Fan Fucktions: Aftermath (The Asian Alliance Cut)

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Chapter 4: The Call for Action.

The following day

After the incident, Tommy and Nathan immediately rushed Will to the town's nurse, Victoria, an Asian female currently in an on and off relationship with Chino. Will is currently in a coma, and it’s unknown when he will wake up. After discussion, the council unanimously decided to assemble the town in the old high school cafeteria at noon and update them of the circumstance.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have assembled you all here today as it is my duty to keep you all informed on pressing matters that may impact our way of life.”, Obama began speaking to the dozens gathered in front of him. “As some of you know, Rover has returned, and-“Obama was immediately cut off at the mention of Rover as the entire crowd began to panic and yell over one another.

Tommy and Tito proceeded to silence the crowd so Obama’s voice could once again be audible. “-and he assaulted and hospitalized Will. To keep this from happening to anybody else, we’re going to pay a food tribute to the forest folk every month in order to maintain the peace.”, Obama finished. The crowd immediately erupted into chaos.

Tristan saw this as an opportunity to sway the public’s opinion in his favor. They were scared and needed a leader, and he was the man for the job. “We barely have enough food to food ourselves, Mr. Obama; if we pay tribute to Rover and the imbeciles we starve ourselves, and Bram’s sacrifice was for nothing.”, Tristan shouts from the front of the crowd as the citizens cheer in agreements boosting his ego.

Before Obama can form a response, Tristan continues his rant. “If you ask me, we need a strong, decisive leader who can handle this sort of responsibility. We need someone to take the initiative and wipe these fuckers out.”, Tristan shouts as the vast majority of the crowd begins to cheer for Tristan, much to the dismay of Obama and Tommy.

Tommy moves to the front and speaks directly to Tristan, “Chill out, at this page you’re going to get a lot of people killed-“ Tristan mockingly cut off clowned Tommy in response, “Oh, is that right? I remember knocking you out last time you tried don’t you remember Tommy hmmm? Our leader shouldn’t be some struggling alcoholic who-“, Tristan is cut off by Tommy’s advancements towards him. Tommy grabs his rival by the collar of his shirt and speaks to him with a lowered voice, “I know about Chino and Ronnie. I’d watch my tone if I were you”.

The crowd erupted as two members of the council were on the verge of violence. Obama attempted to pull the two apart but was knocked over in the scuffle resulting in angered Tito to throw both parties in opposite directions sending them sliding across the cracked floor.

Angel tried to egg on the fight knowing Tommy will win. “Let them fight it out. The physically superior of the two should lead us; we are potentially going to war after all!”. A hand gripped his shoulder and whispered threateningly into his ear, “I’d shut the fuck up if I were you wey.” He turned head and came face to face with Chino. “Take your hand off of me.”, he responds to Chino. The chink grips Angel’s shoulder harder and threateningly warns him to watch himself before disappearing into the crowd.

Obama brushes himself up and walks towards the podium with a defeated tone in his voice, “Ahem... it appears that there is a near consensus appeal for a leader to be chosen... so we will have an election in a few days... thank you...”

Tommy peered at his much smaller group of supporters, including Jason, Aryan, Obama, Angel, and Isaiah, with a somber look on his face. As the crowd erupted into applause, many chanting Tristan’s name, such as Tito, Chino, Abbey, and the potheads, Tommy couldn’t help but notice the cocky smirk on Tristan's face and the power hungry look in his eyes.
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