Fan Fucktions: Aftermath (The Asian Alliance Cut)

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Chapter 3: The Sparks of War.

2 years later

Tommy woke up in the cafeteria of the school he once spent the majority of his weekdays at. He realized he once again had too much to drink after looking around the room, and only two people were left after the New Year celebration that at a point had more of his peers present than he could count. His two closest friends, Aryan Patel, a tall Indian man, and Jason Vo, an Asian man slightly shorter than Tommy, were cleaning up after the celebrations that he can’t remember at all. “What happened” Tommy drunkenly questioned.

“You did it again.”, Jason said halfheartedly, “it looked like Tristan one up’d you this time; you passed out in the middle of the fight.”

“You should really try and get help. You’re just drinking your life away.”, Aryan attempted to advise knowing if it hadn’t worked the last few years, it wouldn’t work now.

“If I didn’t have to deal with the councils' decision making, I would have to get wasted in the first place,” Tommy began butchering half the words he attempted to say as he groggily went on, “Tristan and them can’t do shit because of these damn votes. We should have one leader calling the shots, that’s if you ask me.” “And you think that one leader should be you?” Jason pressed, clearly frustrated. “Maybe it should be.”, Tommy answered.

“Let’s just get you home. You’ll feel better in the morning”, Jason said, putting his hand on his friends' shoulders in a feeble attempt of comfort.

Jason doubled over after taking a blow to the stomach as Tommy announced he can walk himself home, still clenching his fists as he walked out the front door.

Tommy soon wished he had taken them up on the offer as he found himself unable to walk in a straight line as he attempted to make his way to his current household. Not many houses were still standing and in livable condition, but luckily the council was granted each their own house while the majority were stuffed into houses filled with their peers.

As Tommy doubled over, throwing up all over the sidewalk, he noticed two hooded figures stalking about near him.

Tommy called out to the figures who began to approach him silently and swiftly. Tommy backed you slowly, and when the taller figure attempted to grab him, he punched him in the face knocking him over. The 3 men began to engage one another when the shorter hooded figure pulled a blade out of his back pocket. Tommy grabbed onto his wrist and began to hold his arm in place when the taller hooded figure connected a punch onto Tommy's cheek, causing his hands to let go, and the knife pierced his left shoulder.

Tommy began to scream in pain when suddenly the taller figure went flying to the side, and the shorter figure was thrown off him. Another figure wielding a staff fought off the two figures with his staff, and after a brief scuffle, the pair ran off. Tommy gave the figure one last look before passing out due to blood loss.

Tommy awoke to the usual feeling of his hangovers and the smell of vomit on his shirt. He sat up and searched around the room, unaware of where he was or who had brought him here. Tommy got to his feet and felt immense pain in his shoulder and fell back to the sofa in pain after hollering in pain. Suddenly he felt a small hand tugging on his shirt sleeve, and a familiar face he hadn’t seen in two years began peering up at him.

“Nathan?” Tommy questioned, his thought to be late friend Daniyals little brother he assumed died years ago. “Sup bitch”, the 10-year-old boy greeted. The hooded figure came into view, and Tommy was suddenly confident he knew who was behind the hood, “Daniyal, is that you?”

“No... fuck you”, Will said as he lowered his hood, and the two friends embraced for the first time in two years.

After catching up, Tommy is informed that Will had disappeared so long ago because Will had discovered where Nathan had gone on vacation when the apocalypse began after searching his cousin Daniyal’s house. Will had finally tracked down Nathan and brought him back to safety.

“What? How long have you been here?” Tommy questioned. Will informed his peer that he had been observing the group for days now, fearful of the reactions of the others with him having left so abruptly, especially fearful of a certain somebody’s reaction.

“I know who tried to kill you. The hooded man’s sleeve tore in the scuffle; he had a Chinese cross tattoo on his forearm. Chino fucking Gee, and if he was there, the other figure is probably Ronnie. And we both know where their loyalties lie.”, Will explained.

“Tristan.”, they answered simultaneously.

Tristan, meanwhile, was making his monthly journey to visit Bram’s resting sight. He takes a deep breath and reflects upon what’s left the scenery. He then makes a silent promise to keep the people safe the way Bram did, by any means unnecessary. Tristan takes one last look at the two unmarked graves side by side before mounting his horse and riding back to Rowlett, aware of what he must do to acquire the power he thirsts for.

Meanwhile, back at Will’s temporary shelter, an unsettling noise draws the attention of the trio. “Wait here, I’ll check it out.”, Will cautiously tells Tommy before slowly proceeding outside. “Keep an eye on Tommy,” Will tells Nathan tossing him his signature staff in which the young boy gives a determined nod in return.

Armed with his knife in hand, Will slowly proceeds outside to investigate the screech he hadn’t heard in two years. Immediately, something feels wrong to Will, and after looking around the near proximity, he makes out several sets of yellow eyes staring at him surrounding the house. “Rover...” Will muttered under his breath, bracing himself to defend his friends inside.

“I’m sowwy about Bwam,” a figure hidden in the shadows says as he slowly progresses towards William. “I didn’t wan to kill him, but my eople need to eat too.”, Rover says, coming face to face with Will, who is backing up towards the house.

“Stay away from me, or I swear to God I’ll kill you!” a panicking Will says as he points the knife in the direction of the bloated retard walking towards him. Rover replies by grabbing the blade and tossing it to the side, effectively disarming Will. “You tweat us wike animaws Will, so I’m going to act wike an animaw; after I’m done wit you, yow going to tell Obama he is to give haf of all da food dat you get to my pweople every month or I will kill you all. Mweet me at Firewheel in thwee weeks from today. ”, Rover demands, followed up by giving a hand signal to his men. The surrounding retards swarm Will and force him to his knees, holding him down.

Rover gently strokes Will's face, “I’m going to enwoy dis.” Rover proceeds to pull down his pants, exposing his penis inches from Will's face. The retard begins vigorously stroking his penis, preparing to give in to his animal instincts. Wills screeches could be heard from miles away but were soon silenced by a furry cock in his mouth. Rover proceeds to throat fuck Will to an extent previously thought unimaginable as a horrified Nathan Shakeel watched from the cabin window.

After 10 long minutes, Rover ejaculated for the seventh time on Will's naked body. Suddenly the earth begins to shake, and Will feels a slight sense of hope. Tito emerges from the hilltops enraged by the sight of the man who murdered Bram and lets out his mighty behemoth roar. Rover emits a fearful animalistic runt, and the retard army begins to retreat into the forest. Tito runs down and slaughters half a dozen retards, yet Rover again manages to escape. Nathan rushes over to Will’s limp body, but the damage has already been done. “Three weeks.”, Will whispers to Nathan before falling unconscious.
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