Fan Fucktions: Aftermath (The Asian Alliance Cut)

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Chapter 5: The Beginning of the End.

14 days until Rover comes.

It’s been a week since the town meeting, and Tommy’s side has yet to make any moves to win over any voters. Angel called assembled a meeting at Tommy’s house to strategize their next move.

Tommy and his closest advisors sat in his kitchen area with his cautiously plotting his next move. He peered around the table amidst an awkward silence. Angel, Aryan, Jason, Isaiah Gracy, and Trang Vo, an Asian girl who hasn’t grown an inch since middle school, awaited Tommy to give a plan of action.

Angel saw Tommy clearly lost in his own self-pity and made a feeble attempt to relieve the tension, “Ahem, so it’s clear we need someone to challenge Tristan, and I haven’t heard shit about Obama. Tommy, you’ve been on the council. You have the name recognition; we need you to run against Tristan.” An hour went by as the group went discussed means to sway voters, but things seemed quite dim as Tristan’s campaign had him as a heavy favorite.
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