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Jordan has always been a curious child and he’s about to find out that he’s a powerful and magnificent kid. When his parents send him to Nolan Academy, school for gifted children, he begins to wonder what kind of power does he behold.

Adventure / Fantasy
Rachael Fry
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“What do you mean I’m leaving school?” I asked, appalled by my parents’ statement.

“Jordan, you have to go to Nolan,” my mother told me.

“Isn’t that school for the gifted? People who are actually worth something?”

“People who have magnificent powers,” my father implied.

“Exactly, I don’t have powers. You guys said that when I was born, I didn’t have a gift, so why send me there? Are you just going to embarrass me?”

“No, Commander Bekins asked for you specifically. Jordan, he wants you,” my mother continued.

Out of all things, why do I have to go to Nolan? I mean, I would rather be weak on the side of the street than go there. A place full of magnificent people. A place I don’t deserve to go to. “Alright then, what about my school?”

“Already taken care of. The commander made sure everything was completed,” my dad replied. Too enthusiastic for my liking.

“So, when do I start?”



I was supposed to start Nolan today and I definitely wasn’t looking forward to it. I don’t understand why Commander Bekins would ask me specifically to go to his school. How does he even know me? And is there something that my parents are keeping from me? I mean, why would they want to send me to school for people who have potential? I’m just an ordinary boy.

I waited outside, seeing if anything was going to pick me up to be taken to this school. Us ordiniarians, people who aren’t gifted, have no idea where Nolan is. Ordinarians want nothing to do with Nolanians, people who are gifted. Well, I guess besides my parents who just easily want to give me away.

A huge crystal portal appeared out of nowhere, olive green and turquoise beams swirling around inside. Could that be the place to go? I made my way towards the portal, but then a bus zoomed out, almost running me over.

“Hey!” I shouted.

“I’m sorry sir, but why would you stand in front of the portal? You do know that we’re supposed to pick you up, right?” the male bus driver said in a mannerly tone.

“I didn’t know you were supposed to pick me up in a bus!” I hopped on the bus and the vehicle pulled off into the portal. It was going so fast to the point I had to firmly grasp my seat before I fell out of the bus.

The inside of the portal was huge, tiny particles of diamonds floating around the bus and the olive green and turquoise leisurely breezes past us. It felt like I was dreaming. There was no way someone like me could be heading to Nolan Academy. What could the commander want with me? A humongous opening emerged and the bus driver sped right through it. Once I saw what was on the other side, I couldn’t believe my eyes. A golden brick tower gazed down upon us while four smaller brick buildings stood behind it, all connected by glass bridges hanging above the air. Fields and fields of fresh, green grass covered the school and newly cut trees laid in the background. A stone walkway was placed in front of a wooden, crystal door which led inside the tower. Lilies and dandelions followed the side of the walkway and began trailing around the buildings. This was some type of fantasy, a fantasy that didn’t know existed.

“We’re here!” the man exclaimed. I was too stunned to answer, my jaw dropped and my hands up against the window. I couldn’t take my eyes off the school. The man must’ve noticed, groaning and shouting, “Get off my bus!”

It woke me up from my dream and I quickly grabbed my bag, scampering my way out of the bus before the bus driver could do anything. The portal opened up again and the bus darted inside.

So this is Nolan? The campus was ginormous! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I mean, I’ve heard stories about this place, but they definitely understated it. There’s no way that I’ll be living here for who knows how long.

“Hello!” a voice said, while I jumped from the unexpected comment. There was a small girl with hazel brown hair and green eyes. Her hair was curled and she had three piercings on each of her ears. Two tall men began walking towards our direction, one with blond hair, parted to the left side, and blue eyes, while the other had red, shaggy hair and brown eyes. They all wore the same uniform shirt. Plaid black with a white collar, a NA marked badge on their right breasts.

“Myra, didn’t we tell you to stop scaring freshmen,” the blond guy said, grimacing.

“I’m sorry, I was just trying to be nice!” Myra replied.

“Scaring people isn’t being nice, you know,” the redhead stated. He’s definitely a lot timid than the others.

“Anthony, you always say that giving a little scare isn’t a bad thing. Why is it wrong?”

Anthony, the blond parted hair, sighed. “That’s different! You can scare people that you already know like me and Colins. Scaring new people is a whole different story.”

Myra groaned, stomping her foot on the stone walkway. “That’s not fair!”

