Fan Fucktions: Aftermath (The Asian Alliance Cut)

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Chapter 19: The Preparation.

Tommy paced around the rather lonely classroom with what was left of his council: Isaiah and Aryan, who Tito and Anthony Mora joined for the time being.

“Where the Hell is Will?” the chink impatiently demanded.

“Nobody’s seen him for hours; last I heard, he was searching for Hiracheta.”, Aryan answered.

“Fuck it; we’ll start without him. Mora, numbers.”

“According to Vic, we have about 3 dozen of the heath kids at the bowl-a-Rama outpost, the White House has about 32 including Tristan and company, and we have 74 here. Sadly, 30 of them are injured to where they’re no good in a fight.”, Mora replied.

“Speaking of Tristan and company, have our messengers returned with any word?”

“No, they’ve been gone for quite some time, and we’ve heard nothing from the White House.”, Isaiah pitched in.

Tito produced a series of grunts in which the others all nodded in agreement, having no idea what the oaf said. Tito didn’t seem to catch on to that part, though.

Mora and Tito paced the perimeter of the Highschool, ready for anything that may come when they spotted a figure sprinting their way yelling bloody murder.

Once he got close enough, they made out the words “Gaytoasty is coming,” clear as day, and sprinted inside to ring the bell. They were under attack.

“Ssssh-shhhh-ssshhhhh-shhi-shit.”, Tito said as everyone who could walk quickly armed themselves, and the building erupted into a panic.

Dylan Rapp led the small group across the football field, holding the white flag as not to be fired upon.

Nobody in Rowlett seemed to acknowledge them until the doors opened, and out walked Tommy and his entourage led by Tito and Mora.

“Ah, Tommy, my old friend! Delightful to see you!” Jacob exclaimed.

“I wish I could say the same. What brings you out here?” Tommy asked.

“You do. I wish to negotiate for peace.”, Jacob said.

“After that shit you pulled last time you were here?”

“Ah yes, I understand that, which is why I have an offer you can not refuse.”, he replied.

Dylan stepped forward, cleared his throat, and read the terms of Tommy’s surrender Jacob had written on his scroll, “We, the Kingdom of House Gaytoasty, hereby promise that if thou Tommy Ngo, surrender Rowlett to our lord we will he ever merciful and provide protection, stability, and resources to you so we may both thrive. All prisoners of war, including Trang and Naydelin, are to be returned to thee in no more than a week. You and every member of your group will be pardoned for all crimes against the crown, and thy will be initiated into the Kingdom of House Gaytoasty. All we will take is Tristan himself, leaving you as the sole ruler of Rowlett.”

“So... no harm will come to any of my people? Just Tristan.”, Tommy asked.

“That is correct. You have my word.”, Jacob said, extending a hand to shake with Tommy.

Tito grunted angrily, but Tommy soothed him down, promising him it’ll be alright before shaking hands with Jacob. As soon as their hands connected, however, a splash of red doused Tommy’s face.

Tommy peered up at Jacob’s mangled face, with half his left cheek torn off from a bullet. Jacob’s men immediately attacked Tommy’s men as several fell while still in shock of the events that just unfolded.

“No! Stop!” Tommy pleaded, but nobody had it.

Jacob clenched his cheeks in horror before staring at Tommy in outrage and signaling for the rest of his forces to move in, “Treacherous chink... MEN! ATTACK! KILL THEM ALL!”
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