Fan Fucktions: Aftermath (The Asian Alliance Cut)

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Chapter 32: The Celebration.

“And that, my friends is when it was spoken, “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”, Levi spoke during his sermon, with a rather comforting tone.

“Over the course of this last month, we have suffered, and we hurt. Such suffering leaves scars that cannot be healed, not all of which we can see with our own two eyes. We have lost friends”, he said, turning to lay heavy eyes on Chino. “We have lost family,” he said, acknowledging Lily, just recently coming to turn with the true fate of her siblings. “These losses have been out of our control. But one thing that we can control and cannot allow us to lose is ourselves. For if we lose that, then the sacrifices that have plagued us in the past were for nothing. In our sorrow, there is a triumph. We have managed to overcome what few could anticipate, so I ask you as we leave today: to mourn, but never forget that each loss we have felt was not in vain, but for our future. We have fought for this future, and now we are responsible for defending it from any threats, foreign or domestic.” Tommy and Tristan locked eyes from across the room at the mention of domestic threats, with Tristan being the one to break away first from the staredown. “Enjoy the feast tonight, and stay-“Levi continued before being cut off.

“T-T-Tristan!” Tito shouted before realizing he interrupted the sermon, “Oh... sorry, Levi... Tristan... come... wanna see this.”

Later that day, Brooklyn listened intently as Tommy refreshed his council of the plan of action for tonight. This plan was risky, but it was what their leader found the best course of action. It appeared that they were making a powerful enemy, but it seemed to be a worthwhile risk. She parted ways alongside Garrett and Mohamed to prepare their troops; within no time, they filed into the Rowlett cafeteria as the feast began.

Naydelin peered around the room nervously. Everybody appeared to be on edge for whatever reason, making it difficult for her to enjoy the celebration. She even stooped to attempting to converse with Chino, but he seemed anything but interested. Soon, however, Tristan caught the crowd's attention as he took and called for the audience's eyes. He began to give the usual speech about how they overcame the impossible for the future until Drew smashed his glass and walked in front of their leader, interrupting him.

The majority of the crowd gasped in synchronization as the beanie-wearing man delivered a blow to Tristan’s stomach, “Sorry, Beasley, but Rowlett’s under new management.”

Without hesitation, the forces of the Asian Alliance, Beanie Gang, and the Kingdom drew their weapons and held Tristan’s forces, along with the neutral citizens, at gun, knife, and spear point. While the crowd cowered, a lone figure made his way to the front of the room to where Tristan and Drew were in order to address the crowd.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Tommy began, “it has come to my realization that a change of scenery is long past due here in our great community. Once this is over, nothing will be the same again”, he said, nodding to Chino, Trang, and Aryan.

“But before we get into that, I have a friend I would like you all to meet...”, he said gesturing towards the door as a lean figure approached, “I present to you, Simon Workahalemu. Survivor of the massacre at the Kingdom.”

Drew looked from Simon, to Tommy, to Tristan, and lastly to his loyal Beanie Gang members who had the same idea as him. Bishop quickly turned his rifle on Tommy but was quickly stabbed through the back of the throat by Chino. Within seconds, Tommy’s forces turned on the Beanie Gang as planned as the Beanie Gang in synchronization began firing off shots throughout the cafeteria, killing several people as many more dove behind cover.

Tommy tackles Drew to the ground but had his head bashed into the floor by his adversary shortly after. As Drew reached for his pistol to finish Tommy off, Tristan tackled him into the nearby wall and picked up the fallen pistol, and placed it at the base of Drew’s temple, “Call of your men!”

“Fuck you!” Drew said as he tried to move towards attacking Tristan, but a bullet in his shoulder convinced him otherwise.

“I’m not asking again.”

Drew sighed heavily before raising his hands and ordering the Beanie Gang to surrender. The Forest-folk led by the Mammoth and Steel-Bane quickly escorted the dozen surviving members out of the cafeteria and towards the holding cells while the rest of the cafeteria struggled to regain composure.

“Thanks, for, “Tristan began to say before a punch to the cheek knocked him backward.

“No, this isn’t over!” Tommy shouted as the people of Rowlett began to crowd around, “There won’t be war, but this is between you and me. Tomorrow, at noon, meet me on the football field, and we’ll settle this once and for all. If you don’t show up, then I’ll find you.”

“Look... there’s gotta be some other way-“Tristan attempted to plead.

Tommy didn’t even respond as he walked away quickly, followed by Trang. The crowd stood still for several lingering moments in silence.

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