Fan Fucktions: Aftermath (The Asian Alliance Cut)

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Chapter 30: The New Day.

Chino regrouped with Tommy and company as the castle collapsed in upon itself. The last thing he saw was the throne Jacob once sat upon, slowly burning.

“Well... is it done?” Tommy asked him.

“I... I did the right thing.”

Tommy sized him up for a moment before placing a hand on his shoulder, “I knew you would.”

“Where’s Carly? She turned on me... and then everything went dark”, Brooklyn said, holding a cloth to her bloody temple.

“She’s safe, but she’s gone. She and Ivan left mid-fight; she saved both of our lives, believe it or not”, Aryan said, attempting to comfort her.

“And Jacob?”

“We both know what happened to Jacob,” Garrett said, placing a said arm around her as he watched their architectural pride and joy burn.

Angel sat silently alongside Naydelin and Trang as they took in the burning village around them.

“Thanks for getting us out of there... by the way”, Trang said quietly.

“You can thank Obama for that... he was a great man. I can only hope he got out of here, but I doubt it”, Angel replied as Chino silently sat beside Naydelin, and the silence continued.

Chino single-handedly covered the rear of the group, as he needed time to himself to fully process all the events that had transpired, from avenging Ronnie to sparing Jacob. It was oddly peaceful, yet he had the dreadful feeling that he was being watched.

As he passed in between the gatehouse to exit the Kingdom for the last time, a shadow tackled him out of view of the others and placed a hand over his mouth.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” he whispered to the figure after throwing him off.

“Tommy, can we speak in private?” Drew asked, eyeing the other members of their traveling crew.

Tommy obliged, and the two walked several meters out of the way as to be out of earshot. “I don’t know if you’ve fully thought out how things will be when we return to Rowlett... but I do know one thing. This isn’t over”, he whispered cautiously.

“What do you mean? Jacob’s dead what isn’t over?”, he said looking him up and down cautiously.

“We both know what I’m talking about. Tristan lives, and he not giving up his power any time soon”, Drew uttered.

“And what would you have me do about this?”

“Well... my scouts have reported that Tristan, with an army of retards at his back, defeated Brendan and retook Rowlett. With the backing of the forest-folk, he will be near impossible to defeat...”, Drew informed him.

“Well then, what are we going to do?”

“I’m glad you asked. Due to the Kingdom’s laws of trial by combat... you defeated Jacob in single combat, did you not?”, Drew asked raising an eyebrow.

“More or less, one could say I did.”

“And that’s exactly what you are going to say.

Hundreds of the Kingdom’s men now reside among Tristan and his people... they will recognize you as their rightful ruler, with their forces along with my beanie gang and you’re Asian Alliance, we can wipe out their forces before they even know what hit them”, Drew said excitedly.

Tommy didn’t respond and appeared rather conflicted. “Let me ask you, do you think Tristan will give up his power?”, Drew pressed.

“I... no. No, I don’t believe so”, Tommy replied.

“And do you think you’re more fit to rule?”, Drew continued.

“I do.”

“Only the strongest may rule. The Kingdom knew this well, so what do you say? Shall we show Beasley who the strongest is?”, he asked holding out his hand. After several moments of hesitation, Tommy shook his hand and returned to Trang and company. This time around, Drew couldn’t conceal his smirk.
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