“Hey, what’s your name?” Colins asked me, paying no mind to the other two.

“Oh, I’m Jordan,” I answered.

“Hi Jordan! Now since I know him, can I scare him?” Myra asked with a cheeky smile.

“No!” Anthony and Colins ordered in unison, uninterested. Disappointed, Myra crossed her arms, pouting like she was an eight year old child.

“Hey Jordan, what’s your power?” Anthony questioned me.


“Yeah, what were you born with? Obviously, you came here which means you are a Nolanian.”


“Is this guy deaf or what?” he whispered to his friends.

“A Nolanian is a person who is gifted with a power. An Ordiniarian is someone who isn’t gifted with a power,” Colins explained. “Since you're a Nolanian, what power do you hold?”

“Um, what if you don’t have a power?”

“You have to! You came to Nolan for a reason!” Myra replied. “Mine is telekinesis, moving things with my mind.” Colins’ bag started to float off his body. He quickly grabbed it before it ran up into the abyss.

“Myra, stop!” He sighed in relief and said, “I can shapeshift into anything and anyone.” He morphed into Anthony.

“Wow, I’m really good looking,” Anthony stated, caressing his chin as he lusciously gazed into Colins’ eyes.

Colins turned back into himself. “You really are pathetic, huh?”

“Since everyone is showing off their superpowers, then I might as well show off mine. I have super strength, by the way.”

“Show your powers, Anthony!” Myra exclaimed, jumping up and down like she’s never seen his powers before.

“I can’t if there isn’t anything here to use.”

“I got you!” Myra pulled the school bench out of the ground and threw it over to Anthony.

“Myra, that’s school property!” Colins exclaimed, following the bench to make sure nothing bad happens to it. Anthony clasped the bench in time and Colins sighed in relief. He carefully placed the bench back down in its spot. “Now Jordan, what’s your power?”

What should I say? Do I tell them the truth? What will they say? Will they accept me? Will they leave me?

“I don’t-”

“What are you guys doing?” an anonymous voice shouted.

It was a woman who had black hair and dark brown eyes. She had an industrial piercing on her right ear and a navy blue ring clenching her index finger. She looked so elegant and gorgeous and her dark, poised skin shimmered in the sunlight.

“W-We’re so sorry, Miss Khaleesi! We’ll get to class now,” Myra replied, her body shaking while her grip on her backpack became firm.

Get there. I shouldn’t have to tell you again.” They all nodded and Khaleesi ambled away, her walk even more graceful.

“Who is she?” I asked.

“That’s Khaleesi Gonzalez. She is the worst person in this entire campus you’ll ever meet,” Myra answered.

“She’s like Commander Bekin’s assistant. She always seems to stay by his side and does whatever he wants her to do,” Colins followed.

“They say that she had a traumatic experience that caused her to be that way, but we will never know. She doesn’t really talk to anyone. The only person she’s really close with is the commander,” Anthony responded.

“C’mon you guys, we shouldn’t be gossiping. Her ears are like moths and she’s still around this area. Let’s head inside before we’re late,” Myra stated, the first one to head into the tower. We followed behind and I couldn’t believe how the inside was ginormous. Hundreds of people sat in their assigned seats that were placed around the room. There were also balconies for older people like the seniors and juniors while the chairs on the floors were for the teachers, sophomores, and of course, freshmen. The front row seats were filled with teachers and staff. After that, the freshmans sat behind them and the sophomores shadowed behind, which meant that I couldn’t sit next to Anthony, Colins, and Myra since they were sophomores. It felt lonely by myself, but I was hoping this would end quickly so we can move on.

Ten minutes passed and finally, a loud ringing noise suddenly played. Everyone got quiet and a young man walked out in front of us, standing on the center of the stage. He was very bony, but still stood tall. His light brown hair was slick back and he wore a black coat that dangled down to his ankles.

The man cleared his throat and held the microphone up against his mouth. “Now, introducing Commander Bekins!”

Commander walked out onto the stage, Khaleesi following his lead. His hair is blond and his eyes are brown, glistening from the chandeliers in the room. He had bushy eyebrows, very untamed, and a narrow nose that was too close to his mouth. The man gave Commander Bekins the microphone and sat down at the nearest seat.

