Fan Fucktions: Aftermath (The Asian Alliance Cut)

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Chapter 15: The Feast.

A plump man was carried by several servants via litter and was set down in front of the crowd. “Ah, my old friends! Greetings, it is I, Lord Gaytoasty, and I have come to free you all from you’re primitive way of life.”, Jacob proudly exclaimed.

Outside of his personal army/hype men, the crowd remained awkwardly silent, much to his disappointment. The tension in the air was evident to Jacob, probably because half of them were butchering one another in the woods. “Tristan and Tommy here have successfully slain Rover once and for all. And thanks to your friend here, we were able to reinforce your town and save you a lot that stayed behind.”, Jacob said as a well-dressed familiar face stepped into view, which extracted a large number of gaps and muttering from the crowd.

Dylan Hill stepped away from the crowd and towards the curly-haired man, “You’re the one who killed Caleb.”

“I didn’t necessarily kill him no, look; I can ex-“Angel began before a fist connected with his face.

Dylan began to assault Angel as Luis jumped in to try and pull Dylan off. Jacobs knights quickly apprehended the pair.

“Take Dylan back to camp and lock him up. I’ll deal with him when I feel the need.”, Jacob demanded as Luis was shoved aside.

“They’re our citizens! You can’t just take them”, Tristan began to say, but his voice trailed off as he realized they were all surrounded and outnumbered and Jacob was clearly easily pissed off.

“We don’t accept this kind of foolery within my kingdom. And if you are to become part of my kingdom, there will be some changes; regardless, this is a time for celebration! The retards are dead! I will supply the food, and we will rejoice this momentous occasion with a feast!” Jacob exclaimed as a large portion of the crowd celebrated.

The crowd dispersed for the day and agreed to meet back at nightfall while House Gaytoasty prepared a feast. Tristan and Tommy each assembled their council at different locations to discuss their next plan of action.

Tommy peered at Trang, Eustace, Christian, Isaiah, and Aryan, all of whom were battered and beaten from the sequence of events that had unfolded earlier. “So... what do we do now?” Christian questioned.

“We have to be smart. We have no idea what Jacob is capable of. He may be an even larger threat than Tristan. The armies of King fat-ass has well more than twice the amount Tristan and us put together, so fighting them head-on probably won’t go well for us if it comes down to it.”, Aryan said.

“We have to meet with Tristan.”, Tommy declared.

The council murmured amongst themselves in anger. “He’s right.”, Trang agreed, “Jacob is the more pressing matter. We need to figure out what to do with him.”

A loud knock on the door startled Tristan’s group. They made their way to the door, and there stood Tommy and his council surrounded by Tristan’s own personal goons.

“Come to finish what you started?” Tristan asked, gripping the hilt of his sheathed machete.

“No, we want peace while we figure out this whole Lord Gaytoasty thing. They have the power to wipe all of us out if they wanted. If it comes down to it, we’ll need each other if we even want the most remote chance of defending ourselves.”, Trang said, stepping in between the two men.

“The feast is starting soon, so we’ll discuss this tomorrow at noon. We’ll come to you. Until then, don’t come back unless if you’re looking for trouble.”, Tristan said, slamming the door.

“So... eat... now?” Tito stuttered out to the others.

“Yes. Eat now.”, Ronnie replied, bringing a large smile to the oaf’s face.

The entire atmosphere changed as everyone walked into the cafeteria, and for the first time in a long time, there was hope for the future. Regardless of what faction they belonged to, everyone just vibed as the drunken young adults celebrated the end of the war with the Forest-folk.

Tristan walked through and admired the happiness in the room. “Sorry about ya know, cutting off your arm and all that.”, Anthony Mora said. “Oh, don’t worry about it; I still have another one, so it could be worse.”, Breck responded as the pair downed their drinks.

Slightly elevated above the regular ground sat a long table with people of great importance seated such as Tommy, Aryan, Chino, Angel, Drew, Brendan, Carly, Ivan, and the fat bastard himself, Jacob. The self-proclaimed king motioned for Tristan to take a seat beside him which he willingly did.

“Help yourself, my dear, friend. Tommy and I have been expecting you. We have much to discuss.”, Jacob said with wing sauce covering his fat fingers as he devoured everything edible that lie in his path.

“Like what?”, Tristan said beginning to lighten up due to the alcohol while gobbling down his food.

“Like the changes that are to be made with you all joining House Gaytoasty.”

“When did we ever say we intended on joining House Gaytoasty?” Tommy questioned.

“Look at y’all. You’ve scraped across this primitive way of life. It’s time to start living.”, Jacob said, trying his hardest to keep his composure.

“We’ll talk it over and give it some thought.”, Chino said bluntly.

Jacob put his arms around Tommy to his left and Tristan to his right, pulling them in close, “I’m not asking. If you don’t adhere to this new way of life, I’ll have no choice but to take matters into my own hands. I will free your people one way or another; I just hope you’re both around to see it.”, fat whispered.

Chino stood up and pulled Jacob’s arms off of the pair, “Why don’t you give the men some space.” he said bluntly, having caught on to the vibe Jacob was giving off.

Brendan shoves Chino off the platform gripping the hilt of his sword, “Lay your dirty hands on the Lord again, and it’ll be the last thing you do.”

Chino stepped up to Brendan boldly as ever, even unarmed, “You wanna find out if that’s the case?”

Much of the room was now staring at the confrontation as Jacob stepped in between the pair, “Gentlemen, we’ll discuss this matter later. For now, let us feast!” he bellowed as the crowd cheered.

“I propose a toast to Tristan and Tommy and to this new friendship between our kingdoms!” Jacob shouted.

“Cmon, there’s reason to celebrate,” Jacob said to the others at the table whose allegiances didn’t belong to him, “so let’s celebrate!” And celebrate they did as the forces of Tristan, Tommy, and House Gaytoasty put aside their differences for the time being and drank the night away.
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