Fan Fucktions: Aftermath (The Asian Alliance Cut)

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Chapter 6: The Debate.

11 days until Rover comes.

Tommy had a recent resurgence that resulted in him being more active in the community to acquire more votes. He went to visit Will in the infirmary, where Vic informed him that Will is no longer in critical condition and was able to walk again. Mainly due to Trang and Aryan, he was more than prepared for the last assembly before the voting takes place.

He felt a great deal of pity for Obama, who still hadn’t made any sort of public appearance in the past few days. Tommy prepared his case against Tristan with Trang and Aryan, intent on publicly exposing the attack by Chino and Ronnie.

Tristan sat with his circle in the auditorium, more than ready to give another speech to woo over the crowd. He didn’t bother to listen to Tommy’s speech until he was accused of an assassination attempt on Tommy’s life. Tristan’s side rose in outcry as Tommy’s side shouted back in defiance. Things began to escalate as Chino pushed Cardie over (both of whom shouted “Meap!”), and soon, an all-out brawl broke out.

Chino and Ronnie proceeded to beat the shit out of Aryan, and Trang knocked Abbey out cold as she tried to help Tristan, who was getting his ass kicked by Tommy. After spending the last half hour in the restroom, Tito returned to the auditorium and witnessed the chaos that was ensuing. Tito passed Obama, who watched in horror as he proceeded to toss the two parties left and right, breaking up the fight.

The chaos all cams to a halt as a bloodied Jason limped into the auditorium. “Where’s Alex?” Obama implored, gently placing a hand on his friend's shoulder. Jason just shook his head and collapsed in defeat.

Obama immediately pointed the finger at Tristan, “You did this!”, the entire auditorium stared at him in silence.

“You sent them on a suicide mission! If we follow you, how can we expect any difference? You’re getting people killed, and you’re going to keep doing so, you absolute imbecile!” Obama began rousing much of the crowd against Tristan. Obama carried on one of the best speeches he’s ever given, so good that nobody seemed to notice the red dot on Tristan’s chest.

In a split-second reaction, Chino saw this at the last moment and tackled Tristan to the ground resulting in the bullet penetrating a blond Lakeview kid behind Tristan through the stomach. Chino immediately felt guilty that he never learned his name. He couldn’t make out the sniper's identity, but he did; however, notice Angel pulling a pistol out of his waistband and aiming it in his direction. Tommy punched Angel in the side of the head, then curb-stomped him knocking him out.

Ronnie pursued the sniper revolver in hand towards the roof, but by the time he caught up, the hooded man was gone.

Vic led a crowd of people to the aid of the Lakeview kid she once attended school with, Caleb Reed, but by the time she got to him, he was already dead.
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