Fan Fucktions: Aftermath (The Asian Alliance Cut)

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Chapter 12: (Before) The Storm.

1 day before Rover comes

Tommy had spent the past several days hunting for where Obama and Jason were being held to no avail. His total number of supporters was nearing one hundred, giving him reason to believe he realistically stood a chance against Tristan assuming they survive the oncoming armada.

Trang has taken over as Tommy’s second in command due to Jason’s absence, and she wasn’t wasting any time getting to business. She had spent the past week garnering allies wherever they could be found and had successfully strategized a plan of attack that would surely decimate Tristan’s forces if they handle Rover's forces. She called together the council of the Asian Alliance, named in honor of Seth, to make sure everyone was on the same page.

Sitting at a long table, she peered at all her allies, Tommy, Isaiah, Aryan, Eustace, and Christian. “So, as you all know, now is the time to act. Tristan’s forces outnumber us two to one, but I believe I have someone who can help even our odds.”, she says, gesturing the door as a figure walks into the room.

The man wore a white beanie covering his head down to his eyebrows, with his long hair nearly covering his eyes. Tommy and Isaiah stood up as they recognized their friend, who they haven’t seen in nearly a decade, “Drew!”

They excitedly greeted the mysterious man, but he barely batted an eye at the sight of them and failed to reciprocate the energy he received. He was clearly a very different person than who they remembered. After two handshakes and no words spoken from Drew, Trang took over to explain his reappearance.

“Drew here owns a crew of mercenaries armed to the teeth known as the Beanie Gang. They’re going to help us overthrow Tristan after we fight off the forest-folk. He’s going to assist a squad of our soldiers in acquiring us the Bowlarama outpost, which will be a key strategic point cutting off the White House from Rowlett high school. Bowlarama is under the command of Michael Knight and Warren O’Connor with dozens of Heath kids at their command.”, Trang explained.

“So what’s the move for right now then? We have to focus on beating Rover before we worry about overthrowing Tristan.”, Eustace said.

“I can explain that part,” Tommy cut in, “we’re going to fall back behind Tristan’s forces and allow them to take Rovers army head-on. We’ll take on any forces that trickle through before they can reach the city and act as the last line of defense. If they can manage to decimate Tristan's forces, winning won’t be an issue against his army.”

Drew nods in agreement before knocking on the wall, and two more men filed in. “This is mini Drew and Bishop,” Drew said, referring to the two tall figures whose faces were hidden by masks, “they’ll lead the attack with Tristan's forces and I. We personally want to see the destruction of Rover. The rest of my forces will stay behind with you.”

There was suddenly a knock on the door. Christian made his way to open it cautiously, and standing in the door frame was Will.

“Ah, Will, you’re late.”, Tommy said.

Later that day:

Soon Tristan’s assembled council sat at the long table, Tommy, Trang, Ronnie, Chino, Eustace, Will, a pale man who led the ever-expansive group known as the potheads, Nick Blackman and Warren O’Connor, an athletic blonde figure who was the most athletically gifted out of all of them.

“So we all know how important tomorrow is; our entire existence relies on us taking Rover out. We don’t have enough food to feed ourselves and pay him, so this is what we must do. I appreciate you all putting our differences aside to combat this common threat; I really do. Y’all are some real ones.”, Tristan began.

Drew walked into the room and had a seat at the end of the table. “Drew hear recently reached out to me and will be fighting alongside us tomorrow with his band of mercenaries.”, Tristan elaborated.

He stared solemnly at the empty seat where Abbey normally would be seated but carried on regardless. “Warren, you’re to remain at your post with Michael at Bowlarama. If things go south, we’ll retreat there and prepare for a siege with whatever we have left. Will you and I will personally lead the charge against Rover with Nick and the potheads ready nearby to reinforce us, Drew, and his snipers, along with Gracy posted up in the trees above prepared to provide cover fire. The rest of you are to lead our reinforcements in when you hear the gunfire. I will personally see that Rover doesn’t survive this, I promise you.”, Tristan finishes.

Tommy stood up, and tension immediately filled the room. He reached out his hand and shook with Tristan’s. “It’s good to fight with you again one last time.”

“It won’t be the last.”, Tristan said as Tommy intensely tightened his grip, giving Tristan some reason to worry.

“You’re right, of course.”, Tommy said, releasing his grip and dismissing himself along with his crew as he, Trang, and Eustace exited the room.

The combined armies of Tristan’s and Tommy’s forces neared 300 as they set up camp on the perimeter of the town. The atmosphere was nervous as the impending bloodshed caused quite a stir to the people.
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