The Eight Shadows In The Abyss

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The dawn has broken already and I hear the cries of broodling. There must be a community- either of animals or humans- around. This makes me walk even faster. I’ve been walking all night, with a few drinks of the water.

Soon enough, I walk into a throng of trees and a few buildings.

A few buildings!

A few buildings means there would be humans. What remaining is to hope is that they won’t be the evil ones.

The buildings are all painted in gray the fewer in number they are.

Along with the cries of birds, I also hear cries of a person. Judging by their shrillness, they’re of a girl.

I stop in my tracks as I feel these cries are familiar.

Is it really happening? Am I going to find one of my siblings?

I find it’s not exciting at all since the voice is crying for help. She’s being hit-probably tortured.

I hide behind one of the trees, desiring to concentrate on the source of the cry. It’s coming from the east. In one of the smallest building here.

I tiptoe near the building, even though there’s no one around. What a quiet town is this, I think. Not a sign of a human being, just these cries and the buildings.

My thoughts turn false, as someone hits me with something really hard on my head.

I turn around, preparing to retrieve the dagger from my pockets.

But right after my hands reach it’s sheath, another blow strikes my temple and I recognize the attacker as a man, his face covered. Well, whoever he is, he’s been really successful in almost killing me.

I fall face first, next to his shoes. My green bag now open, the fish now still, just like I am.

Despite my blurry vision I spot a red-coloured liquid floating near me in small rivulets.I doubt it’s blood. My attacker’s shoes are no longer beside me, why would they even be here? He’s done with the killing, or done knocking me out to die.

I can’t speak but I silently apologize to my siblings. They can’t be saved by a teenage girl who can’t save herself. The brightest one?

Nah, I’m the dullest of all.

It looks exactly as I’d want my last words to be. My real personality.

Why am I not dead yet? I should be.

The blood is forming a pool now, and I feel my body lift. I try protesting to die alone but there’s nothing I can do. Not move a single muscle in my useless body. Just suffer the pain in my skull which seems to be penetrating in my whole body.

“It’s this girl, my lord. I knocked her off.”

The man, probably the attacker throws me on the hard ground. My eyes are closed, and I pretend to be dead. That’ll make them leave me alone. I don’t want to die in front of my attacker’s supposed ’Lord

“Rigel?” I hear the familiar voice speak.

I do not have the energy to open my eyes, but I try to. There’s no use, actually. I don’t see anything around me.

“Hello.” I try speaking but instead of my voice, blood bubbles out of my mouth.


Am I having any name tag that says ‘Rigel’? I probably do, since she’s calling me desperately.

I hear another cry from the same voice. I have an urge to protect her, because I know her,don’t I? I try moving and wildly and strike my dagger and feel it attacking anyone. It’s great though, attacking with my eyes closed.

I guess it’s more amusing to die than listen her. Also, the man near me probably guesses that too since he attacks me with a sharp thing right at the point where my spine supposedly is, to shun my annoying brain to sleep.

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