Fan Fucktions: Aftermath (The Asian Alliance Cut)

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Chapter 13: The Four Armies.

Tristan and Will stood at the brink of the forest, with an army of three hundred strong standing behind them. Tristan wasn’t in the mood to give some cliche speech, so he just said, “For Bram.” This comment seemed to garner much of the troops' respect as they stood prepared for war. Quickly, he entered the forest with Will, Drew, Bishop, little Drew, and Isaiah.

After the fight and death of Rover, the celebratory yells from the parking lot could be heard all the way from the fountain. They had won. The 5 battle-worn and bloodied men limped their way to the larger fraction of their army. Much to the horror, the grassy pavement ran red with blood as bodies stacked upon other bodies elevating the ground level.

Tristan didn’t recognize many of the bodies personally, but he did comfort the potheads as they mourned over a late Jacob Richards lying still with a spear in his gut.

After a quick headcount, about half their army remained. Tristan rounded up the army and announced they had to return to Rowlett immediately as the rest of Rover's forces had already attacked. He quickly realized that Tommy’s forces were rather clean and suffered very few losses.

“What happened to leading the charge, Tommy?” Tristan pressed angrily at the bulky man.

“We won, didn’t we? Let’s move on; we have to reach Rowlett.”, Tommy said rather calmly.

Now well below two hundred, the army marched through the woods back to Rowlett, but something seemed off. Tristan, Chino, and Ronnie all were very wary of how sketch Tommy’s forces were behaving. Tristan silently ordered Nick to prepare the potheads and Ronnie the hood rats for a fight.

Tristan led the way when a gunshot sounded off from the back of the line of men, Trang had fired a shot in the air, and Tommy’s forces turned their weapons on their own army, and bodies began to drop all around.

Will unsheathed his knife before Tristan could react and held him captive with the blade to his throat.

“Nigga what is this???” Tristan nervously stuttered.

“It’s justice nigga now shut up.”, Will snapped back.

Ronnie noticed this and pulled out his pistol and fired one of his few shots, hitting Will directly in the hand, causing him to drop his knife. The dark man then moved in to swing on Will, knocking him clean out.

After being helped up by Ronnie, Tristan peered at what was happening elsewhere in the battle. He watched as a large man with a ponytail engaged in a fight with Breck cutting off the pothead's arm and beating him unconscious, much to Katelyn’s dismay. Chris took an arrow in the leg and lay up next to a tree in horror.

Cardie was soon surrounded by four men and emitted a very fearful meap. When all seemed lost for him, Garrett cut through the nearest soldier giving Cardie a chance to escape. When he looked back, he saw that his friend was quickly dealt with and butchered. Soon the ex-rapper climbs a nearby tree and hides out, shaking in terror on its large branches.

Tommy and Trang watched in horror at the results of their actions. Tommy, however, knew he had to finish it, or it was all for nothing. He ran into the battlefield, slashing away at people who he’s spent the last decade with in hunt for Tristan.

Isaiah and Chino met face to face on the open field and gave each other a familiar glare. They both thought about attacking the other but decided that the fight would be too personal for their likings. The pair nodded to the other and continued on their bloody paths.

Tommy soon came face to face with Tristan. “I made a promise I’d kill you, and I intend to keep that, Tristan.”

“Cmon, we can do things differently, call of the attack! Nobody else has to die!” Tristan shouted.

“You’re right; nobody else has to die. Just you!” Tommy yelled as he connected his metallic spear with Tristan’s machete. The two engaged in a fierce fight fueled with emotion and hate until a deafening noise was heard from above the hill.

A sound of music and the synchronization of hundreds upon hundreds of horses and men marching filled the force as the mysterious source approached faster. The entire fight came to a standstill as they gazed up at an army blinded in the sunlight in the West. A familiar anthem was played, the Aggie War Hymn, as the masses marched down the hill.

“Are they with you?” Tristan asked.
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