Fan Fucktions: Aftermath (The Asian Alliance Cut)

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Chapter 16: The Negotiations.

The following morning Tristan awoke from his sleep on the dining room table, cuddling with Tommy of all people. He peered over at the figure sitting beside them, watching them sleep.

“Good morning Tristan.”, Carly’s fine ass said with a smile.

The old friends embraced in a hug for a brief moment before Carly retained her composure and spoke bluntly and quickly, “I’d love to catch up, but the Lord sent me to bring you and Tommy to him. He wants to get talks underway with you all joining House Gaytoasty and all.”

Tommy awoke to the conversation and groggily followed along as the trio walked to meet with Jacob at the White House.

“Carly, have you seen or heard anything about Abbey? I haven’t seen her since the battle. Nobody has.”, Tristan asked with pain in his voice.

“I wish I could help you, but I haven’t heard anything myself. I’m sure she’s fine though; just keep optimistic.”, she replied, not catching his eye as the trio walked into the White House.

Tristan didn’t take kindly to Jacob and his men just barging into his home and sleeping in his beds, but he kept his emotions to himself. The fat bastard beckoned them to have a seat on either side of him which they obliged.

“So... what is this?”, Tommy questioned clearly hungover.

“This is my terms of the agreement; we are going to take this little community y’all have here and add it into my kingdom. I will have the power of ruling over all of you, but I’ll allow y’all to retain some power and act as my voice.”, Jacob said rather smugly.

Tristan began to respond but was quickly shut down. “Silence! I also hear you have some prisoners in captivity, Obama and Jason. I will be taking both of them with me back to the kingdom.”

“Hold up, those are my prisoners-“Tristan said before Tommy cut him off this time.

“Those are MY people whom you are holding. If they wish to go, they can go. But I don’t know if we want you taking over the leadership role here. We can handle ourselves; we have for years.”, Tommy said.

“Handle yourselves?! You squabble amongst yourselves like children and will probably go right back to killing another as soon as I leave. Your people need stability, and I’m going to give them that, with or without the two of you.”, Jacob said.

Tristan clenched his fists and bit back his anger before responding, “Look, we appreciate the offer. We really do, and I’m sure we can make great allies. But we’re staying independent from your kingdom or whatever you call it, and that’s not negotiable.”

Jacob grew visibly red at the pair's defiance, “I will speak to your people directly. Fetch every citizen here, including the two prisoners, and meet me in the Rowlett gymnasium in an hour.”

Tristan and Tommy went their separate ways to fetch their people, both aware that several of Jacob's men were following them every step of the way. Within an hour, all 180 of them were piled into the gym as Lord Gaytoasty addressed them.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let me make this as short as possible. It appears as though our two communities will be going our separate ways for the time being. However, House Gaytoasty is willing to accept any and all of you who are willing to come. I offered you a better life. We have peace, stability, and safety, something you all may not be used to around here. We grow our own food and, above all else, our own weed.”, Jacob said, eyeing the potheads who’re attention was immediately captivated, “if you want to join the safety of House Gaytoasty and be granted my protection, all you must do is step down from the bleachers and join me.”

The potheads eyed one another before making their way to him in a single file fashion, led by Chris, Katelyn, Nick Blackman, and Breck. Kaitlyn Bustos grabbed her boyfriend Chris’s wrist and pulled him aside as he made his way to Jacob, “Where the fuck do you think you’re going?!”

“Fam relax cmon they got free gas and allat g.,” Chris said, dragging Kaitlyn towards the king. Carisma followed closely behind Kaitlyn, leaving a lonely figure rather conflicted. Katie made eye contact with Tristan before turning away and following the others to join the kingdom. As Katie walked past Chris and Kait, they were still mid-argument on whether or not to stay.

“May we also add, we have rescued Obama and Jason from captivity from Mr. Beasley over here, and they will be joining us as well. Obama and Jason walked into the room and waved to the crowd as the people cheered.

“Hello, my dear Americans, Mr. Vanvoast here has been kind enough to grant me my freedom under the agreement that I take over as an advisor in his kingdom. I bid you all a very fond farewell. I hope to see you all again soon.”, Obama said, giving rather cold stares towards Chino and Tristan.

Obama had a severe concussion due to Chino, and many of the details of his time in captivity were muddled at best. Tristan's stomach turned in fear that Obama may recall that he discovered the rigging of the votes.

Eustace and Christian ran down the bleachers and greeted their friend Obama as they decided to head to House Gaytoasty as well, along with a dozen of Tristan's men and Tommy’s. Jason approached Tommy and Aryan, and the trio embraced one another for what may very well be the last time. “I don’t have a choice. I have to go. I’ll find my way back here; just hold it down in the meantime, alright.” Jason whispered before returning to the others. Several dozens also came down to join House Gaytoasty, much to the distaste and anger of those who stayed.

“What about Dylan Hill? Where is he?” Luis demanded.

“For his crime against my citizens, he will be tried and face justice in House Gaytoasty. He will be coming with us.”, Jacob responded.

Luis aggressively approached Jacob and, in response, found a blade pointed at his throat by Brendan. Several soldiers tossed the Cuban man back into the crowd.

“Look, I know things are tense, but I have business I must attend to. Tristan and Tommy, I must speak to the two of you personally. Brendan will lead the others back to House Gaytoasty. I bid you all goodbye. I hope to be seeing you in my kingdom soon enough.”, Jacob bellowed to his audience as they exited the room.

Tommy stood alongside Tristan, Chino, and Aryan as the group noticed Trang and Naydelin restrained by Dylan Rapp and Casey. “What are you doing with them? They have nothing to do with anything.”, Tommy uttered to Jacob.

“Oh them, quite attractive, aren’t they? I’m taking them back home with me; they are to be added to my collection of wives, don’t worry, I’ll treat em right.”, Jacob proclaimed with a laugh.

“Your wife?! Good luck with that fatass!”, Naydelin yelled trying to break free from Dylan’s grip.

“Jacob, what the fuck?!”, Trang exclaimed doing the same.

Chino pulled out his sword and stuck the tip inches from Jacobs's throat, “You’re going to let them go, or I’ll drop you where you stand bitch boy.”

Dozens of armed guards pointed their bows in their direction as Jacob raised a hand, ready to give the order.

“Chino cool down; there’s nothing we can do. He’ll kill us all.”, Tristan said cautiously, laying his hand on his shoulder.

“Finally, someone gets it!”, Jacob yelled laughing hysterically. He stepped away from Chino and towards the entrance as the two girls were led after him, held by ropes around their throats and their wrists bound. The fat bastard smacked Naydelin’s ass on the way out and promptly fell to the ground holding his nuts which had just taken an aggressive kick.

“She’s feisty, I like that,” he muttered through his teeth” I’ll break her though, I’ll break all of you. I’ll see y’all soon”, he said as he left the room.

“What now?” Aryan asked as the small group stood in silence.

“We’re going to save them.”, Tristan replied.
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