Fan Fucktions: Aftermath (The Asian Alliance Cut)

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Chapter 8: The President.

9 days until Rover comes.

Obama sat at a table in the Rowlett cafeteria anxiously observing as the majority of the town anonymously places their votes in the poll box. He peers to his personal council, which consisted of two men, Eustace, a dark stubby man, and Christian, a scrawny Latino, both of whom worked with Obama as football managers before the world ended.

Soon Levi, the most honest and reliable man in the town, returned after rallying up the results. The tall man cleared his throat and spoke rather sadly, “The results are in; I gathered the total percentages of the voters who voted for each candidate, and Tristan won by a landslide with 57% of the votes. Tommy follows second with 25% and lastly Obama with 18%.”

Obama sat in astonishment. Could this have been possible? After all the recent efforts and events, Tristan still soundly defeated both him and Tommy? Could there have been a miscalculation? Obama’s mind raced so fast that the celebrations of Tristan’s sides were deafened out.

The ex-co-President stormed out of the building, making his way to his safe place, the bar. He sits down in the nearest seat and makes himself a drink, oblivious to the figure sitting across the room. He peers over in surprise and sees Tommy, passed out drunk. Tommy hadn’t even attended the voting Obama realized. He couldn’t comprehend how Tommy could no show when his friends needed him the most.

Obama then realized that he had a problem. He came to the epiphany that this disappointment he felt in Tommy must be what his peers thought of him. He remembered his last conversation with Alex before Tristan unintentionally sent him to his death before being filled with a fire to act. He threw his glass across the room and stormed out, hearing a faint “Nani” from a half-conscious Tommy whom he had accidentally hit with his glass.
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