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Chapter 22: The Battle for Rowlett Fields.

“KILL THEM ALL!” echoed through the fields as several dozen arrows rained down upon the citizens of Rowlett, claiming several of Tommy’s men.

“You missed the shot, you dumbass! Shoot him again!”, Vic shouted punching Isaiah in the arm as he stood frozen, watching the chaos ensue below him. She shouldered him out of the way and took the sniper they had stolen from the armory, and began to scan the field for Jacob.

The bloated king unsheathed his impressively grand long sword as he fell back to his army as they charged to meet Tommy and the company on the front line. Tommy and the company quickly fled back to their makeshift militia at the edge of the field and prepared for the Calvary charge.

“Orders, sir?” Brooklyn asked the fat bastard.

“Send in the Calvary. Carly, lead the charge. Leave none alive.”, he ordered.

“It will be done, my lord.”, Carly replied, equipping her helmet.

“Seems like the negotiations were short.”, Aryan said uneasily as he peered to Mora and Tommy.

“If we survive this, you can tell me I told you so.”, Tommy responded.

“Shouldn’t you give a speech or something?” Mora asked Tommy.

“I don’t think, so that’s kind of gay.”, Tommy said as the Calvary continued charging at the forty men and women who were outnumbered eight to one.

“Hold...” Aryan called to the two dozen men facing down the Calvary charge.

“Hold!” he repeated as a few of his men began to creep back on the verge of retreat as the armored knights rode closer and closer to the vastly outnumbered troops.

“NOW!” he shouted as the front line quickly retreated to the back of the gathered militia. A new line of a dozen soldiers moved to the front, crouching with large pikes aimed towards the horses' throats, much to the horror of Carly and her soldiers.

The bloodbath quickly commenced as the horses pummeled into the spearmen, with many dropping dead immediately, sending their riders flying due to the momentum. Tommy’s men quickly took advantage of their successful strategy as they began to finish off the riders thrown from their horses.

Carly quickly drowsily rose to her feet, dizzy from the blow to her head due to being thrown from her now-dead horse. She peered at her squad, who feebly attempted to fight off the rather pissed-off members of Rowlett and the beanie gang. Before she could help any of her men, she was attacked by a tall Indian general.

“Don’t just stand there with your thumbs up your ass!” Jacob bellowed angrily as blood gushed from his cheeks the more he talked, “CHARGE!”

“Stay close, my love; we’ll rescue Carly in no time,” Jacob whispered to a visually distraught Brooklyn who nodded in agreement.

Quickly the bulk of the invading army of House Gaytoasty sprinted across the football field.

“Surrender, and we’ll let you live. Same with your men”, Aryan shouted as he and Carly fought it out.

“Never!” she cried out as she disarmed him. She would’ve finished him off if it weren’t for the hilt or Mora’s sword hitting her in the side of the head, knocking her unconscious.

As the armored infantry neared the makeshift military, a familiar roar could be heard as the ground gently shook louder and louder. “Turn towards the parking lot! Like men prepare for a charge!” Jacob shouted to no prevail due to both his army being dead set on attempting to save the captive cavalry and the noise on the battlefield keeping the majority of his army from hearing him properly.

The fence line was soon blown open as Tito charged towards the lord’s forces with two dozen Calvary (riding horses apprehended from Jacobs men) followed in suit. The charge briskly collided into the side of the army before they could properly prepare themselves. Tommy’s forces, led by him, Aryan, and Mora, quickly charged towards the front of Jacob’s forces to take them head-on.

Jacobs forces morale began to fail as many began fleeing from the fight as Tito smashed through the masses of the army, battle-ax in hand.

“Should we fall back, my lord? We seem to be outmatched!” a soldier called to Jacob just before a bullet went right through his head, barely missing him. The fat bastard peered up at the shooter, a female atop the school still aiming towards him.

He quickly dove out of the way and ordered his men to fire upon the sniper, who quickly retreated as a volley of arrows fell upon the rooftops.

“Brooklyn! We need to turn the tides of the battle. Release the Tank.”

“Y’all did this to yourselves...” Brooklyn said to herself solemnly before blowing a horn that could be heard throughout the battlefield and forest beyond. The ground began to shake soundly, and the fighting temporarily came to a standstill, with many of the kingdom's men cheering in anticipation. Tito watched as the trees began rustling from within the forest, many being knocked over as the shaking of the ground became more and more intensified. The ground-shaking from his own movements was nowhere near what he was feeling now.

Tommy watched, horrified as a lone, massive figure broke through the tree line. The dark figure let out a massive roar that deafened out the sounds of the violence before he began bellowing towards the battlefield.

“Is that-“Tommy began to ask.

“Yes... it Tank,” Tito answered.

