Fan Fucktions: Aftermath (The Asian Alliance Cut)

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Chapter 9: The Asian Alliance.

9 days until Rover comes

Tommy awoke at the bar with glass shards in his head. He somewhat recalled Obama throwing a glass at him then running away. He checked the time on his and realized that he was late for the election. He sprinted to Rowlett, stumbling plenty along the way, just to get there and realize everyone had already left.

Tommy had scheduled a meeting at his house for post-election, and after checking he was, he realized he wasn’t late for it yet. He wasn’t sure who had won, so the chink hoped his friends would fill him in. He finally made it to his house on time for the meeting just to find nobody had bothered to come. He waited for an hour, hoping Jason or Aryan or Trang or anybody would walk through those doors, but nobody did. For the first time in a long time, he was completely and utterly alone.

Trang, Aryan, Jason, Isaiah, and Seth met at Trang’s house, all still reeling that Tristan had beat them and taken the leadership role. There was a loud knock on the door, and Trang tensely maneuvered her way to the door as they all prepared for the worst. Standing at the door were Eustace and Christian.

“We saw you all coming here, and everyone knows how y’all have been acting against Tristan. We want to join you...” Eustace explained.

“And why’s that?” Trang questioned.

“They have Obama.”

The pair joined up with Tommy’s cabinet, but after half an hour, they were interrupted by another set of knocks. Trang opened the door, and standing on the patio were Tito, Ronnie, and Chino. The trio pushed past Trang and into the house, making their way to the group sitting at the table.

“Jason Vo, you’re under arrest.”, Chino said.

“What? What did I do?”, Jason questioned backing away from the door frame as Tito and Ronnie made their way towards him.

“Treason and accessory to the murder of Caleb Reed.”, Ronnie said.

The trio grabbed Jason and made their way out after a staredown between Isaiah and Chino, where Isaiah backed down and Tito having to throw Seth out of his way.

Later that day:

Tristan stood at the top of the tower with his bodyguards scattered in the crowd to keep the peace and snipers posted up to ensure his safety. He stared down at the masses of people in the parking lot and at his two bound prisoners before beginning to speak.

“So, as you all know, when you break the law, you get brought to justice. I present to you two different criminals who have committed heinous crimes against us all. Jason here orchestrated the attack on my life that resulted in the death of Caleb Reed. Angel confessed that Jason put him up to this before he rescued angel. As far as we know, there was no sniper. Ronnie confirmed that Angel had shot him with his handheld pistol.”

The crowd erupted into chaos at these accusations, and Tommy stood stunned at what was happening. Tommy knew this was bullshit but was left helpless.

“Mr. Obama here stands accused of arson, breaking and entering, tampering and sabotage. He set the racetrack on fire, which of course, is one of our most essential food storages, so he could break into my house and tamper with the poll votes so he could take power for himself. Mr. Thorson here can back this statement”, Tristan said, gesturing to Levi.

Obama pleasingly made eye contact with his old friend when Levi said, “It’s true, all of it. Obama was furious he didn’t win and plotted to steal the power for himself.”

The crowd again erupted into chaos, especially when Eustace and Christian attempted to make a run to the tower, only to be pushed back by Tristan’s goons.

“I am, however, a merciful leader. And we will constantly have many decisions based on democracy, so I will give y’all a choice. A vote over who deserves the death penalty between these two. This type of behavior will never be tolerated, and we can’t allow these traitors to remain amongst us. So you choose who lives.”

The crowd was furious at this decision but filed in line and voted against who they preferred to live. After 10 silent and tense minutes, the votes were in.

Tristan cleared his throat, looking for Abbey in the crowd, but she was nowhere to be found. “Alright, the votes are in and-“

“Stop!” a voice shouted from below, “It was me! I killed Caleb Reed. I deserve the penalty.”

Tristan stared down at Seth Nguyen, carrying a briefcase which he proceeded to open, exposing a sniper rifle.

“My only regret was I didn’t kill all of you fuckers! This is just the beginning!” Seth shouted out like a crazy man.

Chino seized Seth, questioning if he actually did it. “We both know the answer, but this has to happen. Don’t blindly follow Tristan; you’re better than that.”, Seth whispered to his friend before punching him in the gut, continuing to play the role of a mentally unstable killer. Tito grabbed and carried him to Tristan after extracting all weapons.

Tommy and his cabinet attempted to make a break for the tower resulting in a fight breaking out between them and Ronnie’s posey. “He was with us! He couldn’t have been the sniper!” Tommy yelled at Tristan, who just ignored him.

Jason grabbed Seth’s arm as he was escorted up, “Why are you doing this? I know it wasn’t you.”

“And I know it wasn’t you. I’m ready to go.”, Seth said proudly, continuing his march to death. Tristan shouted for Chino to take the other prisoners to the cellar.

“I don’t think Seth did it-“Chino tried to explain.

“I don’t care, and it’s like you said. We need to establish security.”, Tristan snapped.

“You gonna do it yourself?” Seth taunted Tristan, “be a man.”

Tristan has never actually taken a life, but he puffed his chest out and strung Seth up as the chaos in the crowd continued. Seth winked at Tommy and gave Obama one last salute before being pushed off the edge to his death.

The crowd, even the most bloodthirsty portion of them, stayed in stunned silence at the events that had just unfolded. Slowly the crowd trickled out as Seth’s body flowed in the wind. Tommy fell to his knees at the base of the tower with his supporters behind him. “This isn’t over, Tommy muttered, “I’m going to kill him.”

Tristan, with a heart full of guilt, returned to his home that night. He called for Abbey, but she was nowhere to be found. He searched around the house for any sign of her whereabouts and found the ring he gave her left on the countertop.
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