“Good morning, my loving Nolanians! I see that we have some new students here today. It’s great to meet you all! And it seems I also see my old friends! Anyways, welcome to Nolan! Each and every one of you is special and you all have been chosen to come here because you have something that a lot of people don’t have. Now for some of my freshmens here, you’re probably wondering what Nolan is. Well, Nolan is a place where we work on your power. Most of you here either can’t control your power or haven’t reached your full potential. If we see you excel, you’ll be able to skip grades and move on to advanced classes. When you graduate, you get to choose who you want to be. You can be a hero and save mankind or you can live your own life and forget your power. If you do choose the second one, you still get to keep your power and remember what we taught you. You have to be prepared though. If you ever have children, they will inherit your power and automatically get chosen to come here. Some of your parents have studied and lived in this very academy and starting today, you will follow in their footsteps. Now, I will be letting Khaleesi continue.”

He passed the microphone over to Khaleesi. She condescendingly smiled and gazed upon us. “Hello, you’re all probably wondering what you’ll be doing here at Nolan Academy. Well, for what grade that you’re in will determine what you’ll be doing. If you’re a freshman, you’ll be working on ways that you can benefit your power and become stronger. If you’re a sophomore and have already mastered your power, you’ll be learning how to destroy anything that comes near you and how to stop someone from easily killing you. If you’re a sophomore and haven’t mastered your power, you’ll be doing extra classes to help you achieve and be with your other classmates. Now, if you’re a junior, you’ll be choosing what you’ll be doing after you graduate. That’ll help us choose what classes will benefit you. Seniors, you’ll understand the meaning of your power and its history. Figuring out what will help you succeed in your power’s maximum ability. This school is not an ordinary school. You’re not an Ordinarian. Your grade is no longer based on each year. This is based on how you do well in your classes. Now, we wish you all the best and good luck to an amazing year at Nolan!”

The microphone was handed back to the commander. “By the way, for all my freshmens here, I will be visiting each of you all day to see your power and what you hold. You are all unique in your own way. Show it here in Nolan. Impress your classmates. Impress your teachers. And of course, impress me.”

Some of the teachers ushered us into classes which I wasn’t looking forward to. I don’t even know why I’m here in the first place, so being placed in a class isn’t fun. Magics Class with Ms. Collymore, apparently. Magic, something I absolutely don’t have.

“Freshmen, pick any seat. Commander Bekins will be here any minute to pick one of you up. He wants to study each of you and see what power you possess. Now, let’s begin class.”

She demonstrated a little bit of witchcraft to use just in case someone that we go up against happens to wield witchcraft. She said it was hard for her to teach us anything because she didn’t know our specific power and it would be easier if she could teach us individually about each of our powers.

Thirty minutes into the lesson and the classroom door barged open. The man that introduced the commander earlier entered the room. He shouted, “Jordan Rels?” Everyone studied around the room, searching for a Jordan Rels. I should’ve stayed home.

I confidently stood up from my chair. “I’m Jordan Rells!”

“Follow me.” We left the room and headed upstairs. Down the hall on the highest floor was a long, golden door. The man opened it and led me into the room. Commander Bekins was sitting in his office hair and Khaleesi stood next to him.

“I’ve given you Jordan Rels, sir.”

“Good, thank you Maverick.” Maverick left the room. He’s very swift since I didn’t hear his footsteps or the door shut. “Khaleesi, can you wait outside please?”

“But, commander…”


She sighed. “Fine.” Before leaving, she glared at me, then closed the door behind her. Now, it was only the commander and I. He looked me straight into my eyes which sent shivers down my spine.

“Hello Jordan.”


“Is there anything that you would like to ask me before we get started?”

“Yeah, I do have one question. Why am I here? Why would you choose me to come to Nolan if I'm not gifted?”

He silently stroked his forehead and grinned. It made things even more awkward and I wanted to bust out this room and head back home, but I knew I couldn’t. “Jordan, you parents didn’t tell you, did they?”

“About what?”

You are gifted. You may not know it yet, but you are.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Give me your hand.” I placed my hand into the commander’s palm. His hands were freezing, but warm at the same time. “Yes, you are gifted with a power.”

“That doesn’t make sense though. Both of my parents are Ordinarians. How does that make me a Nolanian?”

“Yes, you are correct. Your parents are Ordinarians, but does that make you a Ordinarian?”

“I thought so.”

“Everyone is different. The thing is, your parents aren’t your parents. You see, Jordan, you’re royalty. Your royal parents were Nolanians and they told me to take you here.”
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