Tommy’s Calvary moved to make another charge at the infantry before a bulking figure blocked their path. With unbelievable speed due to his size, the figure slaughter half of the Calvary in quick succession, sending the others fleeing.

He began to make his way towards Tommy’s main force before another oaf blocked his path.

“Gabriel, we meet again. Now go run off nigga and stay out of my way.”, the black mass said to Tito, who tried his hardest to stand tall, even though Tank towered a foot over the already 10 feet tall oaf.

“Tank... hurt... fr-fr-friends-“Tito stuttered out before being interrupted by hysterical laughter.

“Jesus Christ, bro, what happened to you!” Tank said in-between his long elongated chuckling, “Are you retarded now or something?”

Tito, clearly emotionally hurt, shrugged off his embarrassment and stepped towards Tank. “I stop you.”, he said bluntly, readying his battle-ax.

Tank's laughter quickly died as he stared towards Tito. “Come on, then let’s get this over with. I gotta bring my Lord Tommy’s head.”, he said, charging towards Tito.

The battle had grown worryingly even as much of Jacob’s army had fled or were dead. No matter, he charged with Brooklyn towards the front line in an attempt to save Carly and kill Tommy.

Tommy scanned the battlefield for the king himself with Mora by his side when he spotted him fighting several men in the crowd. The pair fought their way through the masses, fighting it out.

“Jacob!” Tommy called out, “let’s finish this right! You vs. me!”

“I couldn’t have said it myself Jacob said with a smirk as he readied his long sword.

Tito struck at Tank with his ax but was quickly disarmed.

“Fuck that shit, if we doing this, you catching yo ones luh nigga”, Tank said, elbowing Tito in the nose.

Tito held his nose in pain, and for the first time in years, saw his own blood, much to his horror. The two oafs began to thug it out as they toppled the regular fighters around them.

With a final uppercut, Tank sent Tito flying through the battlefield defeated. “All these years later and this nigga still as big of a bitch as ever!” Tank said to himself, shaking his head.

As the battle raged on, Tommy and Jacob’s duel grew ever more intense. To Tommy’s surprise, Jacob was incredibly quick and agile for a man of his stature. With a quick thrust, he stabbed Jacob’s right shoulder with his spear, much to the fat man’s distaste. Brooklyn, seeing this, ran to her husband's aid before being cut off and attacked by Mora. The fight quickly became a two vs. two.

Tito awoke, being shaken by Aryan, “Tito! Tito, we need you!”

“No... me failed...”, Tito said getting on his feet and sulking back to the high school.

“Tito! Come back!” he called after the oaf before being attacked once again by the forces of Gaytoasty.

Tommy’s brutal duel with Jacob came to an end as the King cut the Asian’s spear in half and kicked him in the ribs, sending him to the floor. Tommy stared over at his dismembered signature spear in disbelief before glancing over at his friend Mora being gutted by Brooklyn.

“It’s over Chink. Order your soldiers to surrender.”, Jacob ordered, raising his sword above his head, “You’ve lost.”

“Not yet.”, Tommy said as an explosion sent soldiers and body parts flying. “Take that guy!”, Will shouted leading reinforcements from behind reloading his RPG.

“How the fuck did he get an RPG?!” Jacob shouted to himself, distracted by the explosion. When he glanced back at Tommy, he was already gone.

Will’s reinforcements quickly collided with the rear of Jacob’s forces, efficiently having the army of Gaytoasty surrounded. As another explosion erupted in the crowd, Brooklyn approached Jacob, “My lord... we’re losing more men than we can afford; we have to retreat!”

After a moment of reflection, he responded, “You’re right, give the signal, let’s get out of here.”

Quickly the forces of House Gaytoasty were driven back in the Kingdom's direction as the Defenders of Rowlett celebrated the moment of victory.

Tommy’s forces regrouped within the cafeteria of Rowlett, reeling in the events that had just unfolded.

“How many dead?” Tommy questioned.

“Around 50... over half our forces. Plus most of our horses, and more injured.

“Alright, who the fuck shot, Jacob?!” Tommy yelled with his echo filling the room.

The sounds of silence were deafening before someone stepped up, “I know who shot Jacob,” Vic said.

The room began chattered before Aryan hushed them.

“It was Isaiah,” she said as everyone else stared in surprise, especially Will.

“You bitch!”, Isaiah yelled lunging at her before Aryan grabbed him and pushed him back.

“How could you...” Will said softly.

“He has to die! Cmon I’m not in the wrong! Tommy would’ve turned us all over to Jacob to save his own-“ Isaiah said before a gunshot interrupted him.

As everyone watched in awe, Isaiah fell dead as Tommy placed tossed his pistol to the side. “From now on, if any of you pull some shit that costs us lives, you can expect the same result.”, Tommy said, walking away coldly.

“Prepare the men for a siege.”, he told Aryan before returning to his chambers.
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