that could help.

“Hello, little friends.” I whisper as I catch a handful of them in my hand. They look like I could eat them, if I cannot, I’d just die. That would bring an end to everyone’s suffering at the least.

I stuff them next to the water bottles in my ball of a bag as they grasp for water.

A few twigs for lighting a fire, and I’m done.

I put the ball on my shoulders and walk where I had walked earlier, to my west.

“I’m coming.” I smile as I whisper to my siblings.

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