Fan Fucktions: Aftermath (The Asian Alliance Cut)

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Chapter 27: The Diabetic and the Beanie Gang.

“The towns crawling with people, no way in Hell we get to Jacob without being spotted,” Hayden said, handing the binoculars to Aryan.

“Not in the daylight, maybe under cover of night. We’ll camp out here and sneak towards the castle in a few hours”, Chino suggested.

“Very well,” Tommy chimed in as he finally took a seat beside them, preparing to wait it out.

As the hours passed, something finally stuck out. “Guys... you need to see this”, Hayden said, handing the binoculars to Chino.

“What is it?” Tommy asked.

“The distraction we need. The Kingdom’s under attack and the guards at the castle are fleeing into the village to try and defend the townsfolk”, he said, tossing the binoculars to Aryan, “Jacob’s exposed. We can finish this.”

“He’s right; we need to go. Now”, Aryan chimed in, tossing them back to Hayden.

“So be it, let’s go kill the king,” Tommy said as the four of them descended down the hill